Monday, 9 February 2015

Mia's Review: Pique Nique

Well, this has got to be the most overdue review post I've ever written. I've first visited Pique Nique a few years ago when they first opened at Ngee Ann City, taking over the McDonald's beside KFC. 
And subsequently, I've re-visited a handful of times, even after I've started blogging on food, but still didn't intend to blog about them. 
But now, I guess I will. 

The cafe is pretty spacious with decorations that somehow hover in between simply chic and pretty IMO. 

Now, let's get started with my first visit with the TK girlies. I remember it was hardly a full house the night we visited, and the internal hoo-haa over their salty caramel pancakes (between J and me only, salted caramel was just beginning to trend back then, I remember) aside, the most memorable experience I can conclude from my first visit was: They have no cups/glasses. 

Yes, despite them serving plain water with no additional charge, we (group of 6) couldn't get a single glass of plain water that night (we stayed there for at least an hour, if not more) because, as according to their server, they ran out of glasses. But no worries if you order a beverage off their menu, they have more than enough cups and glasses for them. 
Really, you might as well charge us 30 or 50 cents for a glass of plain water rather than to tell us you ran out of glasses. 

And then my subsequent visits, though not as eye-rolling unpleasant, were still not rendered service I'll label as good. I remembered standing like an idiot outside the cafe, staring at all the empty tables and the servers just loitering and chit-chatting among themselves, refusing to host me to a table despite seeing me. And of course, all their other services (order taking, order serving, getting the bill and etc) were as slow as the process of bringing you to your table. 

And lastly, on my most recent visit with Airmeli, Oyhz and her friend, it was another short-of-decent service given to us, when I tried to order something directly off the menu for Airmeli, who was late.

"Erm, okay I'll check for you."

And off scurried the server and never returned. Hello, if you said you'll check for me if I can order something that's already stated in the menu, you should still get back to me and let me know if the order is taken in or not, no? 
The order was a cabonara pasta by the way, and by the time Airmeli arrived (about 15 minutes after I ordered), the pasta was still not served and it took another 10 to 15 minutes before the pasta was served. 25 to 30 minutes for a pasta, even when the cafe is not full house? 
Or perhaps the server who said she'll check with the kitchen if it's possible to have an order that's straight up from the menu with no special order, however small, at all, actually didn't place in my order in the first place? 

Hmm, you decide for yourself yeah? And let's get started with their food. 

Chili Seafood Spaghetti - $18.80
Spaghetti tossed with squid, mussels, prawns, white wine and spiced tomato sauce. 

This is definitely a pasta dish that will make me want to re-visit Pique Nique (in spite of the bad service) to have it again. I ordered this without much expectation of the spiciness, and I was definitely surprised! The spiciness level definitely packs a punch, and yet still remains on a comfortable level for me, such that I do not need to keep chugging water while I'm eating it. The seafood, although overcooked, wasn't that much of a disappointment to me for the yummilicious spicy tomato sauce totally made up for the lacking in that area. I mean, I wouldn't mind eating just the pasta without any seafood too, albeit not at the same price tag. 

Farmer's Omelette - $12.80
Made with 3 eggs, sauteed onions, bacons, sausages, potatoes and mushrooms. Served with grilled tomato, toasts and side salad. 

And there's Oyhz taking picture of her food with her pink camera. Haha, feed your camera before you feed yourself. Bloggers' habit. 

Norwegian Benedict - $14
2 poached eggs with toasted english muffins, smoked salmon, sour cream and served with side salad.

We thought this is a double-yolk egg, but it turned out to be just a normal egg. Haha, cheated by the egg whites. 

Hot Iron Waffle with Salty Caramel - $11.80

Freshly baked waffles topped with 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, 1 dollop of whipped cream and drizzled in yummy salted caramel sauce. 
Oh man, this is good! Even though the waffles isn't exactly those crispy on the outside, moist and fluffy on the inside kind of heavenly waffle, the generosity of the salted caramel sauce (on both my visits for this) made up for the mediocre waffle. Plus, as you can see that scoop of ice cream is pretty big too, definitely worth the price tag, I'll say. 
And I strongly advise that you either order this as a dessert to share after your mains, or just eat it as your mains if you do not like sharing. 

And at Pique Nique, you can find yourself drooling over some pretty looking cupcakes, whoopie pies and cute french macarons! I've bought their macarons on multiple occasions as well and you can find my short and brief review on them HERE along with my review of the now-out-of-the-market Canele Patisserie's macarons. 

Pique Nique is located at Ngee Ann City Tower A B1-01/02.
For more information, visit their website HERE
All store pictures credit to

Till then,
Mia Foo 


  1. Yay my pink camera was featured, lol.

    The salty caramel waffles look good. Now i'm craving for their salted caramel macarons!

  2. Nice posts, but the food are expensive for only spaghetti. And I think we can say Pique Nique with Picnic ^_^ btw, what camera did you use? Any recommendation for me?

  3. These foods are quite expensive. What matters is the quality of service.

  4. the food is appetizing, but the pink camera steals the show! heehee.

  5. This cafe looks cozy plus they serve good food. I would totally go here if I could

  6. Haha, I was just going to say this is a good place to go with girl friends, and there you go, you went with Hui Zi! Jio me next time!

  7. The dishes seem incredibly tasty, though I consider them rather expensive. Anyways, I would like to taste them, especially as you recommend the pasta so much!

  8. Food seem delicious but I think I won't be happy with that kind of service. BTW, love your friend's pink camera. :P

  9. The cool cozy interior of the cafe simply compliment the yummy foods serve there.

  10. Looks expensive for the food served. The failure to serve free water is also bad.

  11. The food looks very tempting.. Very hungry liao.. I wanna go to eat.. :)

  12. Awesome pics for food and the place! Very cozy, seems like a great place to dine. But it's a little bit expensive for me. Ahaha :-)

  13. The pasta here looks so tasty. They have a lot of food here.

  14. That Farmer's Omelets had my name on it. Yummy! 😀 It's a great looking setting too.

  15. This place looks fantastic and the food looks really good and delicious.
    Gig love

  16. The Chili Seafood Spaghetti resembles our Palabok here in PHL.

  17. the interior looks and feels homely. i want to try a Norwegian benedict

  18. The food looks great but no water? tsk! It really turned me off

  19. Love all the foods! But the PINK CAMERA got the most of my attention haha.


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