Saturday, 3 May 2014

Mia's Review: The Group Therapy Cafe

Once again, this shall be a 2 day combined review. I first came upon this cafe during my staycation at Katong V hotel, for it was located at the ground floor of their 'shopping and restaurant wing' smacked in between NTUC Fairprice and the hotel lobby area. If you're coming in via the NTUC side, you got to walk through the supermarket to find it.

As you can see, this is a pretty small cafe, hence the usual long queue during lunch/dinner hours. We were there at 3 plus, nearly 4 (or perhaps even later) and managed to snatch the last empty table available. Shortly after, a small queue was developed. 

A cute (and ugly) Gingerbread Man hanging on their menu board. 

And this is pretty much how big the sitting area is. Really small and limited seats available.

And showing some cute corners of the cafe....

An order made at the counter will give you a cute numbered red tin with all your cutlery and napkins inside. 

They have a cute and environmentally friendly way of keeping their sugar packets. Recycling the egg tray! 

T's Latte and my Mocha. 

Hmm, nothing fantastic about their coffee. I even find mine pretty weak, so did T. The pretty horrible latte art on my mocha wasn't helping much, either. 

Dark Chocolate Pretzel

Yeah, I know. It's like, "Huh, are you sure it's a pretzel?" 
But yeah, it is stated as a pretzel. First bite from the ends and I disliked it. It was very hard (even harder than the scone I ordered along with this), tasteless and no chocolate filling at all. But gradually moving towards the centre, the runny and rich dark chocolate filling did gave this croissant-looking pretzel some saving grace. 

Cranberry Scone

This is good! If you've tried out the highly raved seaweed scone at The Little Prince Cafe and liked those, you gotta try these! Albeit not very moist, this scone is still less dry as compared to the homemade scones at TLPC, and definitely has the 'baked' fragrance in every bite. The amount of dried cranberries isn't exactly generous, but sufficient. The outside is baked dry and slightly (biscuity) crisp and the inside dense yet relatively soft. The taste is just awesome and I didn't even need much of the butter (actually not at all) and jam that came along with it.

Fried Chicken Wings

Sa and DS got these and offered me one. I have no complaints against a well marinated, fried chicken served hot from the frying oven that is crispy on the outside and tender on the insides. 

The 2nd time I dropped by was a huge disappointment, for their kitchen closes at 8pm and I reached at 810pm. :(
But being the ever so determined me (only for food cravings), I dropped by the very weekend for lunch again! 

This time, I got a much prettier latte art on my Mint Mocha, but as usual the taste of the coffee failed to impress me. It even tasted pretty 'grainy', not smooth at all. 

T's Hunter's Chicken, which was surprising good! The chicken was pretty well flavoured with the generous drizzle of sourish, tomato-ish sauce. However, the meat wasn't tender nor succulent enough for a grilled chicken. We believe that it was only partially grilled to leave the grilled marks and then subsequently cooked in the microwave. The olive rice, on the other hand, was pretty tasteless and not fragrant at all.

My Chicken & Mushroom pie was a bigger disappointment. It does look very yummy on the outside...

But not that so on the inside. (My apologies for the blurry picture)
The insides were pretty dry, actually too dry for my liking and the pie crust pretty thick and wasn't that crispy at all.
Sorry for making this comparison, but I've had much better pies at Pies & Coffee a few bus stop down the road at Tanjong Katong. 

For more information, visit their website HERE

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  1. now we know both pies on the menu are bad.. :(

    1. Yeah.... better to go pies and coffee for pies instead....

    2. yeah, their brunch menu is equally good too!

  2. MollyMia has very high standards for her nomnoms ;)

  3. As usual most cafe always let down in the food section. Thanks for the review and I shall avoid those u don't like.