Saturday, 29 November 2014

Mia's Review: Luxe Herbal Scalp Treatment [Sponsored]

Ever since I entered teenage years, I've been battling an issue of greying hair. It seems like my only ally is my trusty hairdresser, who periodically slathers hair dyeing cream onto my hair. 

And all thanks for Street Directory and Luxe Scalp Specialist, I was able to try out a session of scalp therapy catered for grey hair!

I was first ushered into a pretty small consultation room, for my pre-treatment consultation.

Luxe Scalp Specialist the 1st Asian herbs scalp care specialist centre validated by certified Trichologist to combat scalp problems, and uses only premium Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. Certifications were also displayed on the wall to certify their professionalism and safety of their products, with Arsenic, Lead and Mercury being not detectable.

And using this mouse-like scanner, the consultant took a few shots of my scalp at different area to show me what are my current issues, apart from grey hair.

I was really glad to hear that my hair and hair growth is healthy, albeit with some minor issues of oily scalp (very obvious), and some dandruff, which I never knew I have them till date.

And so I was whisked off to their treatment area, which resembles a very chic, black-themed hairdressing salon. There's also privacy curtains put up between every seat to give their patron a "private cubicle". Thoughtful!

And by the time I was seated, my tea and biscuit were already served. My favourite Lotus caramelised biscuit! Nom nom nom...

The therapist first started with a thorough brushing of my hair with a big comfy hair brush to get my blood circulation going in my scalp. After which, she started spraying ginger wine onto my scalp, to help open up my hair follicles for better absorption of the treatment herbs. The therapist also applied lemongrass serum to the ends of my hair to protect my dry ends and to give my scratchy hair some nutrients.

Hahaha, everything is just flat black you can hardly see me. 

But anyway, after application of ginger wine and lemongrass serum, the therapist started slathering the mixture of Chinese herbs onto my scalp and roots of my hair. The smell is pretty strong, and it resembles the he shou wu tea my dad used to be drinking frequently a while back. 
After every inch of my scalp is covered with the herbs mixture, the therapist then wrapped up my hair in layers of cling wrap and then set the steamer to steam my hair for 30 minutes. 
The heat from the steam will help speed up the rate at which my hair and scalp absorb the nutrients from the herbs mixture. 

And after 30 minutes is up, I was led to their hair washing area to wash off all the herbs.

The therapist used their clarifying shampoo on my hair, which felt so good! It was minty and very refreshing on my scalp. 

The therapist then put a hot herbal (bean?) bag on my shoulders to help relieve my tensed muscles. After which, she started applying hair tonic on my hair roots again, which will help with preventing hair fall. She then proceeded with a really comfortable scalp massage, to help the hair tonic get absorbed fully. 
Coincidentally, the scalp massage also helped relieve much of the tension I've always been having in my head and temples. I'm always suffering from either migraine or cluster headaches, and my head is always tensed up. 

And after blow-drying my hair, the therapist started to set up this artsy looking lamp behind me...
Using this Infra Heat Therapy, it further enhance the absorption of all the nutrients into the hair and scalp to boost the effectiveness of the treatment. 

Haha, and I looked like a took a selfie while clubbing. 

And let's take a look at how my scans will look after my treatment. The oily sheen obviously has been eliminated, and as you can see at the middle and bottom right corner, my hair follicles/pores have opened up, and was probably still absorbing all the nutrients. Heh! 

And after a few hair washes (3 to 5 days after the treatment), there's still this he shou wu smell that lingers in my hair. And on top of that, I actually realised that my hair roots (newly grown hair from my previous hair colouring) seemed to have grown darker (more intense black)! 

Are you suffering from grey hair problems too, and is always mourning the 'death' of your hair after every hair colour session? Why not give Luxe a try and see if you can bid your treatment-thirty post-coloured hair goodbye forever! 

Luxe Scalp Specialist is located at Tampines One #04-29 or Chinatown Point #02-28.
For more information for their contact details and treatment services, visit their website HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. The infra heat equipment reminds me of Belgium's Atomium lol

    1. i thought you'll say it makes me look like medusa or what. rofl!

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  2. Informative, worth sharing. Keep it going.

  3. wow! you are so lucky, you got Sponsored by luke , I think i should try this, because my hair is not healthy too.

  4. Even if I don't really do much to my hair except for my monthly haircut with my barber, I would not say no if I will be offered a sponsored hair treatment like this. Looks pretty luxurious and comfortable there.

  5. This is nice but are their fees or prices nice and affordable? It looks like a very luxurious scalp treatment.

    1. I agree with Louise. It looks so expensive a commoner like me won't be able to afford :)

  6. It seems the treatment is great. I will refer this treatment if any one in my contact got this problem. Thanks for sharing such a great information.

  7. Sometime, grey hair shows but not all the time. My problem is falling hair. I hope there is a treatment for that, too.

  8. i have problems with falling hair too, this looks really nice, i hope they can work on my hair too.

  9. i am going to try scalp treatment next month, hope that will have good results

  10. The place is so relaxing, I find this place beautiful.

  11. OMG! I need this spa right now! My hair has been suffering from hair fall and occasional dandruff so a treatment there would really help.

  12. This would be a good way to strengthen your hair and make it better. They also pamper you on this treatment.

  13. Quite a service I should say. :-) hmmm, something to pamper yourself this season of Christmas and holidays. :D

    I serve a hair clinic in the UK and yeah the facilities costs a lot to set it up in a well and up to the standards. Health clinics including this establishment are bound by strict health regulations, whether in SG or in UK.

  14. It's so posh!!! I could imagine the price. You are very lucky to get a some pampering at Luxe!

  15. This seems like an innovative treatment but a little too expensive for me, I guess. Glad you had a great time :)

  16. Everyone need to thoroughly cleanses their scalp monthly to maintain healthy scalp. Thx for sharing this brand service.

  17. This is quite the deep scalp and hair treatment. The gadgets and scan were impressive, and I'm glad you were happy with the results. Fabulous!

  18. Applying ginger wine and lemongrass serum on the scalp seems like a great therapy, I am glad they use natural ingredients to strengthen the hair, I wonder of I could bear the strong smell though, anyways i think the whole procedure is worth trying.

  19. omg this sounds amazing! Too bad it's not available here. I do scalp treatment from time to time as well :D

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