Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Slimming 101: Signature Meridian Therapy [Sponsored]

Some time last week, I attended the press conference for Slimming 101 Blogger Challenge and launch of their latest Duo Advance Body Define treatment.

And I'm really glad to be offered a chance to try out their Signature Meridian Therapy! 

Upon reaching the outlet, I was served a huge glass of their detox tea. 

Concocted from rosehips and a blend of chinese herbs, this tea doesn't taste herbal nor bitter at all. It does have a distinctive smell of chinese herbs but as you drink it, it just taste like a softer, more wash down version of Oolong tea. 
And unlike a typical detox tea you find in the market, this tea is a lot less harsh and will not give you any laxative effect too. 

When the consultant was ready, I was ushered towards the body analysis machine and got my in depth body analysis taken.

Yup, that's a pretty complicated machine. 

And after stepping off the machine, I was ushered into this pretty cute consultation room to go over my analysis results. 
One good news is, I'm actually metabolically 3 years younger than my actual age! Almost everything is in the acceptable range, but of course my optimal body fat content should be the lowest at 21.5% and not my current of 27.6%. 
And my visceral fat count is a little too high as well. Oh no, must diet!

 After the consultation, I was ushered to the locker room and asked to change out of my clothes and into the brown silky robe and disposable underwear provided before I was asked to take my weight again.
200g of the robe was taken off from the scale reading to get my actual body weight at 63.9kg.
(I've lost substantial amount of body fat but also gained muscle mass through gymming, hence my weight actually increased a little)

And after jotting down my body weight, I was ushered into this sauna box-room and asked to sweat it out for 15 to 20 minutes at 49 to 50 degree Celsius.
And yes, I really perspired like a horse and even the consultant (who should have seen more than enough of sweaty ladies) sounded surprised when she commented that I perspired quite a bit.
And after my first sweat-out session, I was then ushered to the treatment room with a pretty big TV hanging on the wall, showing some korean show, and started my Signature Meridian Therapy.

Slimming 101's Signature Meridian Therapy is an acupressure body therapy using traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) principles. Via stimulation of my acupressure points located at my legs, back, hands and stomach, the treatment helps to clear any blockage I have in my body and help balance the flow of qi and blood. It not only helps to break down stubborn fats and also increases drainage for my lymphatic nodes.

A point to note was that this acupressure therapy didn't hurt for me at all, which is a good thing as it meant that my qi and blood flow is smooth and there's no blockage. However, if you have blockages in our body, this therapy will definitely hurt. But of course, no pain no gain (or lost?) right? There's definitely a price to pay in return for beauty and wellness!

And so, after the acupressure therapy, the consultant first wrap me up in a sheet of plastic before covering the hot blanket over me and setting my treatment bed up such that I can watch a bit of the korean show while sweating it out for the 2nd time.

And let me tell you, if I had sweated like a horse in the sauna box-room, then I've had sweated like.... TEN horses under this hot blanket. I literally flooded the plastic sheet with my perspiration and was desperately twisting and turning my head all over the place in a super unglam attempt to dab off all those perspiration that has gathered around my lips (eew, salty!) on the towel left covering my shoulders.

After 30 minutes, the consultant returned to check on me and very thoughtfully dabbed off the perspiration off my face before shutting off the heat from the hot blanket. But as my pores are all wide open after the treatment, I had to remain under the blanket for another 10 minutes in order to let my body cool down and my pores shrink back up.

And in spite of me sweating a river, I actually felt refreshed and rejuvenated, not lethargic and half-dead with aching muscles after my gymming sessions.
And so, I was brought to their shower area and asked to get a good shower, using their sister company Beijing 101 shampoo and conditioner. And to side track, they're really good! I actually skipped my usual argan oil hair serum (because I didn't bring it out) after the hair wash and yet my hair still dried up soft and tangle-free!

And after blow-drying my hair with the hair dryer and hair brushes provided, I was made to take another body weight measurement in the same brown robe.
And guess what? I weighed 63kg! A whopping 900g lost just after 1 treatment!
And if you're thinking that it's all water weight from all the crazy perspiration, think again. Is it really possible to lose 900g worth of water through a barely 1 hour worth of perspiration?
The water weight lost aside, a substantial amount of toxins was also purged out of my body via the water lost, which explained the high amount of weight lost after just 1 treatment session.

With frequent treatments, the Signature Meridian Therapy can not only helps to reduce water retention and increases our metabolism rate (lose weight!), but also reduces the size of our actual fat chamber and significantly improves our body contour.
More importantly, it helps with regulation of body hormones and improves our immune system, boosts our kidney functions, protects our stomach and gastric, and improves our bowel movements.

And a small tip to note, as the therapy helps to boost our metabolism rate, it is highly recommended to not eat any food for up to 1.5 hours immediately after the treatment, or risk more weight gain due to hiked up absorption of food nutrients into our body system.

For more information on Slimming 101, visit their website HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo

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  1. Wow this is a very helpful information you shared here! I too have been trying to lose some weight since having my baby. I should seriously look into this. Thank you for sharing!


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