Sunday, 15 June 2014

Mia's Review: Lady M

It was a pretty impromptu visit as I was craving sweet treats after my gym session, and I basically googled up cafes & bakeries in Marina Square (since I'm heading there with T) and Lady M just caught my attention. I love how the cafe is so bright and white (clean) and very spacious.

My usual favourite of Cafe Mocha.
As you can see at the bottom of the mug, there is a generous amount of chocolate added in so the chocolate taste is pretty rich and gave the mocha a very sweet taste. Too sweet for me.

 Banana Mille Feuille
A gorgeous composition of flaky, golden puff pastry, whipped cream kissed with just a touch of triple sec, layers of vanilla sponge cake and perfectly ripe bananas.
-credits to Lady M-

And of course, it tasted just as delicious as it sounds. However, too much whipped cream for my liking. Like, way too much! Compare the thickness of the yellow (vanilla sponge cake) to the white (whipped cream)! There's even times I ate nothing but just whipped cream with flakes of puff pastry. The generous topping of puff pastry flakes also made this yummy cake a pretty messy eat. Oh well, the taste is pretty awesome but the overall texture is kind of lacking IMO.
I'll prefer more sponge, less cream.

Checkers Board
(photo bombed by a partially eaten BMF)
Striking black and white in appearance, our popular Checkers Cake weaves together a precise and tender checkerboard of vanilla and chocolate sponge cake. The lightest fresh whipped cream comes tucked between the squares, all outfitted in a silky dark chocolate ganache.
-credits to Lady M-

And obviously it wouldn't be that striking a black and white when served on your plate. First impression and I was pretty disappointed because the cake really looked kind of ruined. I had the picture of this in my mind as I ordered this cake.

But what came to my table was far from it. Even the outer layer of chocolate ganache wasn't evenly coated. Mehhhhh....
But taste wise, it was really good! The sponge cake was soft and fluffy, the whipped cream within kept to bare minimum in order to stick the checkers together, and the chocolate ganache was so rich, it was simply decadent.

And with merely 2 cakes out of the so many tried, I'll definitely be returning to Lady M some other time for more yummy sweet treats.

Miroir Caramel and Cateau au Chocolat, I'm watching you. :)

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