Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Mia's Bangkok Travelogue: Caturday Cat Cafe

One keyword I searched for while planning my Bangkok itinerary was: PET CAFES. 
So here's my review of the first pet cafe I've visited while I was in Bangkok, the Caturday Cat Cafe located conveniently near to my hotel beside Ratchathewi BTS station (nearest BTS station to Pratunam area).

(taken later in the evening when we left the cafe)

Getting to the cafe is really easy as it's located in the cluster of hipster eating places right beside Ratchathewi BTS. Just walk down along the main road towards the car park and head straight in.

With just an adorable cat-mascot with its fellow minion meowcots lying around, you definitely cannot miss it. 

There's a name list hanging by the door at the waiting area, be sure you head there to jot down your name first before you grab a seat to join the queue. 

And look who's there to snatch our seats join us while waiting in queue! 

 Cuteness was already oozing at the shoe-rack area with a wall of patrons' instant photographs taken with their resident cats and a meow-meow train. 

Even the tap and basin looks so cute! There's a cat perched on the tap! 

The cafe, stuffed not only with pretty furry felines, is also full of cute motifs and decorations. The place is also pretty small, hence always crowded. We reached at 4 plus 5pm and had 3 tables waiting in front of us. 

First page of the cute menu shows us the best faces of all their pretty cats. In the pretty small cafe, there's really a handful of cats roaming/napping all around. 

Caramel Hot Milk 

 Couldn't help but snap a picture of the mug. It's too cute!

The caramel left a strong after taste and made the drink a little too sweet, but still pretty good if you're a looking for something sweet and comforting. 

 Thai Iced Tea

The tea was really sweet, even for me, and T had a pretty tough time with it. 

And both our drinks came with such adorable coasters! 

Rainbow Crepe Cake with Raspberry Sauce

 The sauce is tangy and slightly sweet, making the crepe cake taste much lighter and refreshing (the infinite layers of cream is always daunting to me). The crepes are also very soft and smooth. It's no wonder it's one of their popular dessert choice. 
The motif of their meowscot drawn with cocoa powder added even more cuteness to the entire dessert, making this a truly instagram-worthy dessert. 

 Baked Pasta

You can't go wrong with a piping hot, cheesy baked pasta topped with pieces of ham. I didn't even know what exactly I was eating (T ordered it) but melty cheese, fusilli pasta and ham put together can't be bad, can it? 

And we also bought some tuna treats for the cute kitties! We didn't even need to get the tuna out to attract two very greedy kitties. 

 "Are you feeding me now?"

"Hey, I came first!"

"Then, I'm 3rd in line, right?"

"How about giving me a bite too?"

"Hieck, perfect vantage point. I'm gonna snatch them all while they're not looking!"

"Human, I demand that you feed me first!"


"Nom Nom Nom..."

"It was so yums, meow!"

"What, you mean she ate my share?!"

"Hah! I knew this will happen that's why I didn't even bother to queue!"

"Heh, me too!"

"Okay, I'll go catch that pretty pink pen instead."

All the cats were simply gorgeous and have the softest fur. However, most of them are pretty aloof and doesn't enjoy being pet or play with you much. 

And if you really love the cuteness of their meowscots, you can also bring home some coasters, mugs or phone cases at pretty reasonable prices.

So, if you're a fellow cat lover and ever drop by Bangkok, be sure to check Caturday Cat Cafe out! 
For more information, visit their Facebook HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. It's awesome that we have quite a number of restaurants dedicated to pets in different countries, so anywhere you go, you're bound to dine in one. This cafe is so cute and cozy. And the food looks really good too. I especially like the rainbow crepe cake!

  2. wow the cats are so cute. I love this new concept.

  3. i know theres 2 cat cafes in the uk. its so different!

  4. I am not much of a cat person, but those cats do look very cute. I am just not sure if I want to eat in the presence of so many of them. Hehe.

  5. We also have pet cafes here in our country which were just newly opened. I want to visit them soon but boyfriend doesn't really like cats T_T That "3rd in line" cat looks super cute!

    1. yes, ikr. that kitty has such round and innocent looking eyes!

  6. I've never heard of a pet cafe before although my family and I are huge pet lovers, and it just so happens that we have a new kitten haha.

    I guess it's safe to say that the owner/s of these cafe are cat lovers too!

  7. Nowadays quite a few pet cafes are coming up. I have seen many here in singapore and they look really cute and pets will be dressed up so pretty.

  8. The place looks really pet friendly. They do have a really cute motif too.

  9. Guess what? I went for few cafe with pets but all are not really good. Wonder if I can have better experience if i go to this in Bangkok.

  10. Never thought of going pet cafe when I was in Bangkok! Good idea~ Shall try that next time, but after the bombing is over I guess...

  11. Aww, so cute! I love the cups and plates that has the adorable cat on them. This cat cafe sounds lovely to be in :)

  12. OMG the cat lovers will camp in this cafe. I love all the cute & sweet cats decor in this cafe and the Rainbow Crepe is so gorgeous.

  13. That's a cute cafe. I hope travellers will get back to Bangkok soon, but for now do stay safe if travelling there.

  14. Theres also a cat cafe here in Manila. In San Juan to be exact.

  15. The cafe is just too cute!! I'd love to try the rainbow mille crepe, looks so yum!

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