Sunday, 15 February 2015

#BlogMeetSg at Edit Lifestyle

Earlier this mid-week, I was really honoured to be able to take part in the first ever #BlogMeetSg, a networking session for bloggers in Singapore, made possible by fellow lifestyle blogger, Lucy Waring . The event was held on a Wednesday evening at Edit Lifestyle, a boutique located at Tanglin Road, which carries a vast array of interesting products, ranging from fashion, beauty, homewares, stationery and etc. 

 Made arrangement with Andrea and Oyhz to head down to the venue together. It's a pity Dresden  couldn't join us due to last minute work commitments. 

The very first thing that caught my eyes when I stepped into the boutique is the oriental decoration display put up by their display window. It's like a special corner, probably dedicated to the theme of Chinese weddings, which doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the boutique's clean and chic decor-style with the whitewashed flooring and an overall bright and airy feel. I reckon the fact that it 'stood out like a sore thumb' was what made it so attractive to me. Totally in love with that big red bird cage. 

Another corner of the boutique that I absolutely adored has to be this sofa lined with pretty bright pink cushions and a coffee table full of flowers. 

From fashion, to beauty, to books, Edit Lifestyle carries brands from all over the world, many of which are actually pretty new to the ignorant me. 

And of course, I can't possibly leave these out. Be sure to get entertained by these (pretty crude, yet) humourous stationery. This 'WTF' stamps actually reminded me of the 'Fucking Urgent' stamp YS got me from Aussie. 

And now, to the sponsors of the event.

Hediard - The French Gourmet Gift Boutique, which was just a few shops down the street was really generous to supply the bloggers with free-flowing french macarons and hediard blend iced tea, both of which are so yummy! The iced tea was both tangy and sweet on its own, there's absolutely no need to add in any sugar syrup. 

And the macarons looked so colourful and cute that I just had to snap 2 photos, and grabbed a couple more bites. Haha, I think I had 3 or 4 that night. 

And as if the yummy macarons weren't enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, there's also these mad pretty and yummy handmade chocolates from Leela's Fine Chocolates

Really, how did chocolates ever get this pretty?

Some of Leela's awesome flavours include pineapple tarts (can you even imagine it?!), rosemary & olive (another interesting one), mandarin orange, red wine, ginger, and salted caramel (YES, my favourite!). 
However, as I'm still having a really bad cough, I didn't dare to indulge much that night, so I only had a taste of mandarin orange and red wine, and both are so good! I can totally imagine their best seller, salted caramel, to be addictive. 

One of the generous sponsors that night was no other than Hat Of Cain, an accessories shop located in Joo Chiat that offers the largest selection of genuine Panama hats, bringing every blogger a hand woven panama hat each.

And there's Andrea getting her panama hat in her size and learning how to take good care of it. 

The night of networking eventually progressed into the other highlight, lucky draw! Congratulations to all the lucky ladies who walked away with those awesome prizes!

And the rest of us didn't go home empty handed either. This has to be one of the best goodie bag I've ever received!

I really like these two handmade cards from JustMyType, which carries handmade cards and other personalised artwork. With the rising popularity of instant text messaging, our day to day communication has gotten so quick and convenient and yet, grown so distant. 
Why not get a handmade card this coming Mother's/Father's day and surprise your parents with some heartfelt words? 

Another one of my favourite item in the goodie bag has to be this Equilibrate Re+Focus aromastick from Havaroma. Using organic rosemary, laurel leaf, frankincense and siberian leaf, this aromastick helps to perk me up in mid-day when I feel tired and sleepy at work!

There's also a handful of pretty arm candies from Simone Irani (silk thread bangles) and Jasper Living (bracelets), both labels, which also carries many other pretty apparels. 

And from Nakka Enterprises (email:, we have a bundle of 100% cotton muslin from Appletree Childrens Clothing, that comes with adorably colourful lining, and a leather keychain from KRave Jewellery.

This pretty handmade Jungle Animal Ornament comes from Tamarind Living. And I'm pretty excited to get a fuchsia monkey!  

Last but not least, we got a set of awesome skincare samples from Katharos Organics and I can't wait to try out that raspberry eye masque!

Once again, a big thank you to Lucy for putting all these together and it was a great evening spent with both the familiar and new faces.

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Yay I love the goodie bag too! Haven't found time to head down to Hediard Cafe thou :(

    1. i'm going on 18th after work with my colleagues.... they're extending the contest due to many going out of town for cny. but they didn't say extended till when. fb msg them to ask?

  2. so cool! what a lovely boutique to hold the event and all those macarons and chocolates yum!

  3. I'm always extra happy at events when they have macarons to serve! Haha. The boutique looks nice! I'm sure I'd be able to find something I like there. Glad you had fun!

  4. This event looks great, those macaroons and chocolates looks so yummy. I bet you had great time :)

  5. it seems had so much fun there. and look at those goodie bag <3 so jealous..

  6. Wow i love how their concept store really have everything covered! I love the way they carry fashion, beauty, and even books!

  7. it looks like such a wonderful fun event! the boutqiue is so cute, and i love the decor :) x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  8. Great post. Looks like an amazing event. You're very lucky, I want the goodie bag. haha

    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  9. Love love love chocolate, almost broke my let decision....thanks for the eye feed :)

  10. Seems like a nice event :D Everything are prepared nicely ^^ Thanks for sharing ^^


  11. Networking with bloggers is a great idea. Would love to go for one here if its Organized. The shoe shaped chocolates look delicious and I love those panama hats ! GigLove

  12. The interior of the place is just so cozy and cute. Nice event!

  13. That is one lovely store with a Drool worthy collection! I do love that Hat everyone was trying on! And those Macaroons look delectable.

    xoxo Chaicy - New Post up - Style.. A Pastiche!

  14. ooo so many lovely things to look at! the chocolates look amazing and too pretty to eat

  15. The event looks like it was alot of fun, I love going to events for bloggers, really cute food and decor!! Xoxo Francy @ GIG

  16. high heel chocolate is pretty !!! Suitable for a birthday gift <3

  17. Ok I have to talk about how cute those snacks looked! I just had macarons for the first time a few months ago. I see now why fashion bloggers are so obsessed with those tasty French snacks!

  18. I love this kind of meetup. You can know more bloggers, expand own network. =D

  19. The shoe shaped chocolates look so delicious and I am really jealous of your goody bag :P Glad you had a great time :)

  20. Such a great event. Love the hat and all the goodies you received. GIGLove


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