Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mia's Review: Pies & Coffee

Remember during my review of Group Therapy Cafe, I mentioned about the yummy pies from Pies & Coffee? Yup, this is one extremely overdue post, but still, here it is! 

I remembered my first visit with T was an unplanned one. We wanted to drop by The Ground's, which is actually a few shops away, but turned out it wasn't opened. So, Pies & Coffee it was! 

It was a pretty small outlet, with the interior seating of probably around 15 to 20 pax, and even though they're named Pies & Coffee, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they do have some pretty looking desserts as well, just that their pies were indeed filling and on both occasions I dropped by, I didn't have sufficient stomach space to try out any of their sweet treats. 

Even though not exceptionally affordable, all their pies are still reasonably priced at $10 ish or so.

Chicken Cheddar Pie
The pie crust is crumbly crisp with a hint of buttery toasted fragrance, and the pie filling so moist with generous amount of gravy, yet doesn't soften the pie crust that much.

A snap to show you just how moist the filling was. It was almost like a soup bowl, no kidding! The filling was packed full of cheesy goodness with quite a generous chunks of chicken that was cooked till it has soaked up the cheesy savoury flavour of the gravy.

Other than Chicken Cheddar, I've also tried their Lamb Shank and Chicken & Mushroom Pies, out of which the latter has paled in comparison as compared to the other two.

Hot Honey Yuzu Tea

Frankly speaking, I have no idea why they served a piece of chocolate cookie along with my honey yuzu tea.
And on a side note, Pies and Coffee uses Toby Estate's roasted coffee beans, so all coffee lovers out there, do remember to get a cuppa coffee when you're here!

For more information, visit their website HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Very well written piece. I found this place is great for expats,the food here is amazing and affordable. If you are an expat and plan on moving to Singapore, do check out www.placematch.sg. I found it to be very useful in finding a place.

  2. I just can't contain myself to not salivate whenever foods are on display. And yours just did it to me now. I think this a good place to relax too as the ambiance is nice and comforting.

  3. I always wanted to try but then they are priced quite expensively T_T

  4. Hello! Pies and Coffee? I would so not want to leave this place, LOL. The pies look so good and such variety too! You can not beat that..

  5. I'm not a fan of pies so I'm not that enticed by the photo. Sorry! But I do love the interiors of the shop! Aside from pies, coffee and as you've mentioned, desserts, do they have other offerings like pasta maybe?

  6. Looks like a place to have a nice breakie.. :) Relaxing with yummy food!

  7. Nice place to have quality time with someone special :) the ambiance looks so cozy and the snapshots of the food?? *DROOL*

  8. Their pies looks really tasty. I'm a coffee person so I'm definitely having coffee here when I visit the place.

  9. I do not drink coffee,but I am sold on their good looking pies! I wish they have a store like this here.

  10. When you said that the pie was packed with fillings of cheesy goodness, i was like, "Do they have a branch here in the Phils?". Would love to have a bite of that :)

  11. Ahhh anything with cheese excites my tastebuds :p I love quaint cafes as well ! Hopefully i'll get to visit someday. <3

  12. Does the cheesy pies make you feel sick after a few mouthful? You know what cheese can do to us right? Haha... As for the chocolate cookie to Yuzu tea, it's just an afternoon tea kinda thing where they give something additional to add to the experience!

  13. I love cheese but the cheesy pie looks a bit too heavy to me. Does it taste heavy after a few bites?

  14. It would be nice if you had also included the address to this place so it is easier for us to find it if we wanna go.


    p.s. I love to meet more Singaporean bloggers!! Chat up with me soon, ya?

  15. Thanks for sharing! It reminds me that it has been a while i didn't go to cafe and have my own relaxing evening. =*

  16. now u make me wanna try their pie!!!u making me hunggry now!

  17. The pie looks yummy, where is the location?


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