Friday, 31 October 2014

Mia's Review: Criollo Cocoa Cafe

photo credits to Criollo Cocoa Cafe

Just last week, YS came back from Melbourne for a short, short, reaaalllly short visit over the weekend and I decided to bring her to Criollo Cocoa Cafe after coming across their cute latte art on their hot cocoa drinks! Was great that R also managed to make it back from Adelaide (what's up with my friends with Australia, huh?) from his holidays and could join us for a short meet up with loads of crappy talks over dinner. :)

The cafe was pretty empty on a Monday night, and we chose the corner most table. 

And just nice, right beside the coffee machine, so we get a whiff of the coffee fragrance whenever an order was being made. 

Dark Hot Cocoa - $4.80

And I got a cute teddy bear for my latte art. I've seen some cute pictures of 3D latte art on their facebook, but we didn't get any that night. :( 
I wonder if it depends on which barista is on duty or maybe we will need to specially request for 3D latte art or what. 
But the drink itself was so yummy! It was pretty rich, yet not overly sweet for the dark chocolate added a nice bitterness to the sweet richness. 

YS's Strawberry Hot Cocoa - $4.80

I got to try a sip and it tasted just like strawberry milk, but in hot cocoa shade of brown! A pretty interesting one, with a cute bunny latte art too!

Big Breakfast - $19.90

Was tempted to go for their chocolate waffle, but in the end decided to go for the big breakfast instead.... and I'm pretty glad I did! :)
It was a pity I had to eat so much just after having 3 large fillings done just days earlier at Tooth Angels (both sides has had tooth filled so there's no 'safe side' to chew on) and they obviously still hurt quite a bit when I bite on hard, chewy food. But well, I got through the meal without much discomfort other than having to chew through the crispy bacon and toasts. It's really a shame though, they have the crispiest toast I've ever eaten on an all day breakfast meal. Absolutely loved everything on the plate, but would have preferred my scrambled eggs to be less runny though.

Fish and Chips - $16.80

Both R and YS chose the same mains. Didn't try any because I really didn't want to add on any unnecessary pressure on my sore teeth, but they really did look yummy!

Criollo Cocoa Cafe is located at Orchard Gateway #02-01
For more information, visit their FB page HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. cute teddy bear art latte! the environment looks good too!

  2. I always love any restaurant/cafe that provides that kind of latte art. But once it's served in front of my nose, it's too cute to be ruined and drink. Haha.. ~GIG
    Alfia Widati - Fiarevenian | The Glam Flame of Fiarevenian's Passion Invasion

  3. Looks like a wonderful place and such a cute art on latte :) ~GIG

  4. oh man you're making me so hungry! Those fish and chips look delighful! xoxo giglove

  5. The latte art s so cute.. Here we get the regular ones like a heart etc.. :D Looks like a nice restaurant. :) giglove

  6. I love the bear cocoa art... so.cute... giglove

  7. wow, I've never seen such a great looking coffee. Loving the teddy art

  8. Love the bunny late art, I won't order something so cute like that, it's too cute to be drink :D

  9. This post made me hungry. lol I thought it was a kitty latte art.. it's very cute though! :)

  10. Looks like a killer restaurant - Those pictures look delicious! <3 GIGLove

  11. fish and chips, also coffee is perfect combination..
    makes my stomach hungry :(

  12. Those cocoas look so great. I love the art! :)

  13. The bear art is just too cute to drink it. =D

  14. The cocoas look so yummy especially the cute stencilling. Sounds like a great place. GIG love :)

  15. I absolutely love the sound of this place! And the cute coffee decoration... I never had such a cute drink !


  16. The barista looks so cute xD
    Wish I can try one someday in Indonesia TT


  17. The drawings on the drinks are just too cute! I don't know a place in my area that does the same thing.

  18. that hot cocoa looks delicious, especially with the little bear! i haven't had any cool latte art like that before! only flowers lol-giglove

  19. Such a lovely cafe !! That cup of cocoa looks delicious ! I'm sure it was tasty !!

    GIG Love

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  20. The teddy bear art latte is so cute! I haven't try out those 3D coffee art also :/

  21. yummy i want a drink with a teddybear, looks brilliant -

  22. I want those cocoas they look yummy... did you really drink those..I'd keep it as it is.....GIGLove

  23. love the art on the cocoas! the food looks delish. i haven't had fish and chips in a while


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