Sunday, 6 October 2013

Mia's Review: Chock Full Of Beans

Just yesterday, I visited Chock Full Of Beans at Changi Village with Sa and DS for one of my Pre-Birthday celebration. :)

Located at the end of a row of shophouses, the place is actually pretty hot. Literally. :p

In case you're wondering, CFOB is known for their awesome latte art.
Let's see what we've requested for the day. 

 I asked for a Minion on my Cafe Mocha and got DAVE!
 DS's Doraemon on his Hazelnut Latte
And Sa's Hello Kitty on her Hazelnut Latte, which later on got bits of poached egg added in. Okay, I shall not elaborate on that mishap.

In my opinion, even though their latte art is pretty impressive (I LOVE it, actually), the coffee has failed to impress me as much. The coffee is pretty weak, hovering dangerously close to being more like a milo than a mocha. But hey, I'll willingly close both eyes for the sake of my awesome minion latte art. :) 
And I'll definitely re-visit again and again for my mickey mouse, chipmunk, stitch, bunny, (and the list goes on) latte arts. 

 My Bangers & Egg - $17

Frankly speaking, I felt it's rather pricey for a croissant, scrambled eggs and 2 bangers. Plus, the scrambled egg (my favourite kind of egg) was not very well done. Very bland, almost tasteless, even though I've added in grounded black pepper and salt crazily. The croissant was crispy, but lacked the buttery fragrance I love about them. And the bangers were.... normal. Pretty dry and tough, but flavourful enough with a peppery savoury taste. 
Will I spend $17 for this again? No hesitation, my answer is no. 

 Buttermilk Waffle with Caramelised Bananas - $9

Honestly speaking, I think this waffle is every bit worth our $9. I wouldn't complain if it's slightly more expensive, either. It's so pretty! 
The sad thing was, the waffle was served together with the rest of our orders, and we only started eating it after we're all done with our individual mains. So by the time we started on the waffle, it was cold. :( 
Nevertheless, I think it's still good. The waffle was soft, fluffy and dense enough to not affect its fluffiness and yet not make us felt cheated of our money. I'm not familiar with buttermilk to know whether there's a distinctive buttermilk taste to it, but it definitely was at the right sweetness with a subtle baked fragrance to it. Plus, the caramelised banana topping was just brilliant! Cooked to soft in sugar syrup till caramelised, yet not exactly with the sickening mushy texture. There's no doubt to it, all 3 of us immediately nodded our head and said, "The banana is good!" at first bite. A must try if you're a waffle+banana person. But, do eat them while they're hot, please! Don't make the same mistake we made. 

And that's DS's Egg's Benedicts and Sa's wrap wasn't snapped... because it's just a wrap. *rofl* 

And as I've said this meet up was my pre-birthday celebration, here's what Sa bought for me as my present! A pair of Rilakkuma mopping slippers. Pretty soft and comfy too! And thanks for the treat as well! <3

Till then,


  1. keep on laughing when I saw the hello kitty's coffee art..
    Food presentation was ok..but not for their coffee :P

  2. Wah! I must go there one day and request for a minion art on my coffee!


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