Sunday, 27 October 2013

Mia's Weekend Getaway: Australia - St. Kilda Beach

Upon reaching Melbourne, we noticed that the weather was pretty warm and the sun sorching bright. I almost thought that I was back in Singapore. So YS decided to head down to the beach while the weather is warm. So we quickly dropped our overnight bags back at her apartment and rushes off to catch the tram to St. Kilda. 

A few random shots of the neighbourhood. YS is really lucky to be staying extremely near her college and there's countless eateries within walking distance from her block. 

Took a shot at the oncoming tram. :)

My memories were vague, but it didn't take us very long to get to Acland street (two main streets of restaurants, cafes and shops) of St. Kilda's. To be honest, I didn't quite like it here. I'm a quiet and peaceful place lover when I travel, and this place was just way too crowded and noisy, so much so that I couldn't even be bothered to snap photos. 
We were there at about 5 plus and most of the shops were closed, leaving only the bakeries and restaurants opened. 

Why aren't our bakeries in Singapore like this? Why, oh why? Look at the crazy amount of pretty cakes and biscuits in the display window! I bought 3 macarons here (Earl Grey, Chocolate and Coffee), which I shall do a review on with other sweet treats in a separate post. 

Finally, with YS getting hungrier and me getting increasing frustrated from the crowd, we randomly picked a restaurant and popped in for dinner. 

I got a tomato based bacon spaghetti for the night. Couldn't quite remember the name of the dish nor the price, but it was about $25 AUD. Pretty pricey for a 'standard' pasta, even though the servings might be 1.5x of what we can get at PastaMania. Plus, I remember this was one of the cheaper pasta in the menu. I'll prefer a Zuppa Pasta back at PastaMania anytime! 

After dinner, we decided to take a leisure stroll down the beach to 'burn off the calories' and enjoy the nice weather and awesome view. 
And somehow we got obsessed with our own shadows. ROFL. 

Following the footpath along the beach and trail of some expensive looking restaurants, and down the bridge that cut across the waters, we got to the breakwater that is home to many penguins!

 Not sure if you can see them, but I definitely can. They're a tiny breed of penguin, crazily adorable as they waddled around, hopping from rock to rock to locate their nests. This little guy up there probably got confused by the bright lights (one of the staff's cellophane paper on the torch wasn't good enough and she directed this really bright lights at it) and couldn't locate its nest. At one point it came so close to me, right at my feet.
So there, Phillip Island is not the only place you can see penguins! But of course if you want to watch a colony of penguins marching in, Phillip Island is still the solution for you. :)

Another place you can drop by at St Kilda will be the small amusement park, Luna Park. We didn't even enter for a look because I'm so not a rides person. I took a snap of the entrance because YS asked, "Don't you feel this place look like Da Shi Jie?" Rofl. Yeah, that amusement theme park (or whatsoever fun place) we had in the 60s?

 Lastly, I just had to show off my bed in Melbourne for 2 nights. See the Minnie Mouse inspired pillow case I've got! :)

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  1. haha cant see the cute penguins >.<

    1. No choice la. Cannot use flash!

    2. oh really? They trying to protect the penguins >.< scare that the flash would scare the them.


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