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Mia's Review: Chock Full Of Bean Christmas Special

Yes, I'm pretty late but hey, there's 12 days of Christmas, no? So, Merry Christmas everybody! And Happy New Year too! 

I've recently just did a review on Chock Full Of Beans for my birthday month HERE, so do check that out if you're interested in a review of their usual menu. 
I dropped by on Christmas Eve itself with A, and of course I made a reservation in the afternoon. And thank goodness I did, for when we got there at 730pm, all tables were reserved with a name.
Like so. :)

There really isn't much choices for their christmas menu is pretty much fixed with a soup, salad, mains, dessert, a choice of coffee or tea, and comes with a complimentary x'mas drink. 
Everything comes at a fixed price of $39.90, which is actually a pretty good deal! 

Complimentary X'mas Drink. It tasted rather honey lime-ish. But can't really put a word to the taste. Oh well, it's complimentary so just enjoy it!

 Our choice of soup - Mushroom Soup
The soup was rather disappointing. It was really just salty with absolutely no fragrance of mushroom. Towards the bottom of the bowl, the saltiness got too much for me to bear and it's one of the rare times you see me leaving my favourite mushroom soup unfinished. The bun, however, was a pleasant surprise! It was served to us warmly toasted. Not too hot to handle, just nicely crisped on the outside, warm and soft on the inside. If I weren't saving my tummy space for my salad, mains and dessert, I definitely would have finished that entire bun, which you can see from the picture, is pretty big. 

Our choice of salad - Smoked Duck Salad
Serving for the salad is pretty manageable for me, filled to the brim of a bowl around the size of a usual zensai dish off the conveyor belt at our usual sushi franchises. The greens could have been fresher (in terms of colour, obviously) but were still crisp and good, topped with a rather generous serving of smoked duck and garnished with bits of cheese. 

My choice of mains - Turkey & Pork Roulade with bread pudding and cranberry sauce
Yes, I think you can guess my first complaint. Where are my overflowing mash potato gravy?! The mash potato, albeit not truly bad, was literally served gravy-less! I really had to scrap the meagre amount of turkey sauce off the plate and mix them into the mash potato while I eat miserably. 
As for the turkey (breast?), the meat was flavourful with a good tinge of herbs and spices, and typically dry as a turkey meat yet not tough. The bread pudding, however, was a horror. It was over-generously stuffed with big chunks of onions! One of my worst nemesis! I merely took an ant's bite of fhe pudding to find out about the onions and left that big piece of pudding uneaten on the plate, along with the cranberry sauce that was a tad too sweet for my liking as well. 

 My choice of dessert - Prune Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Even though it's prune brownie, I can hardly taste the prune at all even though I can 'chew' them out. The brownie was extremely rich and chocolatey so much so that the prunes really just add on the chewiness and not much additional flavour unless you really chew down on it and savour with care. Disappointment of the lack of prune taste aside, it's still a yummy brownie! :) 

A's choice of dessert - Rose Macaron served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Just gotta share this picture. Look at that oversized macaron served so prettily!

And for more prettily cute food pictures.... Yes, their famous latte art!

 I got a cute Santa on my Mocha!

YS got a cute snowman on her Hazelnut Latte! :)

For awesomely cute 3D latte art pictures, visit their FB page HERE

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