Sunday, 23 February 2014

Mia's Review: Bear Bites @ Scape

I've long heard about this Xiong Zhang Bao (Bear Paw Burger) ever since they first came to Singapore but somehow I just never got the chance to go try them out. If I'm not wrong there's another of bear paw burger cafes in Singapore by now and I managed to persuade R and YS over to the one at Scape after our TreeTop Walk. QL decided to walk out on us after KTV that day, BOO! :(

I was expecting a really cute cafe or something, given that they are selling such cute looking burger, and was rather disappointed to find it as more of a "takeout stall" with added chairs and tables for patrons to sit down and eat (if they wanted to). Moreover, they're located in the open air area and without any proper shelter, so don't think of dropping by to 'dine in' on a rainy day. 

Ordering is simple. First, choose your meat (Karaage Chicken or Fish Fillet). Then, choose your pau flavour (Milk, Curry, Brown sugar, Yam, Oat, Squid ink and Strawberry) , then choose your sauce (Mushroom, Golden cheese, Black pepper, Tartar, Sweet and sour Thai, and Honey mustard) and decide if you want to make it a meal to get fries and drinks too.

 R and I both got curry (yellowish pau) while YS got milk (white pau). Aren't they all so friggin cute!

 Mine is Karaage Chicken Curry Pau with Golden Cheese sauce.

Taste wise, it's definitely decent. The chicken is still relatively crispy despite being drenched generously in the cheese sauce (however I can't be sure how crispy it will be if you do takeout and eat them an hour later) and is mildly flavourful. The pau is dense yet soft, and comfortably warm when served. However, I doubt the choice of pau flavour will affect the general taste of the burger much, for there's hardly any taste to it. It really just affect the colour and comes with a slight scent of the flavour.
Overall, I think my choice of cheese sauce was a good pick for it really adds on to the flavour of the burger.

And for the fries, I was pleasantly surprised to find them pretty good! Was told by a colleague to skip their fries as they're soggy and yucky when she tried them out with her friends. But I reckon they're just unlucky or we've lady luck shining on us. Their fries are definitely served hot and crispy, with a generous dash of salt to flavour. Do avoid upgrading them to cheese fries because that's what makes them soggy. :)

For more information, visit their FB page HERE

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  1. I saw an almost identical (or maybe it's the same) thing in KSL, JB! They called it panda buns instead of bear buns though.


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