Monday, 25 August 2014

Mia's Review: Meomi Cat Cafe

Yup, the animal crazy Mia has visited yet another cat cafe!

 -credits to MEOMI-

This time, it's the newly opened Meomi Cat Cafe, located at North Bridge Road. They've officially opened on 22nd August, and the extremely kiasu me actually chat them up and managed to reserve slots on Saturday night. Whee~ :)

 -credits to MEOMI-

And here are their charges. As you can see, they're actually more expensive than The Cat Cafe ($15, flat, with complimentary soft drink) and can be considered 'on par' or slightly cheaper than Neko No Niwa ($12 for 1st hour with no complimentary drinks), for the additional dollar for the first hour actually gives you a drink. 

And sadly, due to a camera malfunction, I didn't get any shots of the cafe itself. Boo, I thought I managed to snap pictures of the cafe interior, but I just ended up with an empty memory card. T.T 

My first impression of this cafe was: Whoa, so small? 
I was first greeted with this 4-door shoe rack at the shop front, along with another shelf selling cute novelty items with cat prints, like pouches and etc, right opposite. After which comes the cashier counter and after it is the glass door that leads to the cats' area.

Indeed, this is the smallest of the 3 cat cafes I've visited, and with the upcoming Cuddles Cat Cafe at Scape boasting a whopping 2,500 sq ft area, Meomi Cat Cafe seemed (or rather, sounded) even smaller. But later on I became enlightened on why being small pretty much ended up as their cutting edge. 
The cats' area was lined by floor cushioned bench seats at the 2 sides, along with really small tables for patrons to leave their drinks/food. A rough gauge tells me that it can only comfortably house at most 20 (or just slightly over 20) patrons at one go. 
Coming from the cats' welfare, this is actually a huge plus point for them, as it not only prevents them from being overwhelmed by large number of strangers trying to harass play with them all at the same time, but also allows the staff to keep a lookout for misbehaving patrons. 

All right, let's move on to my experience at the cafe, shall we? 
Upon entering, we were asked to choose a tag (I chose Junior, the Scottish Fold!) for a form of identification (ordering and billing) purposes and issued a ticket stating our time of entry. 
After a quick briefing of the Dos and Don'ts (they have a house rule put up on the wall as well), we were then asked to leave our shoes at the shoe rack and sanitize our hands before entering the cats' section. 

Our complimentary drinks (choice of orange or lime) sitting on the really small table, and Curley perched at the back. 

And at a corner, right in front of the washroom (both humans' and the cats'), is the cats' toys section. I'll highly recommend getting the 'cat wand' with a dragonfly/butterfly at the tip as the cats seemed to like them best as compared to everything else (apart from Mario, whose favourite is a ball). 

When I got there at 7pm, all the cats were up and actively playing and interacting with the patrons. Let's start with the cats' introduction, shall we?

 -credits to MEOMI-

First up, Junior the Scottish Fold. This boy is also the maknae (youngest) of the group. 
I had to use this shot from the cafe management because it's so cute and it totally reflects Junior's temperament. 

Junior is a very chillax, bochup boy. This was taken a while after their meal time at 730pm and he just flop down on his back, belly up legs splayed and dozed off for... a little while. 

I love his coat pattern, a nearly artistic spray of black among grey. And it's really soft too! 

 But of course, a cat will still be a cat. Play time!

Trying in the most chillax manner to catch the butterfly at the tip of the wand.

*gimme that gimme that... MEOW!*

Haha, Junior looked so adorable I just had to upload both the videos I took of him. I was totally multi tasking! Swirling the wand, videoing, and laughing at how cute he looked. 

Another picture of Junior multi-tasking as well. Doing splits while catching the cat toy. *rofl*

Oreo, the American Shorthair. It took me a while to differentiate between Junior and her, due to the similar coat pattern. 
But of course, Oreo is actually visibly smaller than Junior and is an extremely shy girl. This explains why this is the only decent shot I have of her. According to the staff, Oreo is the only cat that doesn't allow her humans to carry her. 
So, try to 'catch' her if you can. But of course, patrons are NOT supposed to be carrying the cats at all. ;p

Next up is an American Curl, Curley!
This cute, playful girl is named so because of her cute curled up ears. And if you noticed, she has a 'tiger left paw' too! 

 Curley half chilling-half staring at me while Junior and Mario unknowingly photobombed her. 

Yes, Curley seemed to love chilling beside this particular cat toy. 

And let's see Curley in action with the butterfly! 

Another one of my favourites, Mario the Munchkin! Look at his adorable short legs and nugget-like paws. 

Sociable yet not exceptionally playful, Mario does react well to the well-loved butterfly....

 Stalk, stalk, stalk, stalk...

Caught it! Meooww!

But, Mario actually loves another toy much more. Way more than this pesky butterfly. And the staff calls it, the Mario Ball!

Basically you get the ball, throw it up to the highest shelf in the cafe, and Mario will fetch it down for you!

Seeing is believing. That's the Mario Ball in his mouth as he made his way back to ground after retrieving the ball. 

And of course, as I've said, Mario does like the butterfly too. :)

Then there's Coo, the Maine Coon, and also the largest cat in the group. 
The fluffy ring of white around her neck actually reminded me of a lion's mane. But Coo is a girl! 

As compared to Mario, Junior and Curley, Coo seemed more aloof, just like a Queen. See me waving that cat toy like crazy (yellow-green-blue blur) and yet she just lay there, full of poise, and staring straight at the camera like a supermodel.
Great job, Coo. Nice. 
And apart from her white ring of fur around her neck, Coo also has distinctive rings of white fur on her paws! It made her look as if she's wearing white socks (She's an MJ fan?) all the time. 

And of course, the Queen has her own fetish. It seems like she kind of prefers black socks instead? 

And there's Frowny, the Ragamuffin! 

I don't understand why she's called Frowny actually. She has such a pretty face and princessy demeanor. Plus, a pair of soleful blue eyes. Aww...

The poor girl was having diarrhoea that day and she was randomly spurting loose stools all over the place. She wasn't very happy about getting cleaned, though she didn't really kick up a ruckus.

But not to worry, she's definitely eating well. Love all that fluffiness, especially in that tail!

And she was also fairly active that night, even trying to go after the Mario Ball.

Lastly, there's Luna, the local breed!
I'll say she's definitely one of the more hyperactive cats here, which explains why this is really the best shot I could get that has her totally fitting into the shot and not in a blurry mess.

Like so.
She was getting all hyped up over the toy and leaped up to catch it. Very active indeed!

And what did I say happened at 730pm?
Dinner time!

Luna actually didn't really like wet food, so the staff topped up the dried food bowl for her.

And what's after a meal?

Some cleaning up?
Curley goes nom nom nom...

Mario goes nom nom too....

And Junior totally nailed it with the ever so carefree bochupness.

And only after the biggest eater, Junior, has polished up every remaining scrabs of food, Curley came searching for more. Haha!

And for Coo, what's after dinner? TV time!
When the staff came over with a remote control, saying it's cat's TV time, I thought he's going to air some cats related TV programme. Little did I know that it's literally a show meant for the cats, involving loud mice squeaks and many hamsters and rodents running on and off screen.
And according to the staff, Coo is the usual fan. And true enough, once the mice squeaks sounded, she immediately pranced over to the TV and sat down, watching the TV screen intently.

And apparently, being at the floor wasn't close enough. She even jumped on top of the box to watch!
How adorable!

And now on my thoughts on Meomi.
I really liked how it's done up simple, small and cozy. The small size really made it easier for patrons to spot and interact with cats. And of course, the cafe was fully installed with high 'wall-bridges' for the cats to escape from the human clutches whenever they feel overwhelmed.

The staff (cat-keeper on shift) did spend a substantial time inside the cats' section over the 2 hours I was there, but it didn't felt suffocating or stressful (to the patrons) at all. In fact, he was extremely approachable and was interacting more with the patrons, introducing the cats and their special tricks/behaviours to the patrons, genuinely seeking feedback from the patrons and etc, rather than hogging the cats, as observed by some, at the other cat cafe.
There was also NO children (much less to speak of rowdy children traumatizing the cats) around when I was there, even though Meomi does welcome 'little humans' as well, and even gives a special discounted rates to kids.

And then on the issue of cat-sources. I've been following ALL the cat cafes on facebook, officially opened or not, and apparently there's already one who has received some negative comments, declaring 'no support' simply because most of their cats were bought from pet shops and not adopted.
And it's also pretty obvious that most of the cats at Meomi are pedigree, bought from pet shops. However, they did attempt to adopt from rescue shelters but were turned away when the shelter found out that they're adopting cats for a business entity.
And after much thought on this, I actually agree with the shelter's decision. I'm pretty much also a 'Adopt, Don't Shop' person when it comes to pets. But to adopt mature cats with a history, and possibly highly individualistic temperaments, as a pet cafe's resident cats really can be worrisome for the shelter, as the cat's quality of life after adoption pretty much rounds up to a question mark.
Can a group of animal-loving entrepreneurs re-train these rescued cats into highly sociable, human-loving, playful and yet gentle and mild temperamental cats that are ideal for a pet cafe? Is it even fair for the rescued cats to be mass adopted into a business entity instead of getting a proper home to itself in the first place?

And I shall leave that to your own thoughts. But feel free to leave a comment and throw me your opinions to carry on with the discussion, if desired.

And lastly, Meomi also has a loyalty programme, issuing this 'Friends of Meomi Loyalty Card' to all patrons and awarding them one stamp per $15 spent. And with every 4 stamps, you'll be entitled to a reward that ranges from a free 1/2 entry to a full day entry + drink + pastry!
And the card itself is so adorable, with the 2 meowscots gracing the 'cover' of it.

Meomi Cat Cafe is located at 668 North Bridge Road.
For more information, visit their Facebook page HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. The cats are so adorable! I'm so going there next!


    1. Yes you should! They are the smallest of the 3 I've visited, but has the prettiest, most sociable cats and most friendly, cozy environment.

  2. Wow! Cat pun ada cafe..hmm.. Looks nice...

  3. waoo great!! Unique place. I am cat lover. Really wanna gonna there. xx

  4. Wow.. This kind of concept should be brought here in the Philippines!! Cats so cute.. ^_^

    1. I'm sure there will be pets cafe popping up over there soon. This craze started in Japan and then Korea, Taiwan.... Singapore then followed suit, Thailand too!

  5. Never mind the drinks, those adorable cats just made my day. Honestly, this Cat Cafe thing should be introduced here in the Philippines.

  6. I am not really a cat person, but I imagine this is a great place for cat-lovers to get together and socialize to talk about their beloved pets. The free drink for the owners are a great idea.

  7. I used to have a cat too. Over 15 years ago. And this just bought back bitter sweet memories!

  8. I have heard of cat cafes before, but did not know that much about them. I have to say this is pretty cool. I love cats, but we can not own one so being able to attend a place like this would be fun!

  9. huh, i generally scared from cats but these are cute ones....

  10. I am not a huge cat lover but that one photo of the Meowi flat cat was very funny.

  11. i love the idea of a cat cafe. That seems such an innovative model, at least for my country where there are no such cafes. What a great way of enjoying your time and socialize with your lovely pet!

  12. What a wonderful idea! It gives such a lovely opportunity to spend time with animals even when you can't have a pet your own.

  13. Great business idea, whoever thought of this is a genius! This would work for places where pet ownership is harder to manage and keep up. Plus it gives would be pet owners an opportunity to interact and test out if they're into it or not.

  14. More customers are coming for cats and spend time for them. Well, after cats cafe, maybe you should drink coffee.

  15. The cats are so cute here. The concept is quite unique for this cafe and it surely is a refreshing place to visit.

  16. What a cute idea! It is my first time to hear about a cat cafe!

  17. They look so cute! Although, I'm more of a dog person. =)

  18. There are not many cat cafes in Malaysia yet but I love the idea of busy people who don't have their own cats to come play on weekends. About strays being adopted for business. As long as the business owners are proven to be able to provide care and love for the cats, I don't see a reason why they should be declined. It would be a good way to introduce strays to people who drop by to show them that strays are cats with feelings too and they in turn might consider adopting from the shelter in the future

  19. wow! The cats are cute! Where is it located again? Penang have one too :)

    1. it's in singapore! you can drop by if you ever visit singapore! :)

  20. Seems like a lovely place to hang out with our feline friends :)

  21. I'm very much inspired when I've visited your blog. Your blog is really informative relevant to topics. Hope you will continue with new article.

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  22. May i know the exact pricing of the entrance fee....because even though you stated that its more expensive than the cat cafe, you did not write down the exact pricing...and is it a must to have reservations before we can go there or we can go anytime within the operating hours

    1. oh, I didn't know the link for the charges chart is broken! when I visited they're charging $13 for first hour with a complimentary drink and $5 per half hour after.

  23. I generally prefer dogs over cats. But it's specially at my place, that I prefer having a dog than a cat. Even though I enjoy cats, cuddling them and playing with them. They are funny, weird and evil Haha. I heard more and more about cats coffee, and I even heard goats, and sheeps, and birds. I never been to any of those places but I'd really like to try and have a drink while petting a pet!

  24. I think the people who do not want to patronize a cat cafe because the cats were bought from store belong to another breed and unreasonable. Because you have to give up something to get something. In this case, a cat cafe can be good partners in spreading the word on cat welfare. Rather than going against them, work with them.

    Anyway, you found yourself in a pretty little care that seems to be doing well.

  25. I really like these cats ..


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