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Slimming 101: Duo Advance Body Define [Press Conference]

Earlier this week, I was really honoured to be able to attend the press conference for Slimming 101's latest technology, the Duo Advance Body Define treatment. 
If you're thinking that the name sounds a little familiar, yes Slimming 101 is the sister company of Beijing 101, and similarly, they have incorporated TCM principles with high-technology slimming machines and European botanicals to achieve healthy slimming through a safe and natural way. 

And of course, to bring the sexy back. *wink*

I really liked their interior decor, so cute and feminine chic at the same time. 

And of course, we started the event with a tour of the place. 

At Slimming 101, they provide patrons with a locker room that's equipped with not just a huge mirror with vanity counter, hair dryer and other beauty tools.

But also a (pretty) private sauna (for 2) and shower stalls too! And guess what, they're using shampoo and conditioner from Beijing 101. So you not only slim down your body, but also have the chance to get healthier tresses. Hahaha! 

 Their treatment room also comes in different colours, and I found a lime green one! 

Alright, let's move on to the highlight of the day, the Duo Advance Body Define treatment.

And here's the machine, which made this non-invasive treatment that works like an alternative to liposuction possible. 

And if you're wondering why is there a mini-sized head, this is because you can get your pesky double chin to disappear at Slimming 101 too!  

For the demonstration, we had fellow blogger cum sexiest and prettiest clown ever, Vivien Goh, as our model of the day.

The treatment, performed by one of Slimming 101's best therapist, Lynn, started off with the application of their body shaping essence.

After which, Lynn performed Slimming 101's Signature Meridian Therapy, which is a type of acupressure body therapy using TCM principles. By pressing down on our vital acupoints, it helps to clear blockage within our body and balance the flow of qi and blood. Some of the benefits of this Meridian Therapy includes, to increase our body metabolic rate, reduce water retention and aid in bowel movements.
And there's Vivien showing the true spirit of a blogger: You take photos anytime, anywhere.

And after completing the acupressure therapy, Lynn slathered on the treatment cream to prepare the tummy/skin for the treatment.

Here's the before photo.

And upon hearing Vivien's lament that she has a lot of back fats, Lynn immediately stuffed a piece of towel under her back to squeeze out as much of those pesky back fats to the sides for the equipment to target them as well.

And here's how it's done.
Lynn basically press the head of the probe onto Vivien's skin before switching it on and then continuously moves it around in directions that resemble a figure of 8. This portion of the treatment will take 20 minutes and it comes in 2 parts, with the 2nd part, the fat blasting treatment, having the addition of a continous beeping sound from the machine as it started blasting fats from Vivien's tummy.
And according to Vivien, the beeping sound she heard was a lot louder than us, and it varies according to where the probe was touching, probably due to different content of body fats. Eg. the hip bone area was significantly softer as compared to the rest of the tummy area.

And here's the interim after photo, after completion of only one side.
The result was truly visible, as you can see that Vivien's left side still had 'kinks' whereas her right side, after receiving the treatment, has smoothen out and developed a slightly curvier waistline.
And of course, the patchy redness shows that the machine really did set her blood circulation going on.

And here's some testimonials from Slimming 101's satisfied customers.

Duo Advance Body Define offers a way to reduce localised cellulite, fat areas and overall body volume due to retention of water. It gives sustainable results and can reduce cellulite areas till up to 2cm per treatment.
Other than its cellulite reducing and fat melting abilities, the Duo Body Advance Define treatment also helps with skin tightening and rejuvenation, improve the skin's elasticity and tone by inducing the body to create more of its own collagen.
It's ideal for reduction of waist line, love handles, flabby arms, belly fats, hip and thighs.

And with that, if you're thinking that Slimming 101's incorporation of TCM principles its just adding in acupressure therapy along the way, no, that's not all!
Slimming 101 has their own in-house TCM therapists (doctor) to perform slimming acupuncture, give prescription and advise on diet plans as required. As their treatments are bound to work, they will refer customers with exceptionally slow or unsatisfying results after a few sessions to the TCM therapist to get an in-depth understanding of their body condition and find out what's keeping their weight on.
On top of that, they also provide womb and ovary care treatments for ladies who not only faces weight management problems but are also unable to conceive.

And here's Vivien having her body condition checked thoroughly by the TCM therapist. And she was truly shocked, and perhaps even nearly traumatised, to realise that her dietary habits consisted of everything that was wrong and bad for her body.

Ditch the cold drinks and sashimi, Vivien! Weight management is 30% exercise and 70% diet! :)

Slimming 101 Body Consultants is located at Funan DigitaLife Mall #04-07
For more information, visit their website HERE

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Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Hi Mia,,,, That's so true....gota ditch cold drinks (SOB!) and Sashimi (Wail!)

  2. Nice place:) Love your post.. hmm... hope to visit someday :D

  3. Wow..! A non-invasive trimming treatment. Am sure many would love it as it seems to be much safer than lipo.. I am always scared of trying out such treatments. :( giglove

  4. That's an interesting concept! I wouldn't mind trying it!

  5. Ohh my this sounds interesting! ^ ^
    I will be learning about this in beauty school later on this year! ^ - ^

  6. Non invasive treatments seem to be the rage in terms of slimming these days. I've never tried a treatment like this before, might just have a go if I find the right one.

  7. I'm interested more in what else they had said about eating right! GiG Love


  8. Whoa, I wanna.. I wanna.. I wanna... Seems the good place to go on slimming treatment..

  9. Im all in for non invasive slimming treatments......... definitely far less complication than any other methods :) GigLove

  10. Interesting! It's a good thing technology paved the way for non invasive treatments. It's definitely a safer choice for those who want to have slimming treatments.

  11. Heya Mia....if you have any blogger friends who would like to go for the next press conference and get a Signature Meridian Therapy Session worth $400, do ask them to email me at so that I can let them know when the next session will be. Thank you!

  12. Huufftt... Such a different technique in lose weight. Nice post


  13. so interesting treatment for women needs!
    its that hurt? but i love the final result :)

  14. wow become slim and sexy adi!!! nice nice!

  15. Whao you look slimmer! But I still believe in exercise to get slimmer =)

    1. Eh? No that's not me. I didn't receive the treatment.

  16. This is really interesting - I love seeing the pictures and hearing all about the procedure! <3 GIGLove

  17. Interesting procedure. I love how they make you relax in a sauna first.

  18. I'm glad you had a chance to attend the event. It looks like an interesting treatment.

  19. Now this looks really interesting! I would love to go and get a treatment like this.

  20. Thanks for sharing this. Now everyone can get slimmer body easier.

  21. Looks interesting and scary at the same time. I'm not sure I would go for a treatment like this not knowing if and what the side-effect would be. #giglove

  22. Wow! Id be interested in trying this on my double chin. Everyone says I dont have one but I see it!
    Michelle | A Lovely Allure

  23. Wow look so effective! So tempted to try it out too hehe


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