Saturday, 30 November 2013

Jelly's Update: Jelly's Grooming Day!

Finally, a long awaited update for Jelly! 

Yup, and that's Jelly watching Running Man along with me every Saturday night. She either watches the TV or she watches me watching the TV. And that's Jelly's pre-groomed bunny butt over there. Yup, unruly (matted) fur in her overgrown tail and full of yellowish pee stains. Tried multiple times to wipe her down with a baby wipe but it really doesn't help at all. 
And so I decided to bring her for grooming! 

And there's Jelly, sulking in the new carrier I bought for her. Dresden's kitty carrier can't work because it's too dark and she gets terrified and starts to gnaw-pull at the opening. She's more calm and stable in this picnic-basket style carrier, just that because it's too big for her (twice her size) she keeps fidgeting, sliding and hopping around in the carrier. 

I made an appointment with Pets Republic (Telok Kurau branch) at 1230pm and when I was there at about 1220pm, I realised they were still closed and another girl with her pet bunny was sitting outside at the shop, waiting since 12pm. It wasn't until 1245pm that the lady boss rushed over in a cab, claiming that her girl is supposed to be around to open the shop at 12pm. She thought that the girl probably left for her 1 hr lunch, but we both didn't tell her that nobody came around at 12pm.
And then the biggest shock of the day happened. She pushed her keys into the lock, and pushed the insides of the lock system right out of the frame.
Oh well, more waiting required. This time, for the locksmith. It's really just not any of our days. So we left our bunnies with her and I dropped by Penny University for a cuppa coffee (their Muddy Expresso with Cold Milk rocks!) before returning to The Garden Slug, which was located right opposite Pets Republic, for my lunch. Speaking of this, I've yet to blog about my dinner here with OYHZ and Finaldust almost 2 months ago. *yikes*

Finally, the locksmith came at at 1 plus and I finally got Jelly in for grooming at about 2pm. Yes, my initial appointment time was 1230pm. 

There should be two cats to greet you at the door as you enter (if not 1, because Einstein might not be always so at-the-door), Munchkin, the Munchkin, and Einstein, (I'm guessing) the Persian. Look at Munchkin! Such cute short legs! But both cats are actually pretty camera shy, especially Munchkin. I took like 10 shots to capture one of her looking near the camera. Most of the time when she noticed the camera, she will quickly turn the other way. 

Now, back to Jelly's grooming....
First up she had her nails trimmed. I'm kind of scared of trimming her front paws because they're so tiny! I once ended up flipping her paws inside out as I snip on her nails at a wrong angle and she refused to let me touch her paws for a few days after. 

 Then, due to her bad pee stains at her butt, I decided to give her a wash down. She did kick a bit as she's really nervous with her first time grooming, but the groomer managed to handle her well. 

 Then on to the blow-drying, the part I was most worried about. Jelly is really kind of timid and she get startled even by our loud sneezings or sudden loud noises from the TV. Yes, she got that "Oh my gawd, save me!" look on her during the blow-drying but thankfully she still took it in her strides. 
Well done, Jelly! :)

 Then it's on to brushing out the matts in her tail....

And finally the groomer decided to trim off the excessively matted/stained/overgrown fur at her butt. 
Look at her trance state there, so comical!

And there's Jelly upon reaching home after grooming. She smelled so good from her spa soak bath and her fur noticeably softer (and shorter at the butt). 

 Here's some before pictures...

And the after! See, cute small tail with furry white bunny butt! :)

And now to spam more cute animal pictures...
The forever grumpy Einstein. She kept coming to me that day and meowed at me. 

And that's the camera shy Munchkin. She look so grouchy in the last picture because I was bent on taking a picture of her face. She kept turning her head away from the camera until she gave up. *rofl*

One of the cats boarding at Pets Republic. When I went near her and look at her, she meowed at me! And then we started meow-versationing. The lady boss was pretty amused and told me this cat usually doesn't give a hoot about others who go near her cage. 

 The cat-boarder in the next cage. Initially I thought he's a young Maine Coon (he looks so much like Shadow, a friend's Maine Coon) but it turns out he's not. He's an Australian Forest.... something. Ahaha, but very pretty indeed! 

There's actually another Maine Coon, kept in another large cage at a dark corner of the shop, who has his fur shaved off except for the face. Omg, that was such a pitiful yet comical sight but I didn't take any pictures because... I don't know, felt disrespectful? 

And moving on to the bunnies...
 Meet Cotton, another bunny in queue behind Jelly for grooming. So round and fluffy, a true cotton ball indeed!

 Some lops chillaxing at one corner....

 Here's another cotton ball! It's so fluffy I'm gonna dieeeee!

 Ahaha, the bunny here has got some lop-butt fetish, I guess?

 I just ROFL-ed when I saw this. Funny beyond words.

 A very pretty, white bunny with blue eyes. 

 These dwarfs are just a few weeks old. And they're really tiny! Just palm sized!
And look what we've got here! A half-lop! Ahahahaha! I guess its still pretty young that's why the uneven lop-ness.

And then to the dogs....

Here's another dog that came in for boarding. Looks really cute and pitiful as it whined at me and did a cute head tilt when I looked at it. Apparently, it's a frequent boarder and turns into a monster when it sees food. 

A cute, old Golden Retriever, who has some skin problems at her snout because of a habit of always nudging things with her nose....

And finally, the Chinchillas!
Can you spot the chinchilla here? *rofl*

Pets Republic is located at 
No. 224 Telok Kurau Rd Lorong L, #01-06 Uni Building Singapore 423836
Tel: 6345 9132


  1. haha so many cute photos :up: x millions

  2. Replies
    1. ahaha! yup, just changed only. always wanna have a navigation bar.

  3. Cuteness overload in this post! So FLUFFFFFFFYY!

  4. Such an adorable bunny and I love the grumpy Einstein

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  6. I like best their Strawberry Ichigo Jar Cake. You should try their Mochi Too! Best in Singapore, no words can describe. Try it yourself :)

  7. Sorry, I don't know Y this command is publish is on this page. It is suppose to be for the SHM review. error on my com I think.....

  8. Let's say time was wasted. It was. 1-1/2 of your life. BUT, you know what? You had fun. Despite the terrifying experience of Jelly with the blower (I think because of the noise), she ended up being nice and clean. During this time when Jelly was being groomed, you had all those lovely animals to look at. And oh, I have to admit. At the start before I got to reading this post, I was thinking, Jelly has got to be a cat. WRONG! A bunny, Jelly is. Good name you picked.

  9. It's amazing to see how you take care of your pets. Grooming is a lot of work. I used to did it myself. I have two dogs. Now it's time to let someone else take care of them because it's getting out of hand. The dogs needs to be cut around every 8 weeks because they are poodles.
    x sabine

  10. Hey, May I ask if Jelly takes the bath well? you would recommend the bath grooming for bunnies? Thanks alot!

    1. Jelly takes the bath okay, she gets a little fidgety during the blow-dry, but overall she's still ok. i dont think all rabbits would be, though. if you're unsure, i'll still advise you to not try it. even if you do bring your rabbit for bath grooming, just opt for water washing around their butt/tail because that's where they will really need a proper wash. you won't need to give your rabbit a full bath.

    2. ok, thanks Mia! =)


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