Monday, 2 February 2015

Mia's Review: Garden Picks [Sponsored]

Chinese New Year is around the corner (just 2 weeks away)! Have you done your CNY snacks shopping yet? 

Well, for my household, we haven't. So imagine how elated I was when Garden Picks sent me a bag of goodies! 

Started as a web-based snack supplier from a pursuit to bring a wide array of quality dried fruits and nuts into Singapore, Garden Picks has grown into a manufacturing and packing facility, producing and supplying a diverse range of fruits and nuts to all walks of life. 

Their Classic Nut & Berry Mix and Royale Berry Mix.
I like that their dried fruits aren't too sweet and aren't like those slathered in a layer of dried syrup, leaving you with sticky fingers after eating. Love the dried strawberries the most! It's a little hard and tough to chew on (so just 1 piece can rid you of your 'mouth-itchiness', all those ladies on diet!) but so tangy-sweet! 

 One of my favourite nuts ever, for a healthy snack. Unflavoured baked almonds, and my mum's favourite chia seeds. I love adding these chia seeds to yakult for a yummy mid-day 'power drink'. 
There's tons of method to consume this power food. You can just add the to wet food like oatmeal, cereal, shakes, yoghurt, or even use them to make pudding, muffins and etc. 


Their Canadian Maple Cashews and one of their new products, Honey Mustard Soya Crisps. 
Honestly speaking, cashews were never the nuts I'll choose to eat, and I'm not a big fan of maple flavour too. So it's a little prejudice moment here. 
But the soya crisps totally surprised me! I was even more reluctant to try the crisp when I opened the bag because the vinegar-ish smell of the mustard was pretty strong for me, someone who really doesn't like mustard. The first bite was just a little bit too sourish for my liking, but as I popped the 2nd, and then 3rd piece, I got addicted. 
Perhaps the honey eventually 'neutralised' the mustard smell, or I just got acquired to the taste, I'm not sure. 
But hey, this is a superb choice as a CNY snack, especially if you're expecting guests who are big fans of beer. 

Haha, yes I'm biased. But how can I not specially feature (by making the picture extra large) this bag of peanuts, which is salted caramel flavoured? 
I'll tell you again, these are Salted Caramel Peanuts. 
I'm also a little confused by the ingredient list having sugar and no salt inside, but there's really a salty taste to the sweet caramel and once again, "Bring on the beer!" 
This has to be my family's favourite of the lot! I just munched a handful yesterday, and left almost the full bag sitting in the fridge. And today after returning from work, more than half the bag was gone! 

And I just found out that Garden Picks also carries raw brown flaxseeds and organic quinoa, so all you health junkies better check them out quick, for they're having an all year special, with 3 standard packs going for just $10! 
There's also my (many other) favourite hazelnuts, lotus seeds and green soybeans too! 

So what are you waiting for? Drop by Garden Picks to start your CNY snacks shopping now!
For more information, visit their FB page HERE.

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. What a great assortment of treats to try out! I think I would be partial to the Canadian Maple Cashews ;-)

  2. These look yummy and healthy. I would love to try the Canadian Maple Cashews and the Honey Mustard Soya Chips. The latter is something new to me and it would be great to try it one of these days.

  3. My favourite are almonds and cashew nuts!!!
    They all look so yummy!

  4. They looks so yummy and nice. I bet you're having a great time chewing and biting those garden picks!

  5. Garden Picks' products are pretty nice, but they are all quite expensive. Well for the quality is definitely worth it though! Healthy nuts are good for the body!

  6. Now I think this post is intended for me. haha I love cashew nuts! I so miss em. Wow great variation of products you got here.

  7. This would make great snacks. It would be better to have this than commercialized junk food.

  8. They all look super delicious!! I wish this was available in my area! :D

  9. The products name just fooled me. At first look, I thought those are garden seeds. lol. Nevertheless, those are yummy foodies to try.

  10. The photos on berry mixes are making me want to run over to the supermarket to get me some. Love love love nuts! (the fruit and the people kind, haha)

  11. Berry and nuts are my favorite snacks. I'd also like to try the Canadian cashews. Sounds so good"

  12. I love nuts and this post made me hungry for some mixed berry nuts. Cashews and peanuts are at the top of my list.

  13. Nuts are so healthy and I would really like to try salted caramel peanuts, they are good fort improving the activity of the brain!

  14. We can only imagine the taste by sight. But this look yummy. I love almonds too.

  15. Whoa! I hope they can deliver internationally too! Great treats! perfect as gifts too!

  16. Looks yummy. I wish I could give this a try myself too.

  17. I love cashew! Salted caramel flavor on anything is still a rage these days. Interested in that soya crisps.

  18. My mom love cashew nuts, and I love those with berry mixes. :)

    How lucky of you to receive these goodies!

  19. Those make for some very healthy snacks..I would love to try the soya crisps!


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