Sunday, 17 August 2014

Mia's Review: Le Petit Paradis

If you didn't know, I'm a serial Katong hang-outer and Le Petit Paradis caught my eye one of those days as I was walking aimlessly along the street houses, while they're still under going their very final stages of pre-opening preparations. 

"Hey, isn't this the French food stall from the Ali Babar kopitiam?"

And yes, it is. And apparently, this kopitiam really has some awesome fengshui, for its previous tenants include Aston's (after which they started 20 over franchises) and then Saveur. Le Petit Paradis has obviously, followed their footsteps and expanded just a few shops down the street. 

The restaurant is actually pretty small, yet not crowded on a Sunday evening when we visited. Interior decor is also kept simple and chic.

Just showing off my pot of tea. xp

Sous-vide Lamb Leg - $21

62 degree Celsius slow-cooked lamb leg, served on top of creamy basmati rice and topped (or in a literal sense, surrounded) herb vinaigrette.
Sounds yummy? Yes it is! I love the lamb leg! It's not exactly moist-slimy kind of tenderness you find in chicken or duck, but it's definitely tender yet with a chewy bite. The meat still remain much of the natural sweetness and juices, brought out and complemented with a strong flavour of spices that I reckon, help to mask out the distinctive 'lamb smell' commonly feared by many.
As for the creamy basmati rice, it's pretty average and taste just like a mediocre risotto. The rice remains hard and generously covered in creamy cheesey sauce, albeit not as flavourful as I will like it to be.
And lastly, the herb vinaigrette didn't go too well with my tastebuds. Too.... herbal?

Steak and Fries - $23

150 days grains-fed Angus Sirloin with thick crispy fries and caramalised onions.
T commented that the steak is too thin to be deemed nice, but later on changed his mind in relation to its affordable price. It would be a decent choice for a cheap steak & fries fix.

Le Petit Paradis is located at 95 East Coast Road
For more information, visit their FaceBook page HERE

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  1. The steaks look very delicious! I agree, the interiors were kept simple but very chic! I would love to hang out in a place like that.

    Louise ❤

  2. You mention vinaigrette and I immediately drool, haha. Food looks delish and I love peaceful Sunday dinners at bare restos. :)

  3. I love the interior of the place! The brick wall with a white paint finish plus the wooden flooring with the color combination of white and beige of the furniture... ♥

    The food, on the other hand, look really mouthwatering! The steak and cheese fries look delicious. This made me crave for one right now!

  4. Is this a place you will return for the pricing you are going to pay? French food is something that not many people knows how to appreciate, especially we are supposed to eat slowly (fine dining)

  5. The interior of the place is good and the foods seems yummy specially that steak. You've said that the place is small. How many people can it accommodate during weekdays?

    1. Hmm, base off my memory, I'm estimating about 20 to 30 pax?

  6. Wow! The food and the price. :-) I'm guessing this is a place you can also have some me time? :D

  7. The place looks great with its simple decors and ambiance. Their food choices looks great too.

  8. Got stuck at lamb... no mint jelly to go with it? I'm curious on how they were able to mask the unique smell of lamb.

  9. I love lamb, but there should be mint jelly! I am not familiar with prices in your country. Is $21 cheap for that lamb chop?

    1. SGD $21 is about USD $17 or so. I won't say it's cheap, but nothing near expensive either.

  10. That is such a sweet place but a little on the expensive side thought. Nicely reviewed :)

  11. Your post makes me wanna go see Ali Babar Kopitiam instead. That place must have fantastic fengshui for up and coming restaurateurs!!!

    BTW, nice meeting another fellow Singaporean blogger!!
    Hope to chat up soon!

  12. What I love about it is how pretty it is inside. They are also very good at plating and serving. Beautiful place.

  13. This all looks delicious...the lamb especially! You can't beat slow-cooked roasts :)

    Sara | This Girl Loves

  14. If I ever find my way into this restaurant (when I get to SG), I'd surely try Sous-vide Lamb Leg and Steak and Fries. Nom nom nom!


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