Sunday, 19 July 2015

Beyond Beauty Slimming: Ionto & Hot Blanket

Yay, more slimming treatments! I was really glad to be able to work with Beyond Beauty this time round for a 3-months slimming programme targeting my thunder thighs. 

Needless to say, I chose to visit their outlet conveniently located at Tampines Junction every Sunday morning. 

Their treatment room is fully equipped with not just a hot bed (and blanket) and wash basin, but also a shower room with shower gel and shampoo for you to wash up after your treatment.

Here goes my 1st treatment during week 1.
After changing out of my clothes and into their white paper undies (semi-transparent, noooo!) and shower cap, the very friendly and professional staff first helped me take down my weight and body measurement before starting off with a sea salt body scrub mean for detoxification of my body and then wrapping up my thighs in cling wrap and sending me into the hot blanket for further detoxification of the body. The heat helps promote blood circulation which helps to enhance natural lymphatic flow and also helps with water retention problems. 

And if you have no idea what's a hot blanket...

This is basically what a hot blanket looks like and I've laid like so, wrapped up like a cocoon and sweated it out like a horse. The staff first left me steaming inside for the first 15 minutes before coming in to check on me every other 5 minutes to make sure that I do not get cooked giddy from the heat or over-sweating. 
The uncomfortable feeling of having large sea-salt grains on your body and sweating buckets under a hot blanket aside, I actually found it pretty funny that I actually resembled a pig getting marinated (with the salt) and then getting roasted. HAHAHA! I could really feel those large sea-salt scrubbing beads dissolving into my sweat, no joke!

And after a grueling 25 minutes, I was freed from the hot blanket and sent into the showers before moving on to part two of my treatment for the day.

Ionto (Electro-Therapy)

ElectroSlim is a customized slimming session using electrodes to treat your specific problem. This treatment has been proven to be extremely effective for firming and smoothing the musculature and connecting tissue, and as a measure to counteract cellulite. Furthermore, good results are achieved in the reduction of fatty tissue as well as activation of the micro-circulation and lymph flow.

Ionto are good for problems such as:

1. Disturbances of the metabolism
2. Weight reduction problems
3. Slack connecting tissue
4. Slack musculature
5. Cellulite
6. Panniculosus adiposus (not caused by illness)
7. Water collecting in the connecting tissue

I had 4 pads stuck on my thighs, which sends these jolts of electricity into my muscle tissues for 20 minutes straight and viola, first treatment which took me roughly about 1 hour is done! 

And after the 1 hour, I've lost about 0.6kg of weight and a total of 1.3cm reduction off my hip and thighs. 

And now to my 2nd treatment during week 2, the sea-salt scrub was taken off the treatment list and I went straight into the Ionto on a higher scale (that gave me a numb-shocking after feeling for a good few minutes) for the same 20 minutes before getting a full body wrap and lying under the hot blanket for 30 minutes! I perspired so much, my sweat trickled out from in between the cling wrap layers as I shifted my body around due to the restlessness. 

No measurements were taken after the treatment so I didn't know how many cm I've lost, but that's another 0.6kg lost after the hour's of treatment with my initial weight of the day being 0.2kg lighter than last week's. YAY!

So follow me as I continue with the remaining 3 months of my slimming journey with Beyond Beauty and for more information on Beyond Beauty's slimming, facial and spa services, do check out their website HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Hahaha, the white paper underwear. I feel your pain! This looks like such a complex treatment but at the same time I'm loving the concept! All the best with the results!

  2. ahha I giggled at the marinating part haha. 25 minutes seems like such a long time! I can't believe you lost weight so quickly! It will be interesting to see the end result! :) X
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  3. awww would love to see before and after pictures, but is ok I will wait ;)

  4. I really want to try this as well. Sounds promising. Great post ♡

  5. I did this years ago! I had great results too... they used to have something like an egg that I would lay in and it made my body burn calories. :D

  6. I have never hared of this treatment before but sounds good one.

  7. The Semi white transparent underwear, haha!! Looks like a treatment I would like, as it involves losing weight. Goodluck with the 3 months treatment journey :)

  8. wow seriously this is so great treatment for us who has body issues.
    i hope i can find it near my place.

  9. This is such a great treatment, it's a little weird that I was just watching this on the TV before coming across your post. Ive always wanted to try it out

  10. I would love to try to be in the hot blanket haha and be bored in there for 25 mins. =D

  11. Ohh.. a hot blanket on me sounds awesome just for the warmth and not really for the weight loss. I guess I'm fine how I am. I have learnt to accept myself the way I am.

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  12. That sounds like a super cozy option to lose weight. Just sit back, no sleep back and enjoy.
    - Heena,

  13. This sounds so interesting. It's my first time coming across this type of slimming treatments. I'm still doing my best to lose a few pounds but I'm more on focusing on what I eat these days and plenty of green tea.

  14. ive never heard of something like this before. i am definitely interested to hear about the results

  15. I'm glad that this treatment helped you to lose some weight.

  16. white paper and that is semi-transparent! 😮
    Whole treatment sounds interesting, though. I'm worried about my weight issue but not sure if I would ever gain courage to go through such treatment :P

    do drop by... GreenStory

  17. Huh... It look like camping and I slept in sleeping bag. haha... Would like to try this if I got the chance.

  18. Can't wait for the result after 3 month!
    It's really amazing that with one hour you lost 0,6 kg.

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