Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Sample Store x Astalift: Saying Hello to Brighter Skin [Sponsored]

Very recently, I was really lucky to be able to attend an exclusive Sample Store Members' workshop held by Astalift at Pablo Cafe. 

This workshop is held by none other than Mr. Jason Wong himself, Astalift's regional trainer and winner of 2017 BABTAC & CIBTAC Awards. 

And of course, getting well-fed by Pablo Cafe is definitely the cherry on top of the cake.

If Astalift is still not that familiar to you, they're actually a skincare and cosmetic line of Fujifilm. Having started out as a photography engineering company in 1934, Fujifilm eventually ventured into the skincare industry while riding on their strong foundation in the collagen and anti-oxidation technology and created Astalift in 2007. And they didn't stop there, with constant research coupled with their strong engineering background, Fujifilm went on with their research in nano technology and light & colour controlling technology and finally launched their cosmetics line, Flarosso, in 2018. 

And as the workshop is basically to teach us a trick or two on how to get brighter looking skin, we were introduced to their skin brilliance recipe, the Astalift White. 

The Astalift White series basically builds upon 3 main factors, the 3-functional collagen, Nano Astaxanthin and Nano AMA+, and comes with 5 products, namely the clear treatment, bright lotion, white essence, white cream and white perfect UV clear solution.

A few interesting points to note is that the clear treatment not only helps to exfoliate dull skin, improves out skin absorption and evens out our skin tone, but also helps to eliminates black and white heads! Ideal for daily use, the product is meant to be pat into our skin and hence reducing chances of premature aging of our skin due to excessive tugging. 

Another product that really caught my attention was the white essence, which not only has anti-oxidation properties, encourages our skin's collagen production and controls excessive melanin production, but most importantly, diffuses dark spots. Unlike common whitening products that targets to fade existing dark spots, Astalift White Essence targets the "bone structure" of melanin and diffuses the dark spots by breaking down the structures containing melanin with the usage of Nano Oryzanol. Not only that, it also helps to weaken the signal for melanin production and suppressing excessive melanin production using Nano AMA+. 
Together, this duo nano whitening ingredient improves spot treatment efficacy by 10X!

Lastly, if a complete skincare regime is still not enough for you, Astalift also got your supplements covered!
The White Shield Drink is a non-caffeinated, low calorie and sugar-free formula. Containing 1000mg of the 1st extraction "purest collagen" along with 1200mg of Vitamon C, 4mg of Nano Astaxanthin and 100mg of N-Acetylclucosamine (NAG) , this beauty drink not only helps with internal cell-protection, skin brightening and pigmentation lightening, but also helps relieve constipation. 

For more information on Astalift and its wide range of products, visit their website at http://www.astalift.com.sg/

Till then,
Mia Foo


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