Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Mia's Review: Katharos Organics Masques

Previously in my #blogmeetsg post, I've briefly mentioned about a sample kit from Katharos Organics and after trying them out (along with a 2nd set of customised samples from them) I really grew to love these 2 products! 

Plump and soothe dehydrated skin with this masque made form pureed whole fruit blueberries, wholesome non-GMO soy yoghurt, Calendula petal oil, Shea butter and an active combination of Vitamins A, C, E, coenzyme Q10 and Evening Primrose Oil. 

Suitable Skin Type: Mature, Dry, Dehydrated, Sun-damaged or Devitalised skin. 

And as demonstrated in the video, you really need just a little for each usage.

And even though you can't see it from the video, I actually found bits of crushed blueberries in my masque sample! How cool is that! And due to the extra step of 'diluting' it with water before applying on the face, it totally eliminates the problem of messiness, which is a common problem for ladies who shun away from such wash off masques.
The masque smells really yummy as well, like blueberry yoghurt, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth after every use.

Increase the elasticity and smoothness of the eye contour area with this deeply hydrating masque.

Suitable Skin Type: All skin types

Key ingredients include:
Raspberry - to fight visible signs of aging
Shea Butter - to moisturise and repair
Evening Primrose Oil - to soften and soothe the appearance
Yellow Sweet Clover - to reduce puffiness and dark circles
Gingko - to reduce puffiness and wrinkles
Ginseng - to revitalise
Witch Hazel - to soften and soothe skin
Hawthorn Berry - a source of bioflavonoids and vitamins
Seabuckthorn Berry - an antioxidant and a source of vitamins and nutrients

As compared to the blueberry masque, the raspberry eye masque is a smooth, pale orange cream that smells nothing like raspberry, but more like peach yoghurt.
Even though the sample size isn't sufficient to give me any visible results to my fine wrinkles and dark rings, it still leaves the skin around my eyes feel smoother and taut after every use.

For more information on other ranges of Eminence products, visit Katharos Organics website HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. You look a bit too young for this mask! I see that it's more for ageing or people in their 30s right? Haha, don't use it if it's too rich or it might harm your skin!

    1. Haha, yeah I'm not in my 30s but I'm not THAT young also la.... And I thought anti-aging should start in mid 20s? My skin is very dehydrated and I'm always out in the sun, so this masque also worked well for me. :)

  2. Women's beauty products are very complicated. It seems that lots of these items are in the market. Hoping that these items for women have good results.

  3. Are these available in PH. Im in my 30's and I badly need good facial creams

  4. Time for some masque! Organic one sounds good on our skin, right?

  5. This one looks very soft and moisturizing even though I haven't started with any of it yet but would love to try them now.

  6. Those sound like great products. I bet they smell great as well.

  7. The price doesn't sound cheap. But it seems like a very great product. Worth to try.

  8. It's nice that it gives the eye area a softer feel. I guess this would be great to maintain great facial skin.

  9. Sounds like something I really need and love the idea of blueberries being used to make it - so refreshing for the face!

  10. Great review and it seems promising! I shall try this since my skin is abit dehydrated now :(

  11. My mom and sister who are obsessed with anti-aging products should definitely have a go at this masque. Loving the natural key ingredients and each of them actually makes sense for the purpose of healing the skin.

  12. i like the sound of the eye masque. ive never heard of an eye mask before

  13. I hardly use eye mask, perhaps i should start using them to reduce my dark eye circles and wrinkles.

  14. The products seems good to try but quite pricy.

  15. Looks like a worth a try, Saving this one for my wife, she might love this.

  16. Love these berry cosmetics! They look absolutely wonderful and would make great gifts :)

  17. It looks very expensive. But I guess people will not allow anything cheap to touch their precious face. Hehe. I'd try it myself to know how it feels.

  18. First time hearing about this brand, but I'd love to try the Blueberry Soy Repair Masque! I find it really cool that it even has bits of blueberries in it! <3

  19. I think I'd be going for Raspberry with this one. I can imagine the scent already! :)

  20. You actually found blue berries in the masque..that's really something! I would surely like to try this!

  21. I've just heard of this one. And well, might be a good choice for the girls. Would gladly tell my sis about this.

  22. I've never heard of this brand but blueberries on my skin sounds interesting. Will most likely try this in the future.

  23. Does the applicator/spatula also come with the purchase of one jar? The blueberry bits you found just shows the quality of the product, using really natural ingredients.


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