Sunday, 31 August 2014

Mia's Review: The House of Robert Timms French Macaron

I've long heard of (and seen) Robert Timms Cafe and their monstrous sized french macarons but never had the chance to try them out.

And yes, I did notice that they're called macaroons but they really are french macarons.

As it was just a stopover 15 minutes coffee break for us that day, so we really did just had some coffee and I decided to stuff in a giant macaron at the same time. Haha, greedy me.
 Needless to say, I went for Choc Mint Macaron.

 Went for their Iced Latte and they turned out surprisingly good. Even with a generous dumping of ice, the coffee was still pretty strong and fragrant!

I always have the belief that if a place does iced coffee well, then they have good coffee. :)

A got a dog like bear latte art on his hot latte while YN got a cat like bunny!

And now back to business. My giant Choc Mint french macaron.

And to show you how big it is. Look, as big as an iPhone 4s.

Texture wise, it's still pretty well done.
A crisp outer surface of the shell that cracks beautifully when bitten and the inside rather moist and crumbly.
But the taste was.... MEHHHH.

First bite and I frowned, thinking. "Did they serve me the wrong flavour? I ordered Choc Mint!"
And then I even went to the display chiller to double check, this IS Choc Mint. Okay, WHAT?

There's absolutely nothing chocolatey about this macaron, not even the colour, pfft!
I could hardly taste the mint even, it was just a horribly artificial dead sweetness to each and every bite of the macaron shell and the thick layer of frozen filling inside.

No good, Robert Timms. This is not good.

I'm not sure if the other flavours are any good, enough I did come across one that claims the lavender was okay.
But really, try at your own risk. This giant macaron is $6 and it is worth that $6 in terms of quantity. I couldn't bear to finish it in the end. This is probably the 2nd time (after Bakerzin) I left unfinished french macarons on the table to be disposed off.

For more infomation on Robert Timms, visit their website HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


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