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Mia's Review: III Cafe

Finally, I'm back with another food/cafe review! Has been doing more beauty related posts recently and my food pictures has been snowballing in my blogging folder. Yikes!

And this time, it was a meet-the-pets event with SL's Butter and MD's Froski snatching the limelight. I would have let Jelly joined in, but after seeing her traumatised look from hearing my neighbour's dog barked ONCE, I guess not.

"You mean, I don't get to go?"

"Oh, okay...."

Located on the 2nd floor of the row of shophouses along Siglap (above the pub), I was greeted by a cute french bulldog, miu miu, at the gate.

 The cafe is not very big, with about 10 tables or so to accommodate about 40 plus (human) pax at a time.

 Other than a drinking fountain for the pooches, the cafe has also placed mop with bucket and litter pan for the pets and their owners.

There's a section of the cafe serving dogs' meal, The Barkery. Menu includes savoury mains like meatballs & meat pies, and also desserts like pupcakes and biscuits.
The most popular dish for that day seems to be their meatballs, even a terrified kitty gave it a few munches! Well, we'll get to that later on.

And now, to the human food section of the cafe. For a pet cafe, they actually do have a pretty wide range of choices, from light snacks, to salad, to pasta and western mains.

Couldn't help but snap a picture of this cute doggie figurine sitting on the counter.

My choice of the day:
Roasted Chicken with Salad and Mashed Potato (but they gave wedges) - $12.90
Mocha - $4.90

The coffee was okay, but the food was.... mehhh.
Both SL and I chose the same mains. Hers was okay, while mine was a little too salty, especially the salad. According to her, my salad dressing even looked a darker shade of brownish yellow. I guess that's why mine was overly flavourful.
And while SL and my sides were more flavourful. It was right at the opposite end at OYHZDresden and MD's side. MD took Cabonara while both oyhz and Dresden took their All Day Breakfast.
It was painful looking at oyhz trying hard to stomach the extremely bland eggs. Just think, scrambled eggs with no seasoning?
No thanks.

However, the meatballs from The Barkery seems to be a big hit, for not only Butter couldn't wait to clean up the bowl. but even a terrified Froski ate quite a few bites of them. And even though it was left cold, it still attracted a very cute Corgi!

"Woof, will you give me some meatball?"

This Corgi, named Coco, is so sweet and mild. Instead of dashing over to steal a bite, she simply sat down and stared at us until we decided to give up Froski's half eaten meatball for her.
And she literally WOOF it down in one bite.
Her owner was pretty embarrassed, constantly coaxing her to go back to their table and saying that she has already ordered meatballs for her too.

The very first dog that caught my attention in the cafe is this 6 months old Chow Chow puppy.
He's so fluffy I'm gonna dieeeeee!

Very chillax, sociable and playful too!

This Shiba Inu puppy was pretty smitten and kept butt-sniffing and hugging him.

Then came along a Japanese Spitz, who got pretty fed up by the touchy-feely Shiba Inu and started a small barking fest.

And the so adorably tiny Chihuahua twinsy pups! The black pup seems to be blind in one eye, but still a cutie!

At one point of time I spotted a toy poodle and a pug as well.

 And then came the biggest dog of the night, a cute Golden Retriever, who got smitten with Froski and wanted to befriend him.
Froski you got yourself an admirer!



"I better retreat. No, food won't work on me this time. I need to hide!"

"Why you all so bad one?"

When MD and Dresden first came in with Froski and attempted to let him out of the cage, it immediately attracted a handful of pups who bounded over and started barking excessively. Poor guy, he was so terrified and even peed on Dresden while she carried him away from one hostilely barking pup.
Throughout the entire 3 hours plus we were there, Froski was totally stressed up being the only cat in a cafe full of dogs. His face was literally a 囧 and he moved around slowly in a leopard crawl motion. Poor boy! :(
Apparently, Dresden has called to ask if it's advisable to bring a cat and they didn't bother to give much warning that the cat will probably end up in such a predicament.
Sorry Froski, no second time!

As for Butter, it wasn't exactly a stressful time for her since she's just being surrounded by more of her own kind, I reckon.
But being more timid and introverted, she very much preferred to stay close to her humans, SL and P, and literally just dog-watch along with us.
Haha, how sweet!

 "Yes I know I'm pretty. You don't have to keep snapping photos of me."

And after being fed meatballs and some of SL's roasted chicken, she went into this Zzz mode.
Love those floppy ears!

All in all, I think III Cafe will be an awesome cafe to bring your pet dogs over to chill and let your pup make some pup-friends and socialise on a weekend. Food wise....
Oh well, on the safe side you can always just stick to fries. :)

Oh, and please, no cats unless it's a seasoned dog-befriender.

III Cafe is located at 678A East Coast Rd Level 2.
For more information, visit their website HERE

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Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. hahaha. just realised that there are a TON of dog breeds! really a doggie lover heaven over there. anyway, i'm pleased to report that froski has recovered. and most likely even forgotten that he ever went to a 'dog' cafe. thank god for short term cat memory :D

    1. No more leopard crawling against the walls huh! Good to hear that he has recovered from the traumatic experience.

  2. What a cute place to hang out, I've never seen anything like it before =) Smart idea!

  3. What a nice place not only for people but for the animals as well. I just hope they could turn animal pounds into cafes like these so that those abandoned animals can feel loved again.

  4. This sounds like a great place for the pets. Haven't seen anything like this here in India. I love animals but I'm petrified of pets!

  5. What a great place to bring your pets! This concept has not catch on yet in my country. I love how every pet is behaved. And yes, the chow chow is so cute and fluffy.

  6. Haha... food for human is pretty important to me as well. I don't think I will go to a place with meh food and have to suffer while chatting with friends. But there's really alot of variety of dogs!

  7. OMG this is awesomeeeee! We don't have a dog cafe here yet :(

  8. This is so cool. Cute bunny u got there.

  9. omg! love the dog cafe, all the doggies are so cute

  10. The bunny and the cat is much more cute. I enjoyed every photos ;)

  11. Wow, it's my first time to come across a cafe that serves both for humans and pets. This is very recommended for pet lovers and owners so they can both enjoy food together.

  12. The cat was sooo cute! Anyway, I'm glad that this concept is being known now since I believe that this kind of restaurant or dine-in helps not only pet owners but the pets to socialize. :)

  13. So cute. In Malaysia, there is cat cafe. Hope they can have dog too but i dun think it can be for certain reason.

  14. Omg ! I am loving this place so much!!!! Why we do not have such places here in poland, or there are I ve never heard of it!!

  15. This must be catching on. They recently opened a cat cafe in NYC. My kids and I plan to visit. I love this cafe too. :-)

  16. I love pets, I am a big lover of puppies and this place has such a unique concept. I love that there is a section of the cafe serving dogs' meal delicious savory stuff for them to feel great while their owners are also having fun!

  17. It's sad that the food for the humans aren't good, but when it comes to the pets, they're a hit! Also, Froski really really looks terrified in those photos, the cafe people should have warned you guys!

  18. I think my heart fell for the 6 month old chow chow... oh well, the golden retriever is also an apple of my eye. :D

    I love dogs, but unfortunately I can't have 'em here with me now. But when I get my own house, I'll have one for me. A buddy for me. :D


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