Monday, 24 August 2015

Mia's Bangkok Travelogue: True Love Cafe @ Siberian Neverland

Other than cute furry felines, their nemesis, the handsome fluffy canines are also one of my biggest love. 

(such a cute happy face!)

True Love Cafe is not a cafe you can just stumble upon, for it's located deep among the residential areas with the nearest BTS station a good 20 to 30 minutes walk away. As I was expecting a dog cafe, I didn't even realise I've found the cafe until I took notice of their husky signboard for it looked just like an exceptionally big house with their gates opened. 

True Love Cafe have fixed sessions for interaction with the huskies, so you can't just pop by anytime you like and expect to be welcomed by a hoard of hyperactive puppies. There's 2 sessions (12:30pm and 3:30pm) on weekdays and 3 sessions (one more session at 6:30pm) on weekends. So make sure you drop by around the time each session starts to avoid disappointment. 

It's 350 baht per entry and each ticket is redeemable for a drink and a dessert (cakes or ice cream). If you're feeling exceptionally hungry, you can also get hot (western) food at the cafe at pretty reasonable price.

Iced Mocha

Well, not the best mocha you can find but they'll still make a nice drink with a decent mix of chocolate and coffee. There was a alarmingly large amount of ice there so try not to leave it standing for too long unless you'll like a washed-down tasteless mocha. 

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Although the chocolate taste is rich, and the tangy raspberry sauce paired up nicely with the chocolatey flavour, the cake layer itself is a little too dry and the generous layer of whipped cream in the middle didn't save it much. 
Taste wise, still good. But it could really be better with a slightly moister cake. 

Oreo Cheesecake

Didn't try much of this, but a special point to note is that the crushed oreo base of this cheesecake wasn't all that crushed after all, as you can see from the picture. You can still see large pieces of the oreo biscuits that's layered upon each other to form the base. 

If you're really a huge fan of huskies, you might want to grab a husky stuff toy or other items like cups or even a tee with their mascot printed on it. 

For hygiene purpose, other than having to queue up to wash our hands with the soap provided, we were also given these ultra-fashionable, super-trendy sky blue plastic foot wraps to wear in place of our shoes when we enter the huskies' interaction area. 

BTW, do you know the pups go crazy over sliced carrots? 

The interaction session kick start with the huskies' snack time and you'll be surprised to find that their 'yummy treats' are actually just ice! 

This greedy pup definitely doesn't want to share as it hogs the entire bowl of ice. 

And right after their icy snack time, it got pretty chaotic as the pups started their rowdy play-fight. And when they got engrossed in playing, it was like a "I don't care if you're in the way human, I'll bang you away!" 

Apparently, huskies are also intelligent enough to say, "you know what, I don't feel like doing this right now." so don't except a lot of affection from them nor expect them to crave for your attention. If you're really desperate to take a selfie with them, do take not to not lean in too close to their jaw for they might not really enjoy having your face that close to theirs. 

 And so, after a few rounds of rowdy play-fights, the pups finally calmed down one by one. 
Some got pretty bored...

 And some just mad happy!

And I finally managed to take a selfie with another grinning pup (after 10 failed tries)! Yay!

 Some started chilling at a corner in style....

Or maybe, not that much style?

Other than 20 over huskies, there's also a handful other cute dogs that aren't of the same breed. So, meet Momo, the Pom x Spitz! 
There's also two handsome Australian Shepherds mingling around with the huskies, which I didn't manage to snap a nice shot of them. 

To get to True Love Cafe, take the BTS to Ari station and go to exit 1. Go down to the Shell Gas Station side of the street and walk a little bit further along the traffic to Soi Paholyotin 7 then turn left into the Soi and you'll get to a tuk tuk station. Most of the tuk tuk drivers will know the cafe really well, for after every session, the cafe will help all patrons to call for a tuk tuk ride back to Ari station. Each tuk tuk ride should cost you about 30 - 40 baht.

For more information, visit their FB page HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. My friend visited this cafe too, and the huskies look really cute! Tag u on her IG vid later, lol. So what do the huskies do if they u lean in too close? I think a selfie with a kangaroo sounds way easier haha..

    1. they might decide to eat your face. haha.....

  2. This seems like an amazing place to visit. I love huskies they are very intelligent dogs. The Oreo dessert looked pretty good. That would have been the only thing I would have eaten from there. I would love to visit this place.

  3. The chocolate raspberry cake looks delightful. What a nice cafe, you can play with the huskies!

  4. This is quite a unique restaurant - combining yummy desserts and playing with the huskies. Cool. I like restaurants that will give me a reason to really see them. My boyfriend will like this one.

  5. That iced mocha over there looks like an Iced Milk Tea to me. That's my most favorite drink. As with the ice, yes that's definitely true, you got a glass full of ice wherever you go here. But I'd say, it does not sacrifice the taste, not unless you leave it longer and that's when the sugar turns to water.

  6. Wow, a cafe that gives you a chance to be up close and personal with Huskies! It's a slice of heaven! I love their logo and the cakes look delicious. I don't think will have one of these cafes here in Manila due to the climate, too hot for Huskies.

  7. Now, this is something interesting again! There is an increasing number of cafe that involves mostly of cats but this is the first time I heard of a cafe with Huskies! Yaaay! It would be a nice place to visit! I expected the food and drinks to be above average though it didn't turn out that way. Hope they can improve too so it make the stay more satisfying.

    1. Hmm, i know right. but then again, i think huskies are their selling point, not the food. same as with alpaca view i've reviewed before this. People visit for the animals, not much for what food they serve on our tables.

  8. What a cute cafe idea. I also like huskies. I hope we can visit this place the next time we go to Bangkok later this year.

  9. Huskies are really one of the prettiest breed of dogs. This is a nice concept plus the stuff toy looks cute.

  10. OMG. i'm so gonna bookmark the places you've went so that I will go there the next time too!

  11. Looks so lovely for pet lovers and they look wonderful . I have seen something similar here in Singapore too.

  12. The huskies, all under one roof! I would love to visit such a cute cafe, should I visit Bangkok someday :D

  13. Those cakes looked so good! I have been in Bangkok, and really enjoyed myself when there :)

  14. I would die of excitement if this place ever opened in Manila. THEY'RE ALL SO CUTE!!! :D

  15. I saw this before in Facebook. BTW, if you come to Malaysia, you can check out the cafe Cubs & Cups. It is also a husky cafe

  16. Omg i would love to be in a place like that! Those huskies are super cute!!! I think we also have a dog cafe here in our country but not much of huskies because of the hot weather.

  17. Omg i would love to be in a place like that! Those huskies are super cute!!! I think we also have a dog cafe here in our country but not much of huskies because of the hot weather.

    1. but thailand is very hot too! that's why they limit the huskies interaction time to just 1 hr each time and only 2 to 3 sessions each day. their husky quarters are fully airconed

  18. You really do love animals hurh :) last week was cats and this week dogs, all while on hols :)

    1. I went to 2 cat cafes, this husky cafe and another alpaca restaurant while in bkk. heh!

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