Thursday, 27 August 2015

Mia's Review: Home Nails Gelish Manicure Soak Off [Sponsored]

If you haven't read about how I got my amazingly pretty gelish nail manicure with Home Nails previously, I suggest you check it out HERE before you learn more about their peculiar way of doing their gelish soak off. 

After almost 3 weeks, it's really surprising to find that my gelish manicure looked just as pretty as day 1, just that my nail has grown uncomfortably long and I risk scratching my eyeballs while removing my contact lens. 

You'll be glad to know that Home Nails provides free soak off (or perhaps, removal will be a better word) if you take up their packages. If not, every return soak off will be on 50% off from their usual listed price of $20. 
And so before my therapist, Bella, got started with removing my fancy gelish manicure, I got my whitening hand spa (worth $48) started. 

First up was a whitening scrub to exfoliate and remove my dead skin.

And then the therapist, Bella, slathered on the whitening mask generously with a big brush.

And then wrapping my arms up with cling wrap before proceeding with my gelish manicure soak off. 

Yes, even though I call it a 'soak off', the unique in-house technique Home Nails employ does not require the usage of any chemicals to soak off our gelish manicure as it dries our fingers. This special removal technique is created and fine tuned by Home Nails' founder, Huiqin, over the years. 

It's hard to put it into words, so let the video show you how it's done.

After removing every bits and pieces of my fanciful gelish manicure, Bella then carefully file down my nails to shape and apply a layer of nail strengthening coat and dab on some cuticle oil to restore my natural nails' beautiful shine.

The cling wraps and whitening mask was also cleaned off with a damp towel and Bella finished off my complimentary hand spa session by applying a whitening hand moisturiser on my arms. I could see that the treated portion of my skin turned visibly brighter, albeit not captured well on the camera.

Home Nails is located at
The Nomu - 20 Handy Road #01-01 Singapore 229236 (beside The Cathay)
For more information, visit their website at or check out their facebook page at

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. I so need to pamper my hands, they are so in need of some love. This sure looks like a great hand-spa.
    - Heena,

  2. I'd really wanna go for a manicure session.. Just to pamper my hands..

  3. Your manicure looks so beautiful after this procedure.

  4. Your nails still look really healthy after removing! I rarely get my nails done because I hate to damage my nails.

  5. ooo nice gel manicure design dear....its beeen so long since my last manicure..can't wait to do again!

  6. That nail art is so pretty! Now I really want to have a pamper session for myself =)

  7. Your nails look gorgeous dear. The nail art is absolutely beautiful :)

  8. ive never seen such treatment before! not the nails. your nails looks so healthy

  9. Your nails look very healthy, mine looked awful after my gel nails because I took them off myself as I was abroad when one chipped. Next time I'll go to the salon

  10. i love your previous mani, its so girly!

  11. Your nails definitely look healthy! Loving the treatment you underwent.

    GIG Love
    Style..A Pastiche! recently posted.. Yoga

  12. love your nails and how nice of them to do the "arm spa" :D

  13. I would love to get a mani pedi session soon as well. waiting to go to the salon myself.

    Fatemah Sajwani

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  15. Much gentler on the nails than what I have had other salon. That's great as the soak off is what I usually dislike about gel manicures.

  16. After being sick for so many weeks, I reckon having one of these pampering sessions would be great!!

  17. loving how your nails look so healthy after the session! it's time to give mine a break from all the gel manis

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