Monday, 19 October 2015

Slimming at Beyond Beauty: RF Fat Burner

Previously, I've talked about my experience with Ionto & Hot Blanket at Beyond Beauty and after more than 1 month of treatment, I've finally moved on to the next form of treatment, the RF fat burner, to further melt away my stubborn fats.

RF, which stands for Radio Frequency, promotes natural fat combustion to Free Fatty Acid (FFA) through a process called liquefaction. Rf provides a consistent and effective heating for fat underneath the skin, accelerating the cell metabolism while liquefying fat cells of targeted part of the body. The FFA are then removed from the body via the lymphatic system, giving rise to an effective slimming results. In addition, RF also stimulates the fibrous cords, stretching them to provide a tighter and smoother appearance, effectively reducing cellulite appearances.

To sum it up, the effects of RF includes:
1. Improves tissue functions (cell regeneration)
2. Accelerates cell metabolism
3. Breaks down stubborn fats
4. Improves natural healing
5. Facilitates blood and lymph circulation
6. Promotes natural fat liquefaction

You may expect the following results from a RF treatment:
1. Increased skin's firmness
2. Effective cellulite reduction
3. Rapid inch loss
4. Relief muscle tension

So after the usual routine of changing out of my apparel, taking my weight and settling down onto the treatment bed, the therapist pushed in this complicated looking RF machine. 

I'll say the RF tool (I'm tempted to call it a hammer) is pretty small but the overall experience was nothing less than comfortable. With different intensity, the tool will generate different levels of heat and the therapist will use the heated tool to massage your area of concern thoroughly for 20 minutes. Having done both my tummy and thighs, I'll say I enjoyed the treatment at my tummy a lot more. The heat from the tool felt really nice and the massaging motion was really comfortable. The tummy session was then ended with a relaxing hot mask that helps to further burn fat and tighten the skin. 

Even though this set of treatment doesn't give an immediate weight loss like the Ionto+Hot Blanket treatment, I would still very much prefer the RF treatment because the whole session just felt like a relaxing massage and I could feel that the treated area (especially my flabby tummy) felt somewhat 'tighter' just after that 20 minutes. 

For more information on Beyond Beauty's slimming treatments, visit their website HERE or visit one of their outlets for a detailed consultation. 

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. I am not a fan of such technologies. For me good old experiences are always a winner. Anyway I liked the fact that you explained every bit very nicely.


  2. I am not sure I would like to experiment so much with my body unless its more traditional like running, exercise and yoga.

  3. I've always been a li'l skeptical of such technologies and I'd stick to my Yoga routine for slimming down. But you did a great job reviewing this place.

    - GIG Love -Chaithra - Style.. A Pastiche

  4. i dunno im like chaicy a bit skeptical on all this..but well i love my body the way it is so i dont really care hahah...

  5. Interesting... I never heard of this before. I'm working on losing weight the traditional way but I couldn't definitely see how this would help tighten up certain areas after weight loss.

  6. For me, losing weight is about believing in yourself and lots of dedication. I don't think so I would want to experiment it on my body. I would rather stick to yoga and having a well balanced healthy diet!!

    However, it is good that you enjoyed your time there :)

  7. is this safe for you? i mean sometimes instant product is giving you another effect in the future. i am worry about this.

  8. sounds tempting! I'm wondering how many sessions they actually require flat up an inch of tummy?

  9. I never tried any kind of slimming sessions before, so this sounds scary and cool at the same time =)

  10. I'm really curious how much it cost though? Hihihi

  11. At first I have ever tempted to go through something like this in losing weight. But as time goes by, I think it's more safe to do some physical course like aerobic or yoga. That's the most effective way in my opinion.

  12. I am a skinny girl so this is not something I would use but I hope you enjoy the experience.

  13. well, I could sure use a treatment or two... great post and a fab sounding machine

  14. This machine sounds scary but if it is effective, I wouldn't mind giving it a try :D

  15. I don't know I'd like to give it a try anytime soon as for me natural way of slimming down is a best way to tone and slimming down... x

  16. i would try this but i wouldnt be wowed but then again, it sounds like it'll take time to see noticeable results

  17. As much as I wanted to slim down, I don't want it to be done by any technologies. But the again, when nature is not on your favor, why not? Almost tempted to try.


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