Saturday, 4 November 2017

Opening of DBS Plaza Singapura & Launch of the New DBS Multiplier

-picture credits to DBS-

On 1st November, DBS officially launches their novel 24/7 "cafe and branch" at Plaza Singapura, which features new innovations such as Cash Service Machines, Video Teller Machines, industry-first VR corner for retirement planning and a humanoid robot, Pepper, as a VTM instructor.

-picture credits to DBS-

In its continued journey to re-imagine banking, DBS launched a lifestyle space for the tech generation, where digital banking is complemented by human connection. 

The new cafe & branch at Plaza Singapura features an open layout, to create a relaxed atmosphere. Customers will first be welcomed by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked pastries at the entrance, where Bettr Barista, a social enterprise supported by the DBS Foundation, stands. 
Enjoy a 20% discount when you go for cashless payments using DBS/POSB credit cards or PayLah. How cool is that!

While our usual bankteller counters and ATM/Cash Deposit Machines are still around, they've also gotten a revamp and looked way more cool and hip than they used to be. These new Cash Service Machines not only allows us to do both cash withdrawals and deposits, but also allows us to withdraw cash above our ATM card limit. 
Other than the PS branch, DBS/POSB has deployed close to 90 of these machines in more than 30 different locations across the island.

-picture credits to DBS-

One of the few "ooohh" factor for the night has to be this industry-first VR corner for retirement planning, where customers will be guided on how to go about working towards their retirement lifestyles. 

The second "ooohh" factor for me has to be Pepper, the humanoid robot, and also our VTM instructor. It's just so fun to keep on moving around and having Pepper turning its head around just to continue "looking" at you. Yeah, cheap thrills, I know. 

-picture credits to DBS-

And this has got to the the biggest "ooohh" factor for me that night, the Video teller Machines (VTMs), offering us non-cash banking services such as issuance or replacement of IB tokens or debit cards (you get them INSTANTLY!) round-the-clock. 

No kidding when I said you can get your new card instantly! But as for now, this instant-service is only available for their PassionCard, DBS Visa, and Union Pay cards. 

Customers who require help are also able to access instant 'face-to-face' assistance via live video. 

There are currently 13 VTMs in 12 locations over the island, and the bank plans to install more than 20 machines by the end of 2017. 

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DBS is also launching TwentyThirty, an online initiative for young adults in their 20s and 30s - a hub providing quality content that is relevant to everyday living. Eg, getting through adulting milestones and financial literacy, career advice and everything else important for a balanced life. 

For more information on TwentyThirty, follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to their monthly newsletter on and be the first to know about their exclusive offers and events.

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And along with the TwentyThirty initiative, targeting young adults, DBS also launches an enhanced DBS Multiplier Account, making it easier for young adults to quality for higher interest rates, with no minimum salary crediting amount, and no minimum credit card spend. 

-picture credits to DBS-

And isn't it cute that they're using rabbits as the mascot? Well, because with this enhanced DBS Multiplier, you can just watch your money grows like bunnies. >.<

The first-of-its-kind programme was first introduced in 2014 to reward customers for consolidating their banking with DBS, with any combination of salary credit, credit card spending, investment dividend or mortgage instalment. And to cater to the financial aspirations of young adults, DBS has launched the enhanced DBS multiplier account, making it easier for young adults with lower spending power to qualify for higher interest rates on their account balances, by simply having their salaries credited with DBS/POSB and transact in one or more of the following categories:

1. credit card spending
2. home load instalment
3. insurance
4. investments

To enjoy higher rates, customers only need to have their total eligible monthly transactions add up to SGD $2000 or more.

DBS Multiplier Account interest rates
*Total monthly transactions consist of salary crediting and one or more of these categories: credit card spend, home loan instalment, insurance or investments.

For more information on this easier way to multiply your money, check out on the new enhanced DBS Multiplier account at

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