Monday, 23 June 2014

Headless Pimple Tips: Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque and Hiruscar Post Acne!

I've always suffered from constant clogged pores that requires monthly (or if I really can't squeeze out time, it'll be bi-monthly) visits to Tiffany (my trusty home facial therapist!), and blemishes during the time of the month. But recently, perhaps due to the crazy weather, I've been developing these friggin' annoyingly big headless pimples on my cheeks, consecutively. 
Yeah, FML. They stay as this huge hideous bump on my face for weeks, and no amount of concealer can ever cover them up.

But then, I found a way to get rid of them quick!

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque!

Now, you must already be familiar with this wash off mask, no? If not, do search for it on youtube and you can find videos after videos of raves about this product. I'll use this on my entire face once in a while and it always leave my skin feeling thoroughly cleanse and smoother to the touch.
But of course, we're not using it as a 15 minutes wash off mask for those pesky headless pimples.
We'll leave a generously glob (I'll usually apply using a cotten swab but you can use cleansed finger too) of this product directly over the headless pimple (do not rub them in, I doubt you can get your skin to absorb in anyway) and leave them on overnight while you sleep.
I'll usually apply this over my usual toner, serum, night cream routine, and excluding the acne treatment on these pimples whereby the mask is supposed to go on. And by the next morning, I'll usually find the pimple(s) visibly smaller.
And I'll repeat the same routine the same night, and it will take an average of 3 nights consecutively (but also depends on the size of the pimple) to reduce the once hideously 3D pimple into a dried up scab.

Now comes the gross part.
 You break/tear the scab.

Yeah, I know. Disgusting crap. But what to do? We have to get the pus out in order for this annoying bugger to heal and go away. So go ahead and break the scab (if you're worried over scarring then perhaps, just do a minute opening for the pus to come out) and extract out all the disgusting pus inside.
Do take note that how you tear the scab and how you extract/squeeze out the pus will contribute to permanent scarring if you're not careful, so proceed with care and caution!

And upon draining out all the pus, I usually do a quick cleaning of the wound and apply on a generous blob of aloe vera gel. I've used Fruit of the Earth's, Nature Republic's and also Jorubi's and they all pretty much work the same. As long as it's AVG, it'll do the trick.
At this time whereby the extracted pimple is very much an open wound, I wouldn't recommend applying acne treatment (I'm using BP, that's why) directly over it because:
1. It'll hurt like a b*tch
2. I read somewhere that applying BP on popped pimple promote scarring

And by the next morning after the AVG treatment, the pimple should have healed into an angry red (but totally flatten, for the pus should be thoroughly extracted) pimple mark.

And here's where my other life saviour comes into the picture, literally. :)

Yes, it's the (still pretty) new product launched by Hiruscar, specially formulated to target pimple scars (depressions) and marks (discolourations).
It works like a miracle for me in terms of marks, but not so well for scars.
I'll apply this directly over the closed wound of the extracted headless pimple, after toner, serum and BP treatment but before my night cream.
The product smells like pounded chili padi and leaves a sticky film that takes a while to be fully absorbed, so I wouldn't recommend that you use it underneath your make up in the morning, even though the product information states that you can.
And after 3 of my headless pimple 'treatment sessions', I can roughly estimate that it'll take 3 days to lighten the angry deep red marks into a lighter red that's easily concealed by concealer, and subequently up to 7 days to reduce it to just a faint discolouration or even revert your skin condition to pre-pimple state.
Previously, without Hiruscar, it'll take me weeks to bade goodbye to these pimple marks, no joke.

And of course, our skin are all different and we react different to products. Do note that this method might work like a miracle cure for me, but it might not go down the same way for you.
But if you're really at your wits end with endless headless pimples issue, why not give this method a go?

Till then,

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