Friday, 25 October 2013

Mia's Weekend Getaway: Australia - Sovereign Hill (Part 2)

After a good night's sleep in my cozy bunkroom, we woke up at 830 in the morning to pack up and get ready to check out.

The air smelled fresh and crisp from the slightly chilly weather....

And the sky was so blue it made my photo looks like a postcard now! 

 Even their crow (on 2nd thought I think it's a raven?) looked prettier and friendlier. :)

We got to the reception at 930, checked out, and was told Sovereign Hill opens at 10. However, the friendly receptionist informed us that some attractions are already opened and we could get an access card to enter via Comfort Inn. However, as Comfort Inn is located right at the top of Sovereign Hill and quite a far walk from the bus stop, we decided to give that temporary convenience a miss and took a slow stroll down the quiet neighbourhood to enter via the main entrance. 
And of course, enjoying the view of a nearly empty road, lined with greenery and topped with a clear blue sky. 

 And guess where we headed upon entering the premise?
Typical Singaporean - Look for food! 
Even though the signage said, 'opens at 930am daily', we were rather disappointed that they actually weren't quite ready for the day at 10am. And so, we decided to go a little bit up the trail and right, to get to Sovereign Cafe for my morning coffee. 

It's actually a pretty big, canteen-styled cafe hidden at a rather secluded corner of the premise, behind the eye-catching carriage and white tent. 
And I have to say, my first coffee in Australia was extremely disappointing. I felt like I've paid almost $5 AUD for a downsized McDonald breakfast coffee. What's worse? McDonald gives it to us free flow. 

 After the disappointing coffee, we headed back to Hope Bakery and noticed they still weren't quite ready (many biscuits weren't baked and some pies were missing) but the entire bakery was already filled with the mouth-watering fragrance of freshly baked pies! As their lamb stew pies weren't ready yet, I was left without any other choice than to get a chicken pie for about $4.50 AUD. They had beef pies as well, but I don't take beef.
As you can see, the pie was thick and big, about the size of my hand. The extremely thin crust was baked till flaky and crispy and the filling of flavourful, moist and gooey chicken stew was piping hot. Just 1 of this pie was more than enough to fill up my empty tummy and make me happy and satisfied. A must try for pie-lovers!

After we're done with breakfast, we headed out of the bakery and came to a blacksmith shop situated opposite the bakery.

 And within, there were a couple of blacksmiths working! This blacksmith in green was showing us how to make a horseshoe.

 After which, we went by New York Bakery that was still yet to open for business. Unlike Hope Bakery, NY Bakery is more of an eatery that provides luncheons.

 We then got attracted to this Charlie Napier Hotel when we saw a group of tourists taking photos outside the building and decided to head inside for a look. Be glad we did, for the interior was so pretty!

 I absolutely adore these old looking chests. Always gave me the feeling that a pile of treasure is lying within. :)
After coming out from the hotel, we walked into Clarke Brothers Grocers, selling all sorts of food products (sweet treats)! I was really tempted to buy a huge bag of their chocolate nuggets at 60 cents AUD per piece but was worried they might melt on my way back to Singapore. As YS and I were discussing, the staff overheard our conversation and was really nice to suggest that we head next door for sweet treats that wouldn't melt.
 Hand made boiled lollies by Brown's Confectionery!

My purchase from the store that amounted to about $19 AUD. Google up Sovereign Hill and you'll probably read countless reviews about 'stocking up their raspberry drops'. I did too, which was why I grabbed a bottle immediately upon seeing it. I wasn't disappointed. It was really good.

And there! Souvenirs for my colleague - checked! And then I started fretting about getting gifts for the girlies. And after walking further up the trail, I saw my life saviour.
 Handmade soaps and candles!
 If you're interested, you may get yourself a colourless (smooth or lumpy) candle and try to dip dye them to the colours you fancy.
My purchase from the store that amounted to about $20+ AUD. 3 scented candles in Musk, Green Apple, and Rose. Along with 4 soaps in Lychee (smelled really yummy!), Rose, Lavender, and Hibiscus.

Souvenirs for the girlies - checked! :)

 After which, we decided to go on the mine tour. Since YS holds a student pass, we can get the tickets cheaper at $6 AUD per person. The disappointing part was, there's no choice of which tour we get to go for. I was really hoping I can get the Trapped tour, but in the end we got The Secret Chamber, telling the tale of two Chinese miner brothers.

This picture was taken mere seconds before our train started its descend into the mine grounds. And during the 90 seconds ride, we were enveloped in total darkness. I shan't divulge much about this tour, but my favourite part of it has got to be this ride in the dark. But hey, if you hold a student pass, why not give it a try?

After coming out from the mine tour, we were just strolling along where the trail leads us and came to this place whereby a gold-making showcase was being held. We were pretty lucky to be in time for the last 5 minutes (and most important part) of the showcase.

Making a GOLD BAR! Just look at that awesome glow of orange when it just came out of the furnace in molten stage!

And just to share a few more random snippets at Sovereign Hill...

And before we left the place to return to Melbourne, we popped by Hope Bakery again and got ourselves some biscuits!

I got myself a melting moments because it looked so cute, very similar to a whoopie pie/macaron. Yes, I'm very superficial when it comes to sweet treats. I shall not elaborate on the taste for now, as I shall do a separate post on the sweet treats I've tried in Australia.

And so, this concludes my experience at Sovereign Hill and also accounted for 1 and 1/2 day of my trip. Stay tune for more!

Till then,


  1. Nice photos :) I love the clear blue sky :up:

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