Monday, 15 September 2014

Sephora Beauty Night Out: The Biggest Pucker in Town and Soap & Glory Smooth Star Breakfast Scrub Review

This will probably be my shortest post ever.

First up, I was really lucky to be able to attend Sephora Beauty Night Out last week, all thanks to my colleague, A, who is a total Sephora-fan and decided to bring me along as her BFF for her invite. :)
Next up, this will probably be the shortest post ever because....
We left before the actual show started. xp
Yes, there's some famous faces like deejay Jean Danker and blogger Dawn Yang and Rosanne Tang, together with a group of male models serving you finger food snacks and drinks, and another cute girl handing out Magnum ice creams... But oh well, not a big fan of crowds. And after getting what we want to at 20% discount, there really wasn't much attraction left for both of us, plus the crazy crowd with constant jostling from strangers is a huge frustration. Merp.

A was basically on a shopping spree, picking up things rather randomly (she got a grab bag of 4 or 5 lip products and then went on to get another 2 lippies from Shu Uemura... and some other stuff.
As for me, I only had body scrub in my mind and was getting disappointed that I couldn't find any when I finally came to this section

And then I was totally spoilt for choice.

Finally, I decided to get this Soap & Glory Smooth Star Breakfast Scrub - RTP $25

And tell you what, it's probably called Breakfast Scrub for a good reason. It smells so yummy, I felt like eating it when I twisted the cap open to use it for the first time.
It smelled like sweet honey, maple syrup mashed up with some bananas and some buttery crumbly biscuits.
Oh, I don't know how to describe the smell but it smelled so delicious. It might just turn some people off, eg. my mum. But if you're a sweets person, chances are, you'll love this scent.

The scrub is pretty creamy with bits of (probably) oats and sugar inside to act as the exfoliating beads. There's a high concentration of the scrubbing beads to satisfy those who loves the feeling of having the exfoliating beads rubbing against your rough skin, and yet mild enough to not create this 'raw' feeling even if you scrub on with all your strength's worth.
The end result?
My skin felt moisturised and baby smooth, even though I didn't follow up with any form of body lotion.

And then, let's move on to the door gift for the night.
Guess what is contained within this super cute tin?

Some adorably pretty kisses butter cookies!

The strong whiff of buttery fragrance already made my tummy rumble the moment I lifted the tin and my mood totally brightened (was kinda lethargic after all the squeezing in the crowd) upon seeing these pretty cookies.
But it would have been a lot better if they've used a thin layer of royal icing rather than a thick slab of fondant.
Yes, this pink (and red at the bottom) fondant is what made these cuties so attractive, but let's be honest. A piece of fondant is probably the last thing you'll want to put inside your mouth.
But a good thing is that fondant can actually be easily pluck off the top of the biscuit (and chucked away) so everything is still awesome. :)

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Totally understand where you're coming from! I'm not a big fan of crowds myself and my ethos when it comes to events is: if you've started to not have fun & already had your fill, it's perfectly fine to leave. =)

    Those lippie cookies though!! Shame it was fondant. >< But then again, that's coming from a person whose favourite pastry-topped is swiss meringue buttercream haha. Soooo not event-friendly! ^^

    PS. Love Soap and Glory!

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

  2. Such a lovely event.. The product's packing looks like food.. :)

  3. Lucky you! I'm so envious! Love sephora products and that cookie looks so fab and yummy :) - kaycee

  4. You had me at "Cute girls handing out Magnum ice cream"! Was that for free? He he. The smell of the breakfast scrub had me so curious too.

  5. Sounds like a fun event! Sephora has some really good products.

  6. The butter cookies looks really cool. It also looks tasty.

  7. I like all the products of sephora but I am extremely passionate about scrubs because they do wonders to my skin, peeling all the dead cells off my face, making the skin shiny and soft. A great review!

  8. The cookies container is so cute.

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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 Aaah Sephora! Lucky you! I'd do the same thing too if I was there. Girl on a mission to buy the things I want then leave lol

  10. This event seems a good one.The butter cookies looks great too.Hope they'll be tasty as well.

  11. I try to avoid crowds as well so I understand you're coming from. Good that you managed to get a body scrub that you like!

  12. So a blogger invitation to give 20% discount and get you to buy stuff? Hmmm... Doesn't sound really attractive unless I need something from Sephora... But I like how you are still quite positive about the whole event

    1. Oh no, it wasn't a blogger invite, but a members' invite. :)

  13. My sister's dream is to be able to step into a Sephora store haha! I wonder when it'll open in Manila? Anyways, the event looked like it was super cool! Jealous of your super cute cookies! :D

  14. Is that really butter cookies, or it's a lipgloss.. Hahahaaa the kiss butter cookies are look good and make me hungry.. I like the packaging.

  15. Sephora beauty products are good and it's my new knowledge about it. Try to recommend to my daughter.

  16. I rarely go to Sephora and I'm sure it's a treat to be invited to an event there. It's hard though if it's a huge crowd and the last thing you want to happen is to be caught in the middle of it.

    Love me a good body scrub as well. I prefer scrubs than body wash. Glad you found a nice brand to use!

  17. i wish the uk had a sephora! i love soap and glorys products

  18. Oh. I'd love to experience this kind of beauty event. I'd be nervous if I were in your shoes because with all those products around, I'd be crazy which one to pick

  19. Wow, I love how the packaging looks like. Very interesting event.

  20. I love Soap and Glory products! I especially love the sweet smell of everything so we agree on that. I don't like fondant too, so good thing it was easy to take off.


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