Friday, 10 April 2015

Mia's Travelogue: Malacca Eats - Jonker Walk

If you haven't read part 1 of my Malacca eats travelogue, do check out my review of Nadeje too. 

And now, let's move on to part 2 of my pigging out session at Malacca. And of course, how can we leave out Jonker Walk when we're in Malacca, right?

Other than the famous San Shu Gong, located right at the end (or front, depending from which end you enter the street) of Jonker Walk, where you can buy all sorts of famous Malaysian snacks like Bey Teh Soh, Pig's Ear Biscuits, Chicken Biscuits, Dodol and etc, there's also tons of yummy food located here. 

Yes, I think I saw 2 stalls/restaurants for the Chicken Rice Balls, but we decided to give this famous Malacca dish a miss. My mum complained to me that their rice balls weren't fragrant at all, while T's colleague complained to him that their chicken tasted bad. So, combined the two reviews and we decided that it's a "must-try dish" to be abandoned.
Plus, I'm never a fan of chicken rice anyway. Unless it's my late grandma's home-cooked chicken rice.

So first up, we have Jonker 88.

And obviously as you can see, they're pretty popular so do expect some waiting time to get your table (self-snatching) and they do get totally sold out pretty early for dinner (8 plus), so don't drop by too late. 

Baba Laksa (Spicy Coconut Flavour)

This is pretty similar to our Katong 328 Laksa, albeit with a much stronger coconut sweetness in the gravy that ends with a spicy kick. 

Nonya Laksa (Spicy Assam Flavour)

Not a fan of assam at all, for I find them too acutely sour. But T loved this. However, I do love the noodles that they used for the nonya laksa. Unlike the usual thick beehoon that's usually used in laksa, the nonya laksa uses something that's more like the mouse's tail noodles (lao shu fen). Thicker, slightly transparent and extremely chewy like mochi, an exceptionally addictive texture indeed.

Ice Kacang

Well, the picture says it all. Do not order this. Overly sweet, and not 'icy' at all.

And now for the other street food that you can find at Jonker Walk...

BBQ Scallops (2 for RM15)

This was amazing! I didn't quite understand why they added vermicelli to the scallops while grilling, until I ate them. The vermicelli literally sucked in all the sweetness of the scallops while they cooked, and with a dash of the sauce (soy sauce or fish sauce?) before serving, it was heavenly! 

Quail egg lovers alert. Now you get them on sticks!

Not only that, with a piece of hotdog in the middle and topped with chili sauce and mayonnaise (I requested for no mayo because I hate it). 

Smelly Tofu for the adventurous, or those with the acquired taste. 
Definitely not me, though.

The Maur Otak was really yummy too, but I didn't snap any pictures of them because... Well, they just look like otak otak....

And then, for the ice creams.
Funny Egg Ice Cream?

Major cuteness overload! How can you not buy one of this when it's only RM3 (SGD $1.10) and the weather over at Malacca is sweltering hot?

I got mine in sour plum flavour, really refreshing indeed! But do note that you'll get a little bit of a problem when trying to finish up the other half of the ice cream that's in the egg mould.
In the end, I managed to 'pour' the half into my mouth one shot, but I got a major brain freeze too.

Then there's these Ice Cream Rolls

Which basically is instant-made ice cream. They make the ice cream on the spot with cream and your choice of flavour, roll them up into swirls and top it up with a wafer roll, longan, peanuts and sprinkles.

I got mine in lemon flavour (as the hot weather make me crave citrus-icy stuff) and they actually look way better than they tasted.

Deep Fried Ice Cream!
I remembered that our local pasar malam used to have them, but they were phased out pretty quickly.

Ice cream, wrapped in bread and fried till golden brown. It was served with the freshly fried bread scalding hot, yet the ice cream within still icy cold.
Not the best choice for those with sensitive teeth, like yours truly.
So T ended up eating the whole thing by himself.

And lastly, this! The popular popsicle our parents grew up eating (as according to my mum).

Flavoured water (soft drinks) are poured into the individual contraption and the top part of the container was jiggled vigourously in the ice that's filled in the bottom part of the tin. And viola, you get soft drink flavoured popsicles!
We took the soursop flavour and it was slightly disappointing as the flavour was really bland.

And lastly, freshly baked Bey Teh Soh! Well, they do have other pastries available, but BTS is my bias. 

And this time, I decided to give the 'charcoaled' ones a try. There's actually not much of a difference, but I do feel that these freshly baked ones are flaky yet softer, the molasses filling also less sticky as compared to those packaged ones at San Shu Gong. 

Lastly, this is not a food recommendation, but on every weekend (Fri to Sun), there will be a public KTV session right here at the big stage in the middle of Jonker Walk. 
And yes, do note that I'm calling it a KTV session and not a singing performance. Which means, while most who dared to go on stage should sound quite decent, do brace yourself for some cringeworthy ones too.

And yes, Jonker Boutique Hotel is right beside the stage, so do take this possible 'noise pollution' into consideration if you're an early sleeper even while travelling. 
Oh, and by the way, this drink stall set up in front of the hotel sells yummy blended kiwi fruit juice! 

So, what are your top recommendation for Jonker Walk?

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Street food always tastes better,I am a street food lover too...great post!

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  2. Street food always looks amazing abroad. I definitely need to get braver trying more things x

  3. Hi Mia! I plan to visit Mallacca hopefully this year. This post is a perfect guide for what I will eat in Jonker Street

  4. This is just right up my alley! Those BBQ Diver Sea Scallops look divine! I'd love to have those one day! Thanks for posting.

  5. Love Laksa! I am getting hungry with your post :) Now I'm craving ha-ha
    It's nice that they are having public KTV session on weekends :) Sounds fun!

  6. Mia your posts make me feel visit these places. you are doing a great job. thanks for sharing and keep doing it.

  7. Street food always catches our attention, mainly that instant ice cream. I m loving it.......thanks.

  8. Street food is the best to know any culture too.. They are the amazing one to give a try.

  9. Cool food you have here, both are unique and weird...hehehe..just my say. But I guess you enjoy it all.

  10. This looks really tasty and rich in flavor. Malacca really has great food choices and places to visit.

  11. Haha, I went Jonker street sometime back with malaysia tourism too and the chicken rice balls (the one with the super long queue) actually taste pretty good!

  12. The ice cream seem interesting. Others food really not that great!

  13. I will definitely try those barbecue scallops if ever I encounter them. They are my favorite part of buffets as well.

  14. The Baba Laksa looks interesting and very tempting, The ambiance of this restaurant is amazing.

  15. Love street foods and find most offered in Malaca streets new to me specially that Baba Laksa (Spicy Coconut Flavour)

  16. there are some food that Indonesia also have, like Laksan, Ice Kacang, etc. But when i tried it in Malaysia last time, the taste are quite different. but still love both of them.

  17. wow the place looks super cool. Great post dear.

  18. What an adventure of major food feasting. Your ice cream brain freeze wrapped it up nicely... Haha!

  19. What an adventure of major food feasting. Your ice cream brain freeze wrapped it up nicely... Haha!

  20. I'm loving street food too! And must say that I love everything you tried except for the laksa. Still cannot eat that spicy dish unfortunately although I've attempted numerous times.

  21. Oh this place looks amazing, I'm loving all the foods. If I'm ever here I would love to try some of it.

  22. which hotel did you stay at? jonker boutique hotel? your post tempted me to go for another road trip :D sourcing hotels to try out now.

    1. I stayed at the explorer hotel. very basic "eco" hotel. not the best hotel you can get if you like to watch some tv when in the hotel room.... go hatten la.

    2. hatten seems quite a distance from jonker street.. too bad their estadia has not opened yet!

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