Monday, 30 June 2014

Mia's Review: The Black Sheep Cafe

Recently, Y has a craving for her favourite Duck Confit and yet she's pretty sick of the usual long queue at Saveur and so, D did her thorough research and decided to set the gathering at The Black Sheep Cafe! Touted to have the best Duck Confit in town, the girls (Y, D, and R) were pretty excited as we finally found the simple, yet cute looking cafe nestled at the basement of Thomson V Two.

All thanks to the banner, if not we wouldn't have known this building is the legendary Thomson V Two.

Even though they're The Black Sheep Cafe, there's also a fair share of white sheeps around to accompany this black sheep! 

And all the news covers about their Duck Confit....

The cafe interior is pretty spacious, yet big enough to house a considerable number of patrons at one time. 

And pretty cute too! See little meeh meeh looking over all the patrons from the ceiling. :)

Really happy to be able to sit right below the black sheep and his sheep friends. Heehee... :)

And now, let's get started on the food. 

Rose Raspberry Cider, Belgium - $9
Didn't manage to get a picture of the bottle for the staff took it away after serving it at the table. Actually I can't really decide if it's really a cider or just an extremely sweet and fruity beer. For the bitter beer after taste is too much of a beer thing, but the fragrant sweetness is too much of a cider. 
Nevertheless, a good refreshing drink. A recommended choice for ladies who feels ciders are too sweet, yet dislike the bitterness of beers. 

Chicken in Red Wine,Stuffed Field Mushrooms, Pureed Potato - $26.50

Couldn't put a word to the gravy taste. A mixture of both savoury, sweet and a slight indescribable fragrance. There isn't really much of a red wine or alcohol taste, but I guess it helped to tenderize this big fat chicken drumstick really well. The meat was really soft and tender, yet lacking a bit of flavour for my tastebuds. The stuffed mushroom, on the other hand, was really flavourful. I couldn't make out the ingredient used for the stuffing, but it was slightly chewy yet pretty tender and juicy. I really enjoyed every single bite of it. As for the pureed potato, was a huge let down. Didn't like the taste of it at all, for the potato fragrance was overpowered by a strong cream/milk taste. Plus, the serving was so meagre I kept thinking that the dish name should have ended with Asparagus instead. 

The Duck Confit on Apple Roesti, Mango Relish - $26.50

Didn't get to try both the fruit side dishes, but did get a bite of the duck confit. It's really flavourful and tasty, but I guess it's already obvious enough from the picture that it's slightly charred and hence, dry. Reviews boast of a crispy surface yet juicy tender meat. But sadly, I didn't taste that. It was dry (and almost tough) throughout the entire chunk of meat I've tried. 
Maybe it was a one-off miss by the chef, I don't know. But this definitely wasn't worth the rave I've read of.

Homemade Tiramisu with Espresso Tuilles - $9.50

This wasn't very well received at the table but I really enjoyed it. I'm not sure if the mascarpone cheese mixture was just totally frozen or the chef substitute part of the cream with ice cream, but the entire dessert was just really refreshing and pretty light. 

Kahlua Souffle, Double Chocolate Ice Cream - $14

This souffle is really worth every bit of the $14, in terms of serving size. Creamy, fluffy and very moist, infused with a shot of kahlua upon serving at the table, this dessert should be a must try for every souffle lover. 

Now back to the cafe, if you're not very familiar with The Black Sheep cafe, one of the main 'attraction' will be that they only have one chef. Yes, ONE CHEF. And that simply equates to long waiting time for order to be served. 
Our mains basically took a minimum of 25 minutes to be served, and the souffle took so long that we lost track of the waiting time, I'm estimating a 45 minutes or so. Pretty exasperating if you're on the brink of fainting from hunger, so I strongly recommend that you take into account of the extent of your hunger when dropping by for a visit. 

For more information, visit their website HERE

Till then,


  1. The dishes look tasty! I wonder why they insist on just keeping one chef only, though. I think it would drive away many customers who would like to pounce on their food STAT!

  2. It's good place to try the yummy food and coffee. The tiramisu catches my attention so much, so refreshing to eat with black coffee.

  3. The place looks beautiful and the food looks delicious. Love the brick wall :)

  4. The sheep on the ceiling is cute though! I'd like to have tiramisu and coffee here! Also, the ice cream looks delicious!

  5. Black sheep cafe is a good name. I wonder how they got the name. Their food looks tasty especially the souffle.

  6. I have not tasted duck confit before, but I want to taste one now because of your article. I will have to research where the best one in our city will be and go there soon.

  7. I will try their homemade Tiramisu and the name is cool Black Sheep Cafe. Hopefully I can visit your country or maybe they put up branch here in my country.

  8. I want to try their homemade tiramisu! BTW, the sheep is cute and adorable! Can I get one?

  9. I'd like to try Homemade Tiramisu with Espresso Tuilles!~ Looks so tempting!~

  10. souffles look so nice. I will try this if I ever visit here.

  11. The name is not what I would expect but it looks like a cool place to hang out. I like the simplicity of the space.

  12. the Homemade Tiramisu with Espresso Tuilles look interesting and yummy

  13. I'm now craving for duck confit because of your post! ^_^ Anyhow, it seems that the rave reviews wasn't that justified during your visit. And I'm wondering why Black Sheep Cafe only has one chef? Why not add more? I'm sure people generally don't want to wait long even if they're not starving yet.

  14. foods looks tasty! double chocolate icecream, looks so yummy!

  15. That kahlua souffle looks amazing!!! It's so big and fluffy!! I would love to try that.

  16. I like the same of the place! Black sheep as well as the dishes looks lovely and delicious :D

  17. The resto theme is so cute and that tiramisu looks amazingly delicious :-) My mouth craves for something sweet now :-)

  18. Cute name for a cafe! Like the bright interiors and the desserts look so yummy!


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