Thursday, 3 November 2016

Mia's Bakes: Wholemeal Rye Bread (Mayer Bread Machine Recipe)

I've recently purchased Bob's Mill dark rye flour and buckwheat flour off iHerb (again!) to try out more variation of wholegrain bread loaves. 
However, it was really disappointing to find that the results were less than acceptable, for my bread turned out extremely short, dense and crumbly-cakey, like they've hardly risen at all. 

My wholemeal-dark rye-buckwheat loaf was made with the flour ratio of 2:1:1 (2 parts wholemeal) and with NatureGlory's organic Bonsoy and though extremely tasty with the distinctive nutty flavour from the addition of dark rye flour, the texture was just.... mehh. 

And then I realised, I might need a change of yeast.
And so, chucking Saf-Instant, I returned to Bake King's Instant Yeast and decided to give my dark rye flour another try. 
Well, I read somewhere saying that rye flour and bread machine doesn't do well together as a rye dough might be too heavy and tough for the bread machine to knead, but... let's just give it another shot!

So for my wholemeal rye bread, you'll need:

150g wholemeal AP flour
75g low-carbs flour
25g dark rye flour 
190ml milk 
3tsp vital wheat gluten
1 tsp ceylon cinnamon powder
21g raw honey
30g unsalted butter
1/4 tsp salt
1 1/4 small mayer tsp instant yeast (about 5g)

On my Mayer BM, I first added the wholemeal flour to the milk and let it sit for 20 minutes before adding in the rest of the dry ingredients and honey and starting the mix dough function, which will mix and knead the dough for 25 minutes. 

After which, I restarted the machine on multigrain setting and added in my butter cubes. And then about 75g of raisins and a few handful of chopped almonds at feeding point (which I regretted). 

Probably due to the dark rye flour, which made the dough heavier than denser than it would have been as just a wholemeal dough, the BM was unable to knead in the raisins at feeding point and I ended up with tons of raisins left behind in the bread pan and just a few of them sticking onto the surface of the bread. 

The chopped almond did get kneaded a little more into the dough, though still pretty much at the outer rim of the loaf. 

Although still denser and heavier than a refined white loaf, this time round my wholegrain loaf turned out much softer and chewier with the new yeast as compared to my previous bake(s). 
Just a reminder to self, is to add in the raisins during initial mixing whenever I add in dark rye flour to prevent high raisin wastage. 

Do you have a go-to recipe for a yummy wholegrain loaf? Do share them with me!

To get the wholegrain and low-carb flour I've used for this recipe, hop over to iHerb right now! 

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. I suppose you had fun while baking, Mia. It has been said again and again, try and try until you succeed. Looks like you are not done with this one and there's more to come as you keep finding the ingredients that work well together. In fairness, both the first and second batch looks edible. :)

  2. Ahhh this bread looks so delicious and doesn't sound to hard to make it! I will try your recipe at the next weekend.

  3. The struggle is real most especially if what you are expecting to be the result turned out different. But good thing that you did another shot and lo, it's now different from the first one you made. I find the second really yummy. As for the raisins, thanks for your tips. At least we can avoid raisin wastage.

  4. That's why sometimes i really doesn't like to bake. I wanted to get it done and perfect the first time around. Hahaha! But i do love baking. Its the joy that i find whenever i see something cooking inside the oven. That one looks good though... i havent tried baking a bread yet and i dont have plans yet hahaha. I still cant get over with the last cake i left in the oven. Gross! It was disappointing hehehe!

  5. My Danish husband loves his rye bread. I will show your recipe to him and ask if he can share his recipe so you can compare. I love tweaking recipes as well especially when baking bread until I reach the perfect combination. I think your bread is dense enough based on the picture. Have you tried kneading the dough using your hands without the help of a machine?

  6. I love breads! I think you had fun while making this :D


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