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Mia's Review: Palmer’s White & Even Dark Spot Corrector & CCB Cream [Sponsored]

After reviewing a couple of Palmer's products (here and here), this time I'm back with another 2 products from their latest launch of the White & Even series.

I was really elated when I received the package, since I've gotten significantly tanned 3 months into my new job which puts me under the unforgiving sun for most of my time. 

Recent studies show that above wrinkles or loss of firmness, discolouration is the #1 perceivable sign of aging amongst women. Discolouration, or hyperpigmentation, can be caused by many factors, and the most common being damage caused from UV exposure and gradually worsening with age.
Other factors can be acne scarring, severe dryness, or hormonal changes due to pregnancy, birth control pills or hormonal replacement therapy.

To combat this pesky problem of hyper-pigmentation, Palmer's has launched their latest White & Even range that boasts the following:

1. Unique skin tone correcting formulations
2. Formulated with an advanced blend of potent yet gentle ingredients that reduce hyper-pigmentation
3. Appropriate for all skin types
4. Free of parabens, phthalates, sulphates, harsh dyes, synthetic dyes and fragrances.

The products contains tone enhancing complex such as:
1. Cocoa Butter - smooth marks and scars
2. Soy - restores luminosity
3. Liquorice Extract - improves tone and texture
4. Synovea - lightens age spots
5. Vitamin C - natural skin brightener
6. Niacinamide - targets unwanted discolouration

When used daily, the advanced blend of ingredients in Palmer's Eventone products work in two ways:
1. Lightens surface skin cells, producing more uniform skin tone within 3 - 5 days
2. Acts on the deeper skin layers to inhibit over-production of melanin. Even skin tone develops as skin cells rise to the surface. This will take about 4 - 6 weeks, depending on age, health and exposure to sun.

White & Even Dark Spot Corrector - $29.90

The product comes in a handy tube fitted with a pump head for hygienic and easy dispensing.

First up, the scent is beautiful! I love the white lily scent so much that even when I'm not using the product, I will just pluck off the plastic cap just to take a whiff. 
The consistency of the product is like a thick gel that spreads and absorbs really well without leaving any oily or sticky feeling on the skin. 

White & Even CBB Cream - $22.90

The product comes in a squeeze tube packaging and smells equally good as the dark spot corrector. Yes, this is now my favourite product in my morning routine because I get to step out of the house with my face smelling like white lilies (okay, I'm exaggerating, the smells dissipates pretty fast).

As you can see, this CBB cream doesn't really change your skin tone nor gives any coverage. It really just brightens up your skin and makes your face smells extremely nice for a while. HAHAHA! 
With SPF 15, it makes a fabulous product for me to just even and brighten up my complexion, and also as a 'top up' to my SPF 50 sunscreen every morning before I head out for work. 
Unlike some other BB/CC creams, which made my face oil up considerably in a short amount of time, this CCB cream kept my skin relatively matte for up to half a day under the hot sun. 

Left to Right - Before & After (5 days usage)

You probably can't see much difference in the pictures and frankly speaking 5 days usage shouldn't give a drastic improvement either, but I do notice that my skin tone is beginning to seem more even and slightly brighter. 

Do note that continued exposure to sun will cancel out the effects of Eventone, so do remember to apply your sunscreen before you head outdoors. Discontinued use of Eventone will also allow the over-production of melanin to resume, hence the dark spots will soon return.

You can get Palmer's White & Even products at all Watsons, Guardian, BHG, Robinsons, John Little, Essentials Pharmacy, Nishino Pharmacy, all leading pharmacies, departmental and cosmetics stores.

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. It's a good thing actually that the scent dissipates fast. Products that are too scented makes me feel like there're too much chemicals that will clog up my pores!

  2. i love the fact that it does not change the skin tone and keeps the skin matte ! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Such a good product. I'll really wish to try to remove my dark dark spot..

  4. I've not heard of this product before, but it would be interesting to see the results after a longer period of time :) x
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  5. Palmer's is famous in India too. I never tried anything from them but would love to try these products. Good to know it keeps the skin matte as I have a very oily skin. Nice review :)

  6. I love Palmer's products and they are pretty much famous too. I've tried their body butter only, but would love to give other products a try too....

  7. I love Palmer's shampoo and conditioner but never tried face products. These one sounds great though :)

  8. i really jealous to see your face.
    really flawless and so healthy.
    nice review hon

  9. ive never seen such product from this brand before :O i can actually see a difference in the photos

  10. i think you are still too young to be needing the dark spot corrector product :)

  11. I din't know there was a CBB Cream too! I think I have to try it 'coz it showed some great results on you :)

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  12. I've seen them always in my store rack but passed by. but they seems like a great product.

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  13. I never really look at this product before, but if it does work then that's amazing! =)

  14. even though it works amazingly I am not sure if I like the price. Its too expensive isn't it?

  15. Those are interesting products. I have never tried any CBB cream.

  16. I had no idea that this brand now has bb creams and what not! I used to a big fan of their body butters when I was pregnant (although not sure if it did any magic on my stretch marks lol). Not sure if they have this here now though but will keep an eye out.

  17. I have been a big fan of the brand since their stretch mark oils. Thank for a review of yet another product from them!

  18. Its such a talked about brand, but I have never really read reviews about it. Please do follow this review up with an update in a fortnight or so. Would love to know how the product has fared.
    - Heena,

  19. How many times use white even dark spot corrector perday?
    Its cleanser sorry i dont know to apply this pla help

  20. Great post!
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