Thursday, 28 July 2016

Food Tasting: Barashi-Tei

Yup, it's that time again. The time when I look at the numbers on the weighing scale and say, "who cares!" 

Located at a corner along Middle Road, Barashi-Tei is founded by Chef Wang Zhen Feng, with the 
Founder and Chef, Mr Wang Zhen Feng is proud to present Barashi-Tei, his new Japanese restaurant which serves only dishes made with freshest ingredients air-flown from Japan. 
Chef Wang picked up his culinary skills from a 60-year-old Japanese Master Check, who has more than 40 years of experience. 

If you're working around the area (they're right across the street from Peace Centre), you'll be glad to know that Barashi Tei also provides a wide variety of set meals that are extremely affordable.

The restaurant interior was kept minimalist and simple, and was pretty busy on a Friday night.
And now, let's move on to what's important. The food!

 Avocado Salmon Salad - $13.80

 Sashimi Salad - $13.80

Both salads come with a combination of fresh greens and cherry tomatoes, but the avocado salmon salad comes with sliced avocados and seared salmon while the sashimi counterpart comes with, well, sashimi (salmon, maguro, mekajiki etc)! 
Albeit fragrant and a little sweet, the salad dressing is quite salty, so it's best to add it in little by little and tasting your salad until you got the taste you want. 

Chirashi Don - $23

With yummy Japanese rice air flown directly from Japan, and generous slices of fresh sashimi (salmon, white tuna, mekajiki, maguro), tamago and topped with ikura, this is a must try for all those sashimi lovers out there.
Personally, I will not eat any sashimi (except for hokkigai) in Singapore due to the fishy taste in almost ALL the sashimi despite of how 'fresh' they supposedly are and they always lack the slightly chewy texture (meaning they're really not that fresh anymore) and tends to be mushier and well, just meh.
But the mekajiki I tried was so fresh! There's no fishy smell at all and the texture was springy yet not overly 'crunchy' and tasted really sweet.

Bara Chirashi Don - $13.80

This don is just like the Chirashi Don, but with the sashimi and tamago cut into smaller bite size and then toss in some cucumbers as well. For someone who doesn't really enjoy eating raw fish, I will prefer the Bara Chirashi over Chirashi as the 'rawness' is more managable.

Sake Jyu - $16.80

Maguro Nakaochi Don - $16.80

And if you only like salmon sashimi or only maguro sashimi, fret not! You can always go for Sake Jyu or Maguro Nakaochi Don instead. 

Aburi Bara Chirashi Don - $16.80

Can't take so much rawness in a bowl (like yours truly)? Then there's Aburi Bara Chirashi for you, with the sashimi seared (hence cooked on the outside and raw on the inside) and topped with avocados and ebikko. 

Spicy Salmon Maki - $12.80

Crispy ebi fry wrapped in yummy sushi rice and topped with fresh seared salmon and yummy spicy sauce!
Absolutely love the sauce, slightly spicy and savoury and complements the seared salmon really well.

Rice Paper Ebi Maki - $10.80

This reminds me of the vietnamese paper rolls, but so much tastier. (Sorry, the only experience I had with Vietnamese paper rolls is a bad one). The rice paper was really thin and soft, giving a barely there texture and the lettuce was crisp and fresh, which tones down the oiliness of the ebi fry.
I would have preferred to not have the tamago inside though, the sudden coldness and sweetness from the tamago was a little 'shocking' when you were happily chewing through the hot and savoury ebi fry.

Smoked Duck Kushi - $2.60

This is for all the smoked duck lovers out there, now you get them on skewers! How cool is that. Moreover, instead of the usual thin and relatively tough slices, the smoked duck kushi is cut into cubes, probably for a better bite. The meat is also much softer and more tender than the usual smoked duck slices you find in the market. 

Yaki Tamago - $5

Didn't know that the yaki tamago will be cold, hence was a little surprised when I bite into it and felt the chills instead. HAHAHA! Sensitive teeth, poor me. 
Not a fan of tamago at all because I would expect the egg to be savoury but I get 'tricked' every time (they're sweet). But if you love tamago for their sweet taste, this is the dish for you.

Kuruma Ebi - $7.80
(pan fried prawns with kuruma sauce)

Wasabi Ebi - $7.80
(deep fried prawns with wasabi sauce)

I love how the prawns are all shelled. Heh! The prawns are definitely fresh and not overcooked, retaining their springy texture and with a juicy sweet taste. 
Sauce wise, I will prefer the savoury kuruma sauce as I'm not a fan of wasabi. The wasabi sauce here doesn't come with the pungent-spicy kick though, more like the usual wasabi-mayo sauce. 
Both sauces are really rich and thick, and you might need to spread it evenly around all the prawns to avoid an overkill on your tastebuds.

Ika Teriyako - $13.80

Well, that's really a huge grilled squid, isn't it? I personally found the squid a little overdone, hence too chewy and a little tough. Or perhaps big squid just tends to have tougher flesh?

Sirloin Steak & Foie Gras - $19.80

Haha, Oyhz's favourite foie gras on steak. I don't eat both. Steak due to religion, and foie gras because... not an organ eater.
Oyhz seemed to enjoy this very much though.

You probably can't see it very well on pictures, but the insides of the steak was still pinkish!

 Gindara Nabe - $24

This just screams, "COMFORT FOOD!" The gindara (also known to Japanese as Black Cod) really suited the dish very well due to their 'fatty' smooth and rich texture that complement a soup really well. It really just swims down your throat.
The soup was both savoury and sweet while the gindara extremely fresh and springy. This is definitely the dish I will crave for on a cold and rainy day.

Pudding of the Day (Orange) - $3.80

The pudding is harder and more solid than the usual pudding I've had before and reminds me of sweeten condensed milk. A tad too sweet for me, but might be the dessert for you if you're a fan of rich and sweet puddings. 

Barashi-Tei is located at
266 Middle Road
Elias Building
Singapore 188991

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Wow, looks like you had a great time. Did you actually eat all of that food?

  2. I was wondering about the same thing as Shawnyce! I wish you could take me with you the next time you get to taste all the food in a great restaurant like this! I love Japanese food. :) Made me order some right now for lunch...

  3. Now, I'm craving for Japanese food. I like sushis and sashimis. I'll probably get some later.

  4. Food looks pretty colorful. But I'm pretty sure as well that there wouldn't be much options for vegetarians!

  5. wow!So many great and delicious food to eat.All looks awesome.

  6. oh yes, the foie graaaaaaaaaaaas ^^

  7. The Avocado Salmon Salad and Sashimi salad are the two dish I can eat for many times because it's healthy and delicious!

  8. I'm loving so many dishes here. They do have a lot of variety when it comes to meat and seafoods.

  9. I like the interior of the restaurant, it's very simple. Every dish that you featured looks so good and I'm glad to hear that everything's also very fresh!

  10. Very interesting to serve raw fish with rice. The presentation is very artistic. Your description of the taste is tempting.

  11. Varieties spice of food in meat and seafoods definitely will attract me there. You really took your time to delve into the nitty gritty of the restaurant with quality interiors and constant fresh dishes - the sky is just the starting point for Barashi-Tei.

  12. That avocado salmon salad would be my choice. Those are my granddaughter's two faves. I bet she'd love it.

  13. Persinally, I liked to taste all kinds of food...ha..ha..ha..Well, these food tasting makes people aware of the foods they serve.

  14. This middle road and surrounding area has some hidden culinary gems. This seems to be one of them. Yummy!

  15. You ate all that food? YUMMY! I would love to have the avocado salmon salad and the sirloin steak with foie gras. I'm sure if it was my co-blogger, he would like to eat all. Anyway, it's my first time seeing pudding with orange. -Me-An Clemente


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