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Mia's Review: Bakery & Bar St Marc

Didn't even know that there's this new row of shops along ECP called the Parkland Green that has sprung up until T and I drove past one day when we're going prawning late at night. So the next day, we promptly returned to check out the shops and found another eating place! 

Lured in by the famous Chococro of St. Marc Cafe, we decided to give Bakery & Bar St. Marc a try. 

 And of course, the chococro isn't the only luring factor. Heh!

Salted Milk Chococro (left) and Original Chococro (right)

Smaller than an iPhone 4, it's definitely a pretty pricey treat at about $2.40 to $2.60, but SO WORTH IT!
Warmed prior to serving, the croissant is crisp and flaky with a strong buttery fragrance. The fillings (choco and/or salted milk)  were rich and made the otherwise dry croissant slightly moisten as you chew.
I've yet to try the marble chococro, do drop me a comment telling me your favourite flavour if you've tried all 3 yeah? :)

Garden Salad

They usually serve with the dressing mixed in, so if you take your salad without dressing most of the time, like me, do request that they separate the dressing (or omit). Yes, I know it looks pretty good and fresh, but.... pictures are deceiving here.
This is the saltiest salad I've ever, ever eaten. It's so salty my tongue hurts, and I had to force myself to finish this bowl of salted veggies by slushing my mouth with water after every bite towards the end.
I have no idea what went wrong in the kitchen, perhaps they mistook salt for some other condiments or what, or perhaps I should have just demanded they redo the salad for me. But I just didn't, and my poor tongue paid the price for it.
Never again, St Marc. I'll never try your salad ever again.

Fish and Chips

Once again, looks pretty when served, but tasted just like a normal fish and chips, with a little too much batter to 'fatten' up the fillet.

The Bakery & Bar St Marc is supposed to have a fuller menu (sandwiches, pastas and other mains) as compared to their cafe counterparts, which focuses mainly on pastries and desserts, but by far it seems to me that I'm better off heading to their more easily accessible cafes to indulge in their pastries instead.

For more information, visit St Marc's website HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. tried their original Chococro before and loved it!

  2. the food look so delicious. That makes me hungry!

  3. Yummmmm, that dessert case looks really good. Thx for sharing. gig love

  4. The garden salad and the fish&chips looks delicious xD
    Makes me hungry now TT
    Nice post! ^^


  5. the fish and chips does look very delicious from your pic. Thanks for sharing the real taste of it. lol

  6. I think I'm gonna love dining in this bakery!~

  7. You've made me so hungry! Everything looks so delicious. Shame some of the portions were on the small side. I like to get my monies worth.

    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr.

  8. Hmm..... Not a fan of fish & chips, but would definitely like to try the croissant with salted milk.


  9. the foods looks super yummy! -xox Francy @

  10. Sorry that you didn't have a good experience! Those pictures are deceiving :( giglove

  11. Good morning, I'm so hungry see your picture! it look delicious nyum nyum

    Miss Ika's Blog

  12. I might just go in to this bakery to try the chococro after reading this review... thanks for sharing GigLOve

  13. The food!! Oh my!! It looks amazing! I'm sure is taste great too =)

  14. i think i just went to heaven. the uk needs more places like this!

  15. That salad looks tasty - Great pictures. Looks like you had a fun time! <3 GIGLove

  16. Loving all the food in there! Looks yummyy!! I'm sure you had a great time !

    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!
    SAP on Facebook

  17. ooh that's such a cute little bakery! It's a shame that you didn't like the salad :(X
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  18. omg i want to try the croissant but yeah pretty hefty price tag!

  19. the ice cream is looks so tasty..
    and my favorite is fish and chips never die!
    hmm yummy :D

  20. Oh too bad the salad really looks great! Bummer! I never put salt on my salad only black pepper :)

  21. Everything looks delicious. Sorry to hear that the salad was too salty.

  22. Oh god !! Everything is looking so delicious and tasty ... Salad looks delish the most but sad it was way too salty for you :( x

  23. The croissant is so cute. One bite and finish. >< would like to try it when i go Singapore. Giglove

  24. looks delicious - good thing i have my lunch infront of me

  25. all the food looks super yummy! Can't guess how salty the salad is :/ it must have been that bad


    Pudding Monster


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