Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Samplestore Kabloom Re-Launch Party

Recently, I was really glad to be part of Samplestore's re-launch party, Kabloom, as one of their beauty panelist.

It was an exceptional event, held at Fullhouse Restaurant. I'll say it was a great choice of location, certainly, for it was literally a full house turn out.  I mean, look at the crowd!

There were 10 booths set up by Samplestore and 9 different brand names:

1. miacare
2. Tsubaki
3. My Beauty Diary
4. NOV
5. goodal
6. Pond's
7. Brand's Innershine
8. enavose
9. belief

We were encouraged to mingle and move around the booths to gather inked stamps. 3 stamps will earn us 1 goodie bag worth $50 and 6 stamps will earn us 1 place in the lucky draw

At the Samplestore's booth, we were introduced to their revamped website (which is basically what Ka Bloom was for) and made to do a beta testing on samples redemption. And I really prefer their new website, which is already launched now, so go check them out! 

And after completion of the beta testing, guess where have I headed to (and absolutely have to talk about it). I reckon you may have guessed it correctly.

They're miacare acne patches from Korea! miacare, omg how can I not support? :) 
Previous to this, I was an avid supporter of 3M acne patches because they really do work wonders on my pesky bumpy pus filled pimples. Just stick them onto those hideously enlarged pimples (provided you have some sort of an 'opening' for the pus and oil to escape) and just overnight they will flatten out with all the icky stuff  transformed into this flatten glob of whitish stuff on the patch. 
But there was also 1 major down-points I've noticed. The 3M patches leaves your flatten pimple bump red. And it's a pretty mad, purplish red that will take days to weeks to fade away. 

But with miacare patches on this particular pimple on my chin, I didn't experience the red scarring at all, after peeling it off the next morning. 
I'm not sure if it's due to the difference in pimple size (the one I tried miacare on was significantly smaller than those I've used 3M on before) and 'opening' I've created, but I did notice that my pimple bump wasn't as flat as what I've experienced previously with 3M patches. 

But take a look at this, they are super thin! I'll say they're about 1/2 the thickness of a standard 3M patch? And if your pimple happens to not be at a very prominent place, such as on the tip of your nose, you can also consider putting this under your make up in the day! 
Isn't this awesome? 
You probably can't find this in stores yet, but fret not! I heard that they will be coming in by later this year! So do keep a close lookout for them!

Another interesting booth will be from NOV, a beauty brand from Japan that specialises in catering to sensitive skins with their skincare and cosmetic products. 
And with their trusted model, UV-san, they showed us the importance of sun protection.

 First up, UV-san was given a generous amount of NOV's sunscreen, SPF 50 PA++++, on half of her face.

 And then it was added on with their foundation stick...

And finally their pressed powder to set everything, with the benefits of additional SPF protection. 

Giving her the UV light on the side with products usage...

And then swiftly shining the UV light on the other side without SPF products (you can already see that the other side has no tanned spots)

And a closed up shot to show the tanned spot left by the UV light, right below UV-san's birthmark at her temple. 

So ladies, do not ever step out of your house without the basic sun protection of the basic SPF 30 PA+++. Consequences will be dire! 

And of course, food! 
I should have snatched the mad-cute cookies while they're still there, for when I returned after going through all the booths, there was almost nothing left at the table other than 2 more bottles of emicake's pudding and a few boxes of nestle's cereal. 

And my goodie bags! Haha, I was taking them out onto the floor to snap pictures and Jelly got curious and came to inspect them. She probably thought they were food. 

And they're so generous with all the samples (some were full sized)! Can't wait to try out NOV and Enovase's products! 

To find out more about Samplestore, visit their revamped website HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Oh I didn't see you there! x

    Angelus ||

    1. i didn't stay on until the party ended. i went at about 1130 and left at 2 ish....

  2. thanks for this entry! wasn't able to make it >.<

    1. aww, wasted! it was fun! but the crowd-hating me felt kinda suffocated at one point... which is why i decided to leave mid-way.


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