Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mia's Review: The Garden Slug

I remembered it was a couple of years ago when I first visited The Garden Slug. A recommended the place to us and drove YS and I there, claiming it's more worth the money than *cough cough* wild.... hon...ey *cough cough* After that, I vaguely remembered bringing Sa over, and then revisiting one more time with A and someone else again. 

And now, my review will be based on my 4th and 5th visits. Yes, combined! (there was a 6th recently but I didn't snap any pictures... so no review.) 

On my 4th visit, it was a gathering with 3 of the TK girlies, M, A, and KK. 

 Yes, that's a super adorable signboard of the cafe. We actually did a silly 'vandalism' on it using my smartphone's photo editor app because of a mispronunciation of the word 'slug' by M. *rofl*
The Garden Slut.
 There, the cuteness in colour! :)

 They do serve a rather extensive menu. I've left out the starters and all day breakfast page of the menu. They also do serve some decent looking desserts, which I always told myself, "yes, today I'm going to try their desserts!" since my 2nd visit... But up till my 6th visit, I've yet to try any. :(
IMO, they're really pretty generous with their food serving portions, so having a dessert after the mains can be rather challenging.

My drink for the evening, Nutella Hot Chocolate - $5.50

Yes, I bet you have the exact first thought as me when I first saw this, going through your head right now. 
"Huh, their nutella free one?"
Oh well, didn't I just said that they're really generous with their serving portions? 
This mug of nutella hot chocolate, albeit not very big, is packed full of rich rich RICH chocolately nutella flavour. There's so much nutella all over the mug I didn't even know what to do with them. The drink was so rich, the leftover nutella just wouldn't dissolve in. 
Every sip of the drink just fills you up with an overwhelming richness of chocolate and nutella. Really too much, even for a chocolate-addict like me. 
I wished they've wasted less of those nutella.

Roasted Portobello Mushrooms - Price forgotten. 

This is a must try for mushroom lovers! These huge portobello mushrooms were roasted till tender and juicy, and served with (if I didn't remember wrongly) garlic olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette... something. We all didn't enjoy the balsamic sauce for it was acutely sour. The garlic olive oil was much better, but you really do not need these sauces to enjoy the mushrooms, for they're already packed with savoury goodness of their own.

My Seafood Sandwich - $19.50

It might seem a little pricey for a sandwich, but IMO it's really worth the price. The sandwich was stuffed generously with chunks of tasty battered parmesan fish and salad lettuce, which actually did make eating it a challenge for me. It also came with my favourite potato wedges, fried calamari and cherry tomatoes! The best sides combination I can ever ask for. 

My 5th visit was with OHYZ, Finaldust, and M after playing with Munchkin & Einstein at Pets Republic opposite the cafe.
My Bangers & Mash - $16.90

I like the sausages, chewy and flavourful. Plus, they were of the perfect serving portion that kept me full yet not sick of the taste. However, the mash potatoes didn't match up to my expectations. I found them at an awkward interval between smooth and gritty, which failed to impress my taste buds. They were also too dry and the gravy obviously wasn't enough to save it.

But what's really memorable for my 5th visit was...


Even though The Garden Slug serves their own cakes and desserts, they're really very nice to allow us to bring our own macarons in, and very thoughtful and sweet to lend us one of their plates and help us do up a macaron-art piece! The staff even collected all our used utensils and wiped the table clean before bringing this to our table.

Yes, that's a lit candle you see on the 'cake' and the word 'Birthday' was blocked by the chocolate macaron.

The staff actually got their chef to draw this up for us, isn't that really wonderful of them?
My apologies if you think that I'm being too easily pleased, but I've experienced restaurant staff who don't even bother helping you getting the birthday cake out of the PLASTIC BAG and just pop the cake in the box, which is in turn, in the bag together with the plastic cutter, candles and all onto the barely cleaned up table and left just like that.
I'll give them a million thumbs-up for their excellent service from this group of very service-oriented staff.

For more information, visit their website HERE

Till then,


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