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Mia Eats: Wild Blooms

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Hey peeps, it's October again! The month of the year I've gradually grown to (kinda) dread as the numbers of my age just get bigger and bigger. But all thanks to my childhood bestie, there's always a reason to anticipate this month of the year regardless of how big those numbers are getting. HEH!
And this year, she found me these ridiculously beautiful birthday cakes!

Located at The Midtown at Upper Serangoon, Wild Blooms is a floral-themed cafe that has just opened this year. The cafe is pretty small, with only a single table for 2 on the 1st level of the cafe (and a couple of tables in alfresco setting), which tends to get quite a lot of sunlight in the afternoon. A short climb up the stairs will you to more seats on the 2nd floor, with really pretty marble tables! 

Osmanthus Tea 

Osmanthus, my love <3
Other than being a coffee junkie, I'm also a huge fan of tea-drinking, and Osmanthus has to be my absolute favourite (flower/floral) flavour, ever! And having such a IG-worthy strainer also makes the entire tea-drinking experience twice as enjoyable, don't you agree?
There's a whole lot of other flavours for your to choose from and you can also mix them up to create your own special tea flavour. Don't worry about feeling lost, or ending up with a less than ideal taste for your tea. The tea menu comes with all the recommendation you'll need to mix up the flavours, or you can also choose from the existing tea blends they've created in the menu.

Mozzarella Sticks Ala Marinara

We might have left the cheese sticks standing on the table for a little too long, for they were just a little more than lukewarm, and not "piping hot" enough for the mozzarella to be stringy and gooey.  The breaded crust was still very crispy and the generous topping of more cheese sauce added so much more flavour that I actually did not need the Marinara dipping sauce to enjoy the cheese sticks. 

Charcoal Wings

The chicken wings were fried till crispy on the outside yet still tender and juicy on the inside. Despite being slathered in a thick coating of slightly sweet and spicy squid ink sauce, the battered skin of the wings still managed to retain the crispiness.
However, this is not the dish you would want to order when trying to impress your first date. Do not expect yourself to look dainty and elegant while devouring these yummy chicken wings. It may even change your make up style for the day and make you look more Gothic with your newly "applied" black lip colour.

Korean Spicy Chicken Burger

As you guys should know by now, I'm a huge fan of burgers and I was actually eyeing their Sambal Pulled Pork Burger, but then I saw "KOREAN SPICY CHICKEN" and I'm sold.

Not regretting getting this, although the Sambal Pulled Pork burger is equally yummy as well (bestie chose that). The buns are so soft and fluffy, and the battered fried chicken so thick and juicy, and drenched in a generous serving of a sweet and spicy sauce that taste exactly like the yangnyeom sauce. I just couldn't stop eating the burger until I polished it off the plate. 

And now, the main reason for our visit.
Flower Tea Jelly Cakes
(various flavours - Lavender, Jasmine, Rose, Osmanthus etc)

Can you believe your eyes, people? These cakes are ridiculously beautiful!
These beautiful brewed tea infused jelly cakes are a result of Wild Blooms' collaboration with T.U.B (The Utopian Botanist). Every flower (petal) in the cake is painstakingly handcrafted and takes not only a crazy amount of talent, but also a strong dedication to create the most beautiful flower for their patrons.

A while back, the bestie came across a video of how such Gelatin Art Cakes are made, and never would we have thought that one day we will be able to find such cakes in Singapore. And seriously, these two cakes are so pretty that my heart ached as I sliced into them. T.T

Not sure if it's because Lady Luck decided to shine on me for my birthday, we got Osmanthus tea flavour for our jelly cakes too! This is definitely the prettiest, lowest calorie birthday cake I've ever had in my entire life.

Rose Apple Pie

After knowing that it's my birthday, Jasmin, the cafe owner, very generously prepared a "birthday pie" for me. Yet another too-pretty-to-eat dessert that made my heart ache while cutting into it. 
The ridiculous effort needed to handcraft a rose out of an apple pie aside, the flavour for this apple pie was a little too mild for my liking, and the pastry tasted a little too tough and dry. 

For more information, visit Wild Blooms Facebook Page / Instagram

Till then,
Mia Foo


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