Sunday, 25 October 2015

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Tea Party at Muffet's Room Cafe

I first visited Muffet's Room a couple months back, after a long tiring day of work at the nearby new condominium, and recently I'm back again for a cozy afternoon tea party hosted by Bulgarian Rose Karlovo. 

The Bulgarian Rose factory was founded in 1948 on the basis of distilleries for processing essential oil raw materials, which existed in the valley of Karlovo (hence the name Bulgarian Rose Karlovo). It has been supplying raw materials to varies international companies for cosmetic purchases. Bulgarian Rose Karlovo was finally started in 2000 to produce its own cosmetic line. 
Bulgarian Rose Karlovo's line of products do not just use any species of rose, but only Rose Damascena, of which 70% of this species are found in Bulgaria. They only flower in May-June and all flowers have to be handpicked in the morning to preserve the volatile oils. 

Other than facial skin care, Bulgarian Rose Karlovo also carries body care and hair care products to get us smelling like roses from head to toe. 

From body butter, to facial toner/water, to soap loofah....

And even bath bombs! 
But well, these aren't available locally yet, but let's all start hoping that they will eventually reach SG's land soon enough. 

While getting fed with all the yummy food from Muffet's Room and learning more about how Bulgarian Rose Karlovo came about, we were also given the chance to try out a lot of their awesome products, which smells really good!

My favourite of the lot from the tea party has to be this Rose Exfoliating Facial Mask. The exfoliating beads feel really gentle on the skin and it smells so good! You may think that being called Bulgarian Rose Karlovo, all their products should just smell like rose, but there's still a difference of scent between different products and this smells so addictively yummy. 

Thanks to their generosity, I was given a few babies to try out! Apart from the washing gel for face and the hair care liquid disperse crystals in the goodie bag, I was also given a full sized bottle of the Signature Rose Water to try out, of which I shall have a separate post for that. 

I was so glad to find out that the washing gel smells really similar to the facial scrub! It cleanses really gently and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth without the squeaky-glass like feeling.

This lady's joy hair care liquid disperse crystals aren't available locally yet, but they soon will be! *hint hint* 
I really like this, apart from the awesome scent, is that it feels extremely light and is to be used on dry hair for some instant smoothing effect and shine. Other than making your hair smells like heaven, it also protect the hair from UV damage and humidity effect, and also prevents the most hated split ends by nourishing and strengthening our hair. 

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo is currently available at Skin SocietyLazada and Sasa Clementi. 
For more information, do visit their website or facebook

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. I love the smell of roses!! I guess after using their products you must smell gorgeous XD
    The rose water sounds really nice to use~
    Btw, I’d love to invite you to join my blog giveaway!
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Join my Blog Giveaway!

  2. Talk about rose overload! I love roses and I love using rose-infused products on my skin. They are very gentle and refreshing. I bet these all smell so nice!

  3. I really love roses. Never really tried products made from roses, but I heard they're good for the skin.

  4. I love rose scent but not sure how Bulgarian Rose smell like. I think it must be some kind like rose too, perhaps stronger.

  5. Very interesting product line. I can't recall any brand here in our country that is exclusively rose scented/rose inspired. Love the aromatherapy balls :p

  6. I've got my eyes on those bath bombs!! I've always been a fan of rose-scented goodies so if I do come across those bath bombs, I'll be all over it!

  7. Rose has a really nice scent. They do have a lot of rose-scented product lines here.

  8. I hope they also set up shop here in the Philippines. I love the scent of roses, and that hair acre liquid sounds divine! My hair's super dry, so it would be perfect.

  9. I have bad memories of rose scents. I had a math teacher who wore a very strong rose perfume that we can smell even if she was still on the other end of the hall! :-)

  10. I love roses, I'm just not sure about rose-scent in the stuff I put on. I'm curious about the rose water. Looking forward to your post on it.

  11. The products looks so girlish, perhaps because the color of the roses are pink. :) Women in the Philippines would love these too.

  12. You went with Hui Zi? I think I saw her cover about this too! Love the packaging of the Bulgarian rose karlovo soap...

  13. Never heard of it but I think it's good for women. I love fruity-smell instead of flowers when it comes to scents, soap, lotion and other beauty products.

  14. How do you use the hair care liquid? Do you apply it while the hair is wet?

  15. Lovely product range and yes me too want to understand that hair care liquid is applied on wet hair or we can just use on dry hair.

    1. the hair care liquid crystals are to be used on dry hair! very convenient!


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