Sunday, 1 December 2013

Mia's Review: Fullhouse Signature

In my SHM's Cake in a Jar post, I've mentioned about dining with the girls at an awesome pretty place, and so here it is! 

We went to Fullhouse Signature at Clarke Quay! 
I never got the chance to visit when they're still at Rendezvous Hotel and was really glad to be able to arrange for a meet up with the FP girlies here. 

 Even their menu is so cute! The whole picture just oozes coziness and happiness. 

 And this was what made us burst into laughter as we seated down at our table. That poor dove is dying! T.T 
And I really don't know what's gotten into me that day, I kept calling them pigeons. *rofl*

This dove is looking much better at the other lamp. 

 Peppermint Tea - about $6.90 - $8.90
I can't remember the pricing very well now because I didn't bother to remember them, thinking that such a cute themed cafe with even the PR personnel stationed in MUST have a very detailed website, which I can just link to. But apparently not.
My apologies for assuming too much. 

This tea is like my 3rd or 4th choice off the drink list because they seem to have nothing much available that I want. I was eyeing the yoghurt mixes initially but they weren't available.
The tea basically tasted like peppermint tea (duh!), and tasted stronger in comparison to many other cafes as they're not using teabags but dumped a generous amount of tea leaves into the tea pot. The mini candle at the base of the pot really did keep my tea hot throughout my 2 hours of dining time there. 
The only problem was, I really wished they'll provide a more standard sized tea cup rather than the dainty sized, masak-masak tea cup that only holds one mouthful of tea at a time.

Braised Lamb Shank - $29

Sorry for the blurry photos, I didn't check on them until it was too late and I didn't notice that the restaurant's lightings were too dim to take good pictures on default camera settings. 
Anyway, yeah their mains were pretty much on the pricey end. My lamb shank might appear as a monstrous size but it's really just because of the bone. The actual amount of meat you get is at most just a little bit more than a lamb chop, I will say.
But out of our 4 mains for the day, mine was the BEST! That is, provided you're not anti-lamb. :) 
The meat was cooked to perfection. It was so tender and succulent that I need just a slight tug from my fork to separate the pieces of meat from the bone, which gets easily chewed down even with minimal chewing. It was also well braised to give every bite a full savoury flavour, with a very slight hint of sweetness that might have gone unnoticed. Even their tomatoes were awesome, served prettily on vines and absolutely fresh, tart and juicy. 
The only thing lacking in this dish is the gravy for mashed potatoes. It might seem sufficient in the picture, but actually it's not enough at all. Plus, the mashed potatoes has a very strong milky taste (that reminded me of baby throwing up milk, yikes!) , which makes it less pleasant to the taste buds without the addition of gravy to it. So yup, this is one of the rare times you'll see me having leftover mashed potatoes in my plate.

That's Dresden's Ribeye Steak - $39

Yes, very pricey steak indeed, considering both the quantity and quality. I believe Dresden asked for medium, but it came totally well done and rubbery. That's $39 down the gutters, imo. 
ps. there's obviously even less gravy here for her mashed potatoes. 

SL's Chicken Chop - $25

Another one of the better dishes we had for the day, but then again $25 for a chicken chop is still on the extremely pricey end. A bite of it hints of tenderness and peppery savoury goodness. I won't say it's money well spent, but it was definitely a good eat.

Angie's Salmon - $29

One sentence from Angie will sum up the review for this dish: This taste like what I cooked for myself, at home.
Definitely not untasty (Angie is a good cook), but definitely not worth the price tag. 

Now for more picture spamming....
 Two dying doves here... *rofl*

Don't ask me why there's a bathtub here in the middle of nowhere. I do find it a little out of place too. And there's actually a row of bride's gowns at the opposite corner. But I reckon that's to fit in to the wedding theme of this corner. 

 Yes, you can go into the big birdcage and take some pretty photos!

And as you can see, Fullhouse Signature's theme is actually pretty 'garden wedding' imo (though they might not have that intention in mind) and I personally think that this is an awesome place to hold a small scale dinner for a very small group of close friends and relatives after ROM.

However, for frequent dining, I'm afraid it's not going to make it to my list of must-revisit because of the price and food quality. 
IMO, it will be brilliant if they will focus/expand on their dessert menu. What's more to ask (from us girls) than to have an amazingly pretty cafe with cute looking desserts (that hopefully aren't horribly overpriced)?

Fullhouse Signature is located at
3A Clarke Quay, River Valley Rd #02-04 Singapore 179020
Tel: 6338 0885
For more information, visit their FB page HERE.

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  1. I went to the Fullhouse at Hotel Rendevous previously and it was awesome. From the photos on your blog, I must admit I am a bit disappointed with their new location and decor. Possibly I will drop by one of these days to check it out! :)

    1. the previous fullhouse was awesome? are you referring only to their decor? because the reviews i read on their food were all pretty bad. how was the old fullhouse's theme like? was it more like blisshouse? blisshouse is another themed cafe at central@clarke quay and i've blogged about their decor in my falsies workshop post....

  2. Love the ambiance of the place. The decorations are just so lovely! <3

  3. I see that you have got a new ad!

  4. Ambience is very nice...but the food is not really tasty and overpriced... Don't think I will be visiting there for the food too


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