Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mia's Review: Bibigo

This is an extremely backdated review one of my favourite cuisine. Yup, sometime last year (yes, last year. so do not expect any price listed for this review), I met up with PQ and P for some bibimbab at bibigo!

Iced Yuzu Soda
 When we were there, there was a set menu promo that comes with a (limited) choice of main and a drink. I couldn't quite remember, but because we got 2 sets (or hit a certain expenditure), we got a complimentary dessert as well, which was so good I can still remember the taste of it in my mouth till now. No joke!

 My main course for the day - Kimchi Fried Rice, which obviously came with a fried egg, sides, and beansprout soup.

The fried rice is slightly sticky and gooey, being drenched with the yumminess of kimchi flavour. Hasn't tasted much of kimchi fried rice to know how it should taste like, perhaps the authentic ones are meant to be sticky and slightly soft. But for my personal taste buds, I would have preferred a tougher, 'dry yet oily' standard kind of Chinese fried rice. If you know what I mean. :)
Nevertheless, in terms of taste, for a kimchi fanatic like me, there's nothing I can complain about.
But for the sides (other than kimchi, duh!) and soup, there's really nothing worth discussing about.

Here is P's beef (something) bibimbab, which looked and smelled really yummy too!

PQ's Seafood Pajeon (Korean Pancake)

Had a taste of it because she couldn't finish it all by herself. Sad to say that I didn't like it at all and the reason is obvious. They were way too generous with the spring onions! There was hardly any flour batter in this pancake, it's almost all spring onions with bits of shrimps and squids in it. So if you're a die hard fan of spring onions, go for it. If not, do consider giving this a miss.

And the love of my life (at bibigo) - Sweet Potato Matang

Basically, it's something like honeyed (or caramelised, or malt candied) sweet potato. I know it sounds meh, but first bite into this common looking dessert and my eyes simply lit up! It was so good! The sweet potato was soft, yet not mushy, and generously coated in the sugary goodness of honey/malt candy/caramel and then topped up with some crispy rice crackers.
Just plain awesome. :)

For more information, visit Bibigo's FB HERE

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