Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mia's Review: Mi Band

Decided to skip another week of #wellnesswednesday and put up my review of Mi Band instead. Well, it's still fitness related though. 

Was initially eyeing a gadget that can track my calories burnt when I spin, but after a small research and asking around, it seems that most of the fitness trackers available in the market aren't capable of tracking that accurately, and I wasn't eager to spent hundred over dollars on a gadget that probably won't perform to my expectation. Then, I found Mi Band, an exceptionally inexpensive fitness tracker, which you can get at just less than $20 on

Do note that Mi Band comes with a default black band. All other colours are to be bought from 3rd party seller at an equally inexpensive price. 

To start using your Mi Band, all you have to do is the download the MiFit application from your GooglePlay store and get the gadget fully charged. That's all!
With every start up of the application, you'll automatically be prompted to switch on your bluetooth such that the data on the Mi Band can be sync over to your mobile phone. 

And yes, even though I've set my target as the 'recommended minimum' of 8000 steps a day, on my normal days I usually walks over 10,000 steps. 

Not doing very well in the sleep factor, though. :(

And apart from just tracking your steps (and work out, which I'll get to it later on the accuracy), the Mi Band can also help to track your running route, which they seem to have removed after the latest software update and I don't know why, sit-ups and jumping rope. 

And as you can see, under the tab of vote for more sports...

There's a whole list of exercises 'coming soon, out of which I've voted for riding. And after the latest software update, the voting system was removed with nothing new added to the previous list of just sit-ups and jumping rope. 
Err, meehhhhh...

And as you can see, Mi Band also has a alarm clock function, which you can set the time for the band to vibrate. The vibration is more than enough to wake me up, though if you're an extremely heavy sleeper, it might not work for you.

Now, to the accuracy of Mi Band. 
IMO, it's pretty bad. Haha, but of course you can't expect excellent accuracy with the amount of money you paid for it. 
I've tried tracking the tracker and to my horror, I took a hundred over steps when I visit the loo in office, when in actual fact the distance from my desk to the washroom is barely 30 steps. 

And so I further test it out.

Turns out, as long as you shake your hand (with the Mi Band on) hard enough, it'll track as steps. So I've probably took a a good 50 'steps' just by washing my hands thoroughly after visiting the loo. 

And if you go back to the screenshot of my daily steps taken, you can see that the Mi Band tracked that I've 'worked out' at different times of the day, when in actual fact, I'm really just walking around. Perhaps it was the walking speed that has done the trick, but IMO I've hardly worked out at all. Sometimes, it'll even track as running. Like, whatt?

And previously when I cycled from ECP all the way to Changi Village (1 hr 15 minutes ride) and back, it was counted as just a short while of 'working out' plus some 'steps' and with a meagre 90+ kcals burnt. Okay, really?

So my verdict is simple. You pay peanuts, you get peanuts. 
For just barely $20, it'll probably be a pretty decent daily steps taken estimator (note that I'm not calling it a tracker anymore). But if you're hoping for a good gauge of how many calories you've burnt on a day to day basis, this basic fitness tracker is not for you. 

And with that, I'll also like for you to share with me on what fitness tracker you're currently using, if any. I'm still looking around for one that can track (or gauge) how much calories I've burnt when I spin or do other form of exercises. 
So just drop me comments down below and let me know your recommendations!

And lastly, a very Happy Chinese New Year to all and Meh the Huat be with you! 

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Mi Band, been less than 20 dollars for a fitness tracker is comparatively cheap. One feature I love as mentioned is alarm clock function for waking up.

  2. Well, we get what we pay most of the time. Thing is I am also looking for a good gadget that wouldn't really cost me much. But with this post, I might just change my mind. I'll just think of getting me some investments on gadgets! :-)

  3. Many people are quite into this kind of calories reader recently, and I wonder if this will be a fad. I'm not into calories calculating (via exercising) but more of eating in moderation and exercising!

  4. You have Mi Band!!! I heard a lot about it, some of my friends are using it so I think of getting one for myself to track my fitness activities.

  5. This looks like an adorable little gadget. I'm surprised at how cheap it is! I think it's good that it isn't fancy. It just looks like a plain band on your wrist.

  6. Interesting device. It still depends on your will power and discipline though to achieve your fitness goals.

  7. Very interesting product. .. and so easy to use..but the best part is alarm as it sets you in motion...

  8. Pink is a nice color for the band as it functions as a cool and techie accessory. Price is very affordable at $20! This is a great gift for loved ones.

  9. I am not into sports or running but this looks like an amazing product. great review dear. =)

  10. Oh, that is sad. I guess it is better to opt for the more popular brands. This makes wearing the tracker useless. Thanks for the review.

  11. People talk a lot about how much they love FitBit. I've never used it but once had a tracker that I received at an event and it was pretty good.

  12. Nice review dear, And really you have a pretty good deal with the product. Nice gadget at a reasonable price.

  13. Wow, I had no idea that using Mi band is so simple and easy, and I just have to download the MiFit application from the GooglePlay store. That gadget seems like a great way to track the calories burnt.

  14. at first i thought this would be great but the accuracy isn't good like you said :/

  15. Is this similar to the fitbit? It's the craze here in the US, I've noticed. Since I run and bike, I've always used the Garmin Forerunner models and they fit my needs.

  16. Haha! I definitely get you on "You pay peanuts, you get peanuts." I've been thinking of buying a fitness tracker for a while now. And after reading your review of the Mi Band, I think it'll be a lot better if I invest on one from a reputable brand.

  17. I have been using a Jawbone UP band for a while now and for the price, i think it's really worth it (i got mine as a present though).

    It does all the things you mentioned and more, plus it's compatible with a lot of other fitness apps (eg. MyFitnessPal which i used to note my daily calorie intake)

    Plus, looking at my daily steps and sleep cycle is pretty interesting! Even when i have dreams, my sleep tracker seems to be quite accurate. :)

    Do update if you decide to get a new fitness band! I would really love to know.


  18. I've never heard of this brand nor this gadget and it sounds so cool! I'm not into fitness but hey, I would love to know how much steps I make everyday since I walk a lot and maybe through this product, I'd understand why I'm finding it so hard to gain weight.


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