Monday, 23 February 2015

Mia's #BlogMeetSg Review: Hediard French Cafe

During the #BlogMeetSg bloggers' networking event held at Edit Lifestyle last week (my blog post here), we were not only pampered with free flowing yummy french macarons and iced tea from Hediard, but also given a SGD $25 dine in voucher at the cafe, that ties in with a bloggers' instagram contest. 

And so, I decided to drop by for a CNY eve lunch with A and D after we knocked off!
Located at Tudor Court (Tanglin road), it was quite a far walk from Orchard Mrt Station, but it was still worth it! 

Touted as a French gourmet gift boutique cafe, you can find a variety of yummy sweet treats in gift bags, tea, condiments and etc at the gourmet gift boutique section. 

Even though the cafe section isn't exactly the biggest cafe you can find, it can still house a good 20 to 30 pax comfortably. The whole place exudes a sense of elegance with the red with dark oak colour theme, and yet remains spaciously cozy. 

And now to our orders for the day.

Flower Blend Herbal Iced Tea - $6
Mix of hibiscus petals, dried apples, rosehip and orange peels, cornflower and marigold, mango and tropical fruits

Unlike the other iced tea served at #BlogMeetSg event held at Edit Lifestyle, this ice tea turned out a little more to the bitter side, probably due to the herbal infusion, so I added about half the vial of sugar syrup for taste. Even so, the sweet fragrance of rose and fruits were still pretty strong and made the drink both refreshing and palatable. The slight herbal taste also made this tea a good pair with the sweet macarons we had for dinner later. 

Eggs Benedicte - $16
2 poached eggs on toast with Parma ham, shaved parmesan and hollandaise sauce 

The prettiness of the dish aside, the toast was really toasted till crispy and crackly, the way I like it! It may be a little bit of a challenge to slice and eat using knife and fork, but for those who love your toast crackly and crispy beneath the runny yolk of a poached egg, this is the Eggs Ben for you! 

Despite getting drenched in the liquid yolk from the cut poached egg, the toast remains crispy and with just the right amount of saltiness from the parma ham to taste, this is definitely a simply delicious choice for breakfast or brunch! 

Look at that yummlicious goodness of the runny yolk!

Next up, what else will I order for desserts when there's a fine selection of yummy french macarons?

Hediard "Bar a Macarons" - $15
6 Hediard's exclusive macarons served on a "bar" plate for a macaron's tasting on your own or to share at anytime of the day: 3 macarons "Les Fruits" (randomly picked from our 15 flavours box) & 3 macarons "Les Saveurs" (randomly picked from our 15 flavours box)

Although the macarons are supposed to be served randomly picked, we asked the friendly server for a favour and were allowed to choose from the available flavours for the day, with 1 of each flavour. 

From left to right: Cherry Pistachio, Chocomel, Vanilla, Rose & Lychee, Praline, Rhubarb & Tarragon (not matching the colour on the menu). 
We were also lucky to have visited when V-day wasn't exactly over yet, so we got 2 flavours in heart shaped! How lovely! 

Chocomel and Rose & Lychee. 

Didn't get to try the other flavours (pretty curious about rhubarb & tarragon) but I'm so glad I chose Chocomel. As the name suggests, it's a layer of caramel filling sandwiched in between two chocolate meringue shells. Imagine that!
As for rose & lychee, the rose flavoured shell is a little too strong in taste and almost completely covered the sweetness of the lychee filling. A good choice for rose flavoured macaron lovers who wants an extra complexity and oomph in the overall flavour. 

Hediard French Cafe & Delicatessen Boutique is located at 123-125 Tanglin Road, Tudor Court. 
For more information, visit their website HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Love the cafe's architecture and warm colors! The food looks delicious too and omg those macarons! #drool

  2. I am liking the cafe alot. Interiors and serving edibles looking great. I will try this :) Food is looking delicious

  3. Wow!! What a cute and lovely cafe! The decor is very nice, and the macarons <3 Love them so much!

  4. I didn't know about the #BlogMeetSg event at all. :( Wasn't invited... Boohoo... But the food itself looks good to go and visit the cafe itself!

  5. I wish I could attend an event like this! Do you have an upcoming event? Haha I'll visit SG by August. Hopefully we could meet too. :-)

    Sweet Macaroons! My girlfriend would love those! :D

  6. OMG! I spotted the love shaped macaroons! Love it and I want that. Thanks for the sharing.

  7. With the place only able to accommodate 20-30 people at one time, this can be a great intimate setting for a date and for those who like privacy with conversation over drinks. The Eggs Benedicte was nicely presented and it looked very delicious!

  8. This place had me at macarons! Other dishes looks so good too!

  9. the heart shaped macarons are soooo cute and great to give as gifts for loved ones! Lucky you! Also, I love that runny yoke, really making me hungry right now.

  10. I like rose macaroons. Not sure if the lychee filling would be too sweet though.

  11. I love the french chic in that gourmet shop, the whole atmosphere seems very pleasant and everything in your dishes is arranged with great care and precision, love this place, especially the macarons.

  12. Their presentation looks really elegant and the place looks classy. I love french macaroons and would surely try this out when I visit the place.

  13. What a lovely outing. I love the setting and those Macarons look so delicious. How come you didn't get to taste the other flavors you picked?

  14. Nice review and the place is perfect for corporate meetings as well.

  15. Looks like a very chic venue. Tanglin is a high end street right? I have been to Tanglin Mall. Is this nearby?

  16. Great ambiance and cool place to relax and unwind. Great review!

  17. Love the bright red interiors! And those macarons look many options for desserts!

  18. I'm a sucker for anything red so I definitely found the interior design simply fab!


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