Monday, 22 October 2018

Leasany: My New Zealand Campervan Trip Made Easy!

Hey people, if you're following me on my IG, you should know that I've just returned from my New Zealand North Island trip with the BF. 

As we've decided on doing a campervan road trip, one main issue bugging my mind after booking Jucy Chaser to be our "home-on-wheels" for 9D8N was: how are we going to charge ALL our devices on just two electrical socket, one of which will probably be used for our portable heater? 

Well, I've heard of the Mogics Power Bagel, which is basically an universal adaptor that allows you to charge up to SEVEN devices AT THE SAME TIME. With just one handy-dandy, palm-sized bagel, you will get 2 usb ports, 4 universal sockets and 1 US socket. How cool is that! But of course, good things do not come cheap. And frankly speaking, I'm not that keen on spending that much on a gadget that's relatively new (in my social circle, hardly anyone has heard of it) and I do not have that much of an idea how it's going to work out. 

And then, I found Leasany!
Based on a concept of advocating sharing among travellers to-and-fro Singapore to rent their essential (but usually costly) gadgets and equipments instead of buying to own it, Leasany aims to help travellers like us to save up on our travel cost by providing our essential travel gadgets and equipment at low rental fees. 

Now, instead of spending up to $200 buying that Osmo Mobile 2 to take vlogs for your upcoming trip, and probably won't get to use it again until your next overseas trip, which jolly well might be next year, you can easily rent it from Leasany for as low as just $25! 

Leasany also has a 'Try before Buy' promotion, which is a product trial programme for travellers to test out a selection of interesting and new products, under their kickstarter category, during their trips, before making an actual purchase. 

And for the Mogics Power Bagel, which is under this kickstarter category, has a renting fees of $6 per day! That's very high, you'll say. But fret not, for all products under the kickstarter (try before buy) category will come with an individual discount coupon code (found under the product page) that gives you a whopping 90% discount for your FIRST rental of the product. That means your very first rental of the Mogics Power Bagel with Leasany will only cost you a mere 60 cents a day!

And yes, we were chilling with some chocolate twiggies during our transit, charging up our smartphones at Gold Coast airport. I love how the power bagel gives you not only the ease of charging up to seven devices with just one ONE power plug, but also gives you the convenience of an added distance of almost 1m (92cm cable + 83mm bagel diameter)  from the main plug's location. How cool is that!

Leasany is offering all you lovely readers a 20% discount off all rental service! Just enter promo code "mollymia" upon checkout, valid until 21st April 2019, not to be used in conjunction with other coupons. 

For more information on Leasany and the products and services they're currently offering, do check out their website HERE.

Till then,
Mia Foo


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