Monday, 4 April 2016

Mia's Review: DYNA Mucota Argan Oil Treatment with Headlines by Artistry (Sponsored)

If you follow me on my IG, you'll know that I've recently mucota-ed my hair again, and this time at Headlines by Artistry.

I don't think you'll need more introduction about Headlines as they're highly discussed upon by bloggers these days and especially popular for their Mucota DYNA treatment. And as you know, I'm an avid Mucota supporter, but has yet to try out DYNA. So I was truly elated when I received the sponsorship invite from them to try out their signature Mucota DYNA treatment! 

Thought to yield a very much less straight looking, non-permanent results, I was assured by my stylist, Chris Wong, that DYNA can be used to produce permanent, straight hair. And as part of my hair are quite damaged from bleaching, he used a stronger number 1 cream, DYNA CAT, on my newly grown curly roots and then the milder DYNA CA on my already rebonded ends. 

Other than the usual heat protecting spray, there's also this hair treatment cream with collagen to further nourish my hair. 

The unappealing shade of hay-yellow aside, you can see that my hair is really dry, especially at the ends and there's a portion (I reckon that's the portion of my hair that got the most bleached) that looks fried. 

In spite of me going in pretty late, Chris still worked on my hair diligently and after 3.5 hours' of work, gave me a head of soft, smooth and straight tresses! 

I like how DYNA does not have the very strong pungent smell that's characteristic to the usual rebonding cream (like Mucota Opera) and leaves our hair a lot softer and naturally straight. 

The fact that it's effectively a treatment also means that my fried ends got saved! I can assure you that those fried ends you see on the left weren't snipped off to give the after photo on the right. 
I'll highly recommend ladies with curly, unruly and yet damaged hair to give this DYNA treatment a try. Moreover, Headlines is giving a 10% discount to all of their first DYNA customer. Otherwise, you can bring a friend (new customer) on your 2nd visit onward to continue enjoying the discounted rate. 

Otherwise, you may also quote my name "Mia Foo" to enjoy 10% discount off all services.

Headlines by Artistry is located at 
10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #03-32. 
Nearest MRT Station: Tanjong Pagar
For more details or to make appointment, please call 6223 3133. 

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Wow xD Looks like a super nice treatment! Wanna try it! Hair looks less rebelious and healthy :D
    Thanks for sharing ^^


  2. The difference is visible. Argan oil is my life saver.

  3. Argan oil has been a great product for hair, but I also heard that is great for the skin too! =)

  4. Wow what a difference this is really awesome, your hair looks much healthier now. Pretty cool!!

  5. Wow, that really had made a different on your hair.

  6. the hair treatment it seems so promising on you.
    it look good before and after treatment.

  7. Wow, it sure worked for you. I really wanna try out the Argan Oil Treatment but Not sure where.

    - xoxo - chai - GIG Love -

  8. Your looks really gorgeous after this treatment. Would love to try it out too. Great write up dear :)

  9. I always love raw argan oil for my hair.
    Those product did worked on you hair omg! So promising☺️

    much love... GreenStory

  10. wow nice treatment works like magic to your hair...

  11. Ok that's an excellent result! I would absolutely love to try this out for my hair since mine could do with some TLC

  12. heard a lot about mucota but have never tried it before! the effects look great on you!


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