Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Mia's Review: [Advertorial]

Very recently, I was introduced to this new locally based online shopping mall,, with a pretty wide variety of items, ranging from beauty & health, baby products, home & living, IT & electronics, fashion, and also food & beverage with a MaMa shop!

From popular make up brands like 3CE, Miss Hana...

To health food like organic food products, honey, and propolis...

To home appliances like fans, vacuum cleaners, irons etc...

And even frozen food!

The list goes on, and the variety is huge, so you better drop by and check it out for yourself. There's also a hot deals section that offers discounted price for certain products from all categories for a limited time period.

And so, I went on a crazed shopping spree and just kept adding items into my cart, and finally checking out when I realised I've hit about 20 items. 

And did I tell you that you get a $5 off your first purchase, with 500 reward points given at sign up? And subsequently, with every $1 purchase, you'll earn 1 reward point and accumulating 100 points will give you another $1 off!

And I know the exasperation when you finally found the product you've been searching high and low for online, was so eager to click purchase and then you realised, the e-store uses a courier service that doesn't do night delivery (yes, happened to me) and there's absolutely nobody around in the daytime to receive the package for you?

GoBuyLah got you covered, allowing you to choose your preferred day and time of delivery that stretches from 9am to 9pm. The best part? Delivery is absolutely free with no minimum purchase! And as you can see I made my order on 21st (Tuesday night) and the earliest delivery time is 23rd morning! 

Well, I wasn't at home in time to receive the package personally. But I was truly surprised to find that my orders were packed separated accordingly to type/category instead of having everything packed together in a huge box. 

And here's a sneak peak of my GoBuyLah haul! Other than some necessity like my stock of morning coffee (old town and owl!) and my hair care supplies, I've also picked up some beauty items because they look so cute!

Cutest packaging for some organic teabags I've ever came across. 

And look at these cute faces on the packaging! It's so adorable that I don't even care if they work or not, I just feel super happy having bought such cute stuff. Heh!
But yeah, do expect reviews on part of my haul in time to come. 

You can find all these products I've hauled, plus many more, on

And is also extending an additional $5 off for all my lovely readers, on top of the standard $5 off for new members! 
Just key in MIA05 in the discount field and enjoy $10 off your first purchase! Discount code is valid for 2 months from now.

So what are you waiting for? Hope over to right now and start shopping!

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. I love online shops that have 'everything under one' roof saves you having to look elsewhere - the products look very interesting! Sim

  2. I do love online shopping.Anyway you made a great well detailed review here.Nice work.

  3. ooohs soon I can do my home appliances shopping on GoBuyLah lol :) the 3ce bundle promotions look good too!

  4. The night delivery option is so convenient! Especially for people with no one who stays at home to receive such parcels. Great recommendation!

  5. there needs to be websites like that in the uk. theres so many products i want to get my hands on

    1. What are the popular ones in the UK? I'm surprised to read there are not many?

  6. Great review, I am into online shopping and these review help me a lot before buying anything.

  7. I love online shopping especially when the stuff is affordable. It's great that they deliver the right items and within a week too!

  8. Haha, definitely a very "Singaporean" website with the url. Plenty of savings too! will share with my friends if they are keen!

  9. I prefer online shopping since I never go out. Love the night delivery option. Do they ship worldwide or only in SG?

  10. I only buy online on travel deals or food deals. Other than that, I usually just buy personally. Online vendors here, are not that good yet with services or even with their products. :-(

  11. So funny that "lah" at the end of the website name. So very Singaporean! I am not too comfortable yet about online shopping for clothes or gadgets.

  12. I do buy some things online but I'm careful where I shop and lately, I don't shop. Nice selection and review.

  13. Nice review. It is good to hear that there are more and more online shops that offer almost everything one needs.

  14. It's really convenient that you get to pick the date and time of delivery. This is a big plus for

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. This looks like a good site for online shopping and the reward points on purchase are definitely are an added plus!

  17. Wow this is quite an interesting site.thanks for such a great review. I will be looking forward to a derailed review of the pore eraser.

  18. Looks like a great site and I'm loving the $5 off, anything that offers a saving is a plus in my book.

  19. Wow nice review! Alright will check the website out! Thanks for introducing this to us!


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