Friday, 27 December 2013

Mia's Review: Nine Thirty by Awfully Chocolate

Earlier this month, YS and I re-visited the newly opened WTF cafe at East Coast Rd because she misses Lola too much. *aww* Maybe I'll do a 2nd post on them because they've changed their layout quite a bit. 
But first, let me bring in this awesome chocolate dessert place located just further down the shophouses, opposite Katong I12. 
Nine Thirty by Awfully Chocolate

I've been eyeing one of their dessert for quite a while, ever since one of my colleagues told me that it's superb. 

Rich Chocolate Cupcake - $5.50

I know $5.50 is really pricey for a cupcake, but this is truly worth every cent of the money you paid for it. Well, that's coming from a chocolate addict like myself. :)

The cupcake, significantly bigger than a usual cupcake you get from other cupcake franchises, is topped by a thick layer of chocolate fudge, which is then topped with a glob of rich chocolate sauce. Once you get pass the fudge layer, be prepared for some soft and very moist, rich chocolate cake.
Truly decadent, simply divine.
Not for people with just a mild sweet tooth, though.

For more information, visit their website HERE

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