Thursday, 12 March 2020

Japanese food delivered to your doorsteps with [Sponsored]

 Craving for some Japanese food, but also feeling too lazy to head out to a Japanese restaurant? 
What if I tell you, you can get your craving fixed within an hour with just a few clicks of your mouse?
I kid you not, for that's really what it is with
Just a few clicks of the mouse and there you have it, a scrumptious Japanese dinner coming up!

I know when it comes to Japanese food, especially for sashimi or sushi with raw fish, freshness is always an issue and some may feel that "delivery" and "freshness" doesn't complement each other that well. But at, not only their fish are sourced daily from Osaka and Hokkaido, they're also flown to Singapore within 18 hours to ensure maximum freshness possible. 
In addition, all their cooked food are only prepared by their chefs upon receiving our orders and sent within the hour so there's no worries about getting delivered stale food that has been sitting around for hours.
 And while there's a good selection of fresh sashimi on, I'm not really a fan of raw food (but I'm a huge fan of Japanese cuisine in general, so long they're cooked) so it's gonna be an order of bento, donburi and maki rolls! :)

Pork Cutlet (Tonkatsu) Set Bento - $12.90 (Usual $18.30)

At the current promotional price of $12.90, this is definitely a steal! The portion size of the tonkatsu is nothing short of generous and complemented by equally generous servings of fresh salad, chuka kurage (seasoned jellyfish) and takuan (picked daikon).

The tonkatsu was not only tender and flavourful, but still crispy on the outside when I tucked into it after taking a good 10-15 minutes taking my food pictures. >.<
Being a salad-fan, I have to say that their fresh salad didn't disappoint too, fresh and crisp with just the right amount of dressing to not make it too cloying.

Unagi Don - $15.90

No prize for guessing what the HB chose; the (his favourite) Unagi don.
 At just $15.90, he got quite a huge piece of the grilled unagi, along with an #eggpornworthy onsen egg.

 I'm personally not a fan of unagi, so it'll be unfair for me to comment on the taste of this. 
The HB surely enjoyed it though, especially when he could break the yolk and mix the onsen egg wholly into the rice that's already flavoured with the generous amount of unagi sauce slathered on the eel itself. 

Champion Floss Maki (8 pcs) - $15.90

Maki roll with chicken, avocado and cucumber, topped with nacho cheese sauce, tobikko (flying fish roe) and fried tempura batter bits.

Initially I wanted to get the Chicken Rainbow Maki because they look so IG-worthy but in the end I decided to go with the Champion Floss Maki as there's a worry that all the coloured toppings might not remain on top of the rainbow maki when delivered. HEH!

And I'm so glad I changed my mind because I love, love, love this, so much! The nacho cheese taste (which is so yums) hits you at the very first bite, followed by the saltiness of the tobikko and the savoury flavour of the seasoned chicken and crunch of the cucumber. And all in all, this myriad of flavour and mouth-feel is littered with the pleasant crunch of the crispy fried tempura batter bits. 
Well, it's a champion indeed. 
Just having 8 pieces is definitely not enough for a glutton foodie like yours truly.  T.T

Yam Net Sponge Roll (5 pcs) - $5.50

Although I'm not exactly a huge fan of (white) yam, I was no doubt intrigued by the name of this dish and wanted to try it even though I wasn't really sure of what exactly I'm going to get.  
 It turned out to be seasoned Japanese purple yam, wrapped in vermicelli net and fried till crispy! 

Purple yam, also known as Ube, is not to be confused with the purple sweet potatoes although they do taste really similar. I was also confused at my first bite and thought I was eating mashed purple sweet potatoes. 
But unlike the purple sweet potatoes, which tends to have a distinctive earthy (soil) taste that I do not appreciate, the Japanese purple yam do not have that unpleasant taste. As the yam is mashed, the creamy and smooth texture of the subtly sweet and fragrant puree complemented the crispy exterior of the fried vermicelli layer very well, and added a lot more dimension to the overall mouth-feel of this dish. Even though it's a deep-fried dish, it doesn't feel overly oily and cloying at all.

Other than the usual bento, donburi, sushi, sashimi and sides, also has sushi/sashimi party sets to make life much easier for you when you're looking to host a mini party for your sushi-loving friends. It's also a plus point that they actually do not skimp on the "plating" aspect of their food in spite of them being delivery-based, which also add on to our "dining experience" in the comfort of our home. 
Two thumbs up for you,! is open from 10am - 11pm daily, offering free delivery for all orders above SGD $60.
For more details and orders, visit their website HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


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