Thursday, 3 December 2015

Burger King New Launch: Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss Burger

Are you a big fan of mushroom? A huge lover of BK's Mushroom Swiss burger? 

Then you'll be simply elated to know that BK has up-levelled their Mushroom Swiss burger to bring to you the Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss! And thanks to OMY SG, I was given the chance to try out these yummy burgers before they're offcially launched in the market. 

But before feeding us the yummilicous new burgers, we were given a special kitchen tour at their Prinsep House branch. I'm sorry to say that there's no photographs to be shared with you lovely readers, as photography was not allowed during our special tour. During the quick kitchen tour, we were introduced to 3 main aspects of the BK's kitchen as follow:

1. Process of Hand Sanitization
The most important station begins with hands washing which help to ensure that BK can provide the 
highest food quality and safety standards. While the international requirement of washing and scrubbing hands needs only about 15 to 20 seconds,  BK has enforced a stricter hand-cleansing standard that requires a full 1 minute, after every hour! 

2. Broiler
Over 4 million Whoppers are sold each day and 2.6 billion burgers are sold annually worldwide. Thus, the broiler is the heart of BK's business and around the world, 90% of products in BK are cooked in the broiler each day. It uses real fire to flame-grill BK 100% beef patty in the WHOPPER®. High flame from the Broiler and the perforation on the patties ensure that the right amount of heat passes through to cook the patty at the right temperature and retains the juice without causing any dryness to the meat texture. No oil and other seasoning are added to the grilling process. BK has a very strict process to ensure food safety. Temperature of the patty is measured 3 to 4 times a day and must achieve a certain level to ensure that the broiler is calibrated to the right temperature and their patties are safe for consumption.

3. Preparation Board
At the preparation board, burgers are made upon order to ensure they are delivered hot and fresh. It  also allows BK to customise our orders (For example: more vegetables in your WHOPPER® or no tartar sauce in your FISH’N CRISP). A proficient employee is able to build a standard whopper within 30 seconds. Yup, tried and tested! 

And now, fans of BK rejoice! BURGER KING® Singapore has launched the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) burger building concept and opened up their kitchens for tour. Yes, you get to see how those beef patties get grilled in those flames, just like the advertisement!
Learn the ropes through sharing by a dedicated BK team about what goes behind the scene to make their famed Whopper® and many other products! Then, DIY your very own Whopper® Jr. or Long Chicken Burger to go with your choice of side (Fries or Onion Rings) and drink.
BK Kitchen Tour and DIY Burger experience is available at $8 per child (aged 12 and under) and $10 each for adults. Each participant is entitled to: Kitchen Tour, DIY Burger Session and a BK Magnet. 
For more information, contact BK at 67547028 or email to

And now, back to the burgers!
It was a small and pretty intimate event (after joining a couple of OMY events, I find that 'cozy and intimate' is their event style. thumbs up!)

We also had a pretty, bubbly emcee for the night to introduce more about the new gourmeji mushroom swiss burgers to us. 

The new Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss is a more gourmet version of the original, and more velvety and creamy. The new burger features premium Japanese Shimeji mushrooms sautéed with aromatic black pepper sauce. The addition of the Shimeji mushrooms contribute ‘umami’ – a savoury taste distinct from saltiness – and has long been prized by Japanese chefs for its lasting aftertaste and how it coats the tongue to create a mouth-watering sensation. The Shimeji mushrooms also complement the velvety flavour of the Mushroom Swiss with their firm texture and a gentle nuttiness. Completing the burger will be melted Swiss cheese, Batavian lettuce, caramelised onions, BK’s original mushroom sauce and your choice of flame-grilled patty – either the WHOPPER® beef patty or the Tendergrill premium chicken thigh, all sandwiched in a lightly toasted sesame seed bun. 

Being a non beef eater, I naturally went for the Tendergrill Chicken and it was so good! The mushroom mix was both smooth, creamy and with a slight peppery kick and the tendergrill chicken being tender and juicy as always.

My only small complaint was probably the fact that we were made to eat this as a gourmet burger. Sorry, not dainty enough for that. 
I was really tempted to just pick it up with my hands and just chomp into it. But without the wrapper, that would be too messy and wasteful of the delicious mushrooms for they will definitely be just falling out from the buns like it's raining mushrooms. 

And yes, noticed the 'Rock It' sachet on the left? 

The Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss meal also comes with the equally new (if not, newer) Creamy Tomato ROCK IT Fries!

 Just empty the sachet of creamy tomato seasoning into the bag of fries, and rock it with style!
I love how the seasoning powder is actually pinkish in colour too.

I really enjoyed this creamy tomato rock it fries! This is like a tomato-based pasta turned into fries, no joke. Salty from the cheesy flavour (that makes up the 'creamy',  I reckon) and tangy from the tomato, this is surely one addictive seasoned fries. It gets a little too salty towards the bottom if you've added in too much of the seasoning, so do go easy on that and rock your fries real well. 

And before we end the event, there's some goodies for us to bring home as well. 

Yes, other than a packet of raw shimeji mushroom, there's also a mushroom repair facial mask inside our goodie bags. How cute! 

The Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss meal comes with the new Creamy Tomato ROCK IT Fries and a medium Soft Drink for a hearty eating experience at only $8.95, for limited time from 3 December till mid-January 2016, or while stocks last. Diners can also purchase the Creamy Tomato ROCK IT Fries at $3.30 (a la carte) or upgrade to Creamy Tomato ROCK IT Fries with any upsize meal purchased.

Raining cats and dogs? Feeling lazy to head out but still craving for some BK meals? Fret not, for BK now has their own delivery service to take care of your sudden cravings. 

For more information, do visit BK's website ( or FB pag (

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. I love Burger King's Mushroom Swiss Burger and I look forward to them bringing Gourmeji here in Manila. You had me at more velvety and more creamy - 2 thumbs up!

  2. I love BK Angus Beef, Mushroom Swiss, Four Cheese burgers. I got distressed when the BK beside our place of work shut down suddenly. Thankfully, it is just for a renovation.

  3. I love Burger King and it's nice to know they're adding some good stuff on their already awesome menu. The burger looks so good.

  4. It really gives you a better appreciation of the product to know the process that it's produced. It's nice that Burger King burgers are prepared the right and clean way.

  5. Knowing how my favorite burger joint makes my fave food is really awesome. Love the new Swiss Mushroom burger too!

  6. wow it looks so delicious.. it's been a while since i ate at BK.. i should try this soon

  7. The mushroom burgers are so tempting. I would like to have one for supper.

  8. I love Burger King but I am not a fan of mushrooms. I hope i could also attend a food tasting as grand as this one.


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